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Important: If you read this site via RSS…

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Taking a break from highlighting people who buy houses for the wrong reasons and the psychology of how Indian people get married…here’s a quick note for those of you who read my site via RSS.

Over 190,000 of you read this site via Google Reader. And on July 1st, Google will be shutting Google Reader down.

Here’s what you can do so you don’t miss any posts:

Interestingly, a lot of us believe that we’re rational and “if it matters, I’ll go back to the site on my own.” The data proves otherwise. Here’s a quick example: Back when I used to buy a bunch of stuff on Gilt, I once set up a bunch of filters in my email. My Gilt emails accidentally got filtered away.

A month later, I realized I hadn’t bought anything in a long time, so I went back to look at what had happened. Can you guess where the filtering started?


The point is, if you read this site via RSS, you have an automatic way to stay up-to-date when I post. No matter how important we think something is, automation almost always overcomes human behavior! So if you want to keep reading my newest material, I recommend you switch to another feed reader…or at the very least, subscribe to the newsletter.

As always, thanks for reading.

*     *     *

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  1. Don’t worry, I get my RSS fix via Outlook at work, so I can read the posts while on company time 😉

  2. Another fairly good site that I have been reading as a replacement to Google Reader is It will allow you to import your Google Reader feeds as well.

  3. It was my understanding, when I reconnected with feedly, that its delivery piggybacked on google’s reader service. Changes to my feedly structures are consistent in GReader.

  4. Nicholai — you’re right. In fact, Feedly intends to seamlessly carry over categories and articles from Google Reader once the service shuts down:

    That said, probably doesn’t hurt to resubscribe just in case.

    Ramit — it looks like and still work as well. Are you planning on dropping those?

  5. I tried Feedly for a while then gave up when they kept dicking around with the UI, effectively making it harder for me to read my feeds as I wish (because I’m old & want to preserve what I’m used to). So, I switched to NewsBlur (paid acct) & I haven’t looked back.

  6. I’ve added IWillTeachYouToBeRich feeds to if anyone needs it.

  7. I switched to Feedly just after the Google Reader announcement and have been very happy. For the benefit of the commenter above – they’re using Google’s backend right now, but will be switching to their own soon.

  8. The week Google announced the upcoming shutdown of Reader, I switched to Netvibes. There are much better readers out there, but work forces me to use an outdated version of IE, so it had to be a reader that would work with that, and also isn’t blocked. My org blocks almost everything.

  9. Hi Ramit,
    Surely, it is important to know we have options to go for after the Google Reader must have been discontinued. For sure, the importance of automation over human behavior cannot be over stressed. I have already signed up for your RSS and newsletter!

    I left the above comment in the IM social site – where this post was shared and “kingged”
    Sunday – contributor