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I’m hiring 9 positions to work with me

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I know, I know. Most of you think of these emails and blog posts getting written by me while lying naked on a bearskin rug, writing with a feather pen and a glass of wine. It’s a common fantasy.

What you don’t know about are the sophisticated systems and incredible team behind IWT.

See, I never wanted to be a “one-hit wonder,” someone who creates one course/song/book, then milks it for years.

So years ago, I started building internal IWT systems as a “moat” to secure my business. That means:

  • We run extensive testing and use quantitative/qualitative analytics, dashboards,and “process maps” that help us do something once, then repeat it forever
  • We have a candid work environment. For example, we do “post-mortems” on products to decide what went well and what went poorly. Nothing is off-limits — in fact, my staff sometimes points out things I did poorly in these meeting
  • We run 10+ experimental tests at any time. How many of you have received a phone call from one of my team members? Seen a certain headline on a page? Been sent Version 4 of an email? All tests…which are largely invisible to you, and which we obsessively track on our end.

And we’ve grown every year since IWT officially became a business.

Today, after the recent announcement of the picture of me next to Warren Buffett in Forbes, I’m hiring 9 new positions.

These positions are extremely rigorous. You’ll be working with a team that understands psychology, marketing, and business processes better than almost anyone. You’ll be free to work from home — taking a break to see a movie or hang with friends in the middle of the day, if you want — but you’ll also be expected to perform at an A+ level, all the time.

If this is interesting to you, here are the positions I’m hiring for:

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Director of Marketing
  • Partnership Manager
  • Executive Customer Support Rep
  • Lead Optimizer
  • Web Designer
  • Jr. Copywriter
  • Email Analyst
  • Online Course Developer

I believe in working with ultra-smart people, giving you big challenges and big responsibilities, and paying competitive rates for top performers.

Years from now, I might share some of the most valuable lessons we’ve learned about behavioral change, psychology, marketing, monetization, and systems-building. But for now, the only way to learn these is to be one of the very few who joins the IWT team.

To learn more about each of these positions and apply, visit:



P.S. This is an unusual post, and I appreciate you indulging me. Usually I focus 100% on you, but this post is a request to help me find the right people so I can continue building amazing material for you — including executing on 2015 courses we’re already working on. If you know ANYONE who’d be right for one of these positions, please pass this along. I promise one of the most fun, interesting work environments around…including psychology, behavioral-change, and systems challenges we’re working on that have never been tackled publicly.


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  1. Ramit, approximate commitment would help. Couldn’t tell if these are part time of full time.

    I just severed a relationship with a high performing marketing individual that may be of help to you and will refer her. Too bad bookkeepers, CPAs and tax strategists are not part of the list. I have a lot of those in my network 🙂

    Nice to see you growing. Hiring the right people is definitely one of the keys to explosive growth.

    All the best

  2. I guess that all positions are located in SF… Unfortunately I live in France and moving away is not an option (for the moment ;)), so I cannot apply, even if I would love to 🙂 I am very glad to see how your buisiness grow. Congratulations for this success! I loved your book and I love your blog.

  3. I’m very curious about the time commitment as well.

  4. Ok, I did not follow the advice, will try harder. Are any of these positions open for non US residents?

    • I hate to say it, but you might have just double-disqualified yourself by using the phrase “try harder”

      In all seriousness, read the section under “Location”

  5. Hi Ramit
    It’s good to see your hiring people. It means your graph going up and up and you need people to handle the stuff. Great job bro, keep going. Well I have got your free download. I am enjoying it…

  6. I have applied for the Online Course Developer position. I believe that my work experience in wealth management, such as developing client education materials talking about behavioral investing and retirement planning, along with my academic background, will allow me to make a strong, positive contribution in this role.

    I appreciate your consideration, and please email me if you need any additional information that would be helpful for your decision. Thank you.

  7. Thanks for all your answers:) I “disqualified myself” twice as there is not only a location issue but a legal issue. Non US residents ussually need a visa to work for US based companies.
    I was just trying to be nice to Ramit, I really admire his work, but I am not serious about applying. Anyway other people could share this concerns and your answers are very usefull, thanks again!

  8. Did anyone actually read the postings? They are virtual positions and no ‘contract period’ was mentioned – some of use could be Ramit’s next AWESOME ASS-KICKIN’ FULL-TIME team member!

    I submited for the executive customer service…can’t you tell?

  9. Ramit,

    First, let me say that your website simplifies and enriches my life 10 million times more than any eHow/WikiHow bullshit site ever could. Seriously, with so much information overload online I truly appreciate how thoughtful and insightful your articles are.

    Second, I’m already feeling much more confident about this job application after reading others’ comments.

    I’ll have the junior copywriting tests submitted to you tomorrow.



  10. Hello Fellow IWTYTBR Job Seekers,

    I filled out the survey for the Executive Customer Support Rep and strongly believe my past experience, motivation, skill set, and desire to thrive can all be beneficial for you and your focus for this position!

    Small suggestion that the survey should allow for a file upload for cover letters or resume. Here is a quick link to my resume Ramit if you can take me into serious consideration for the position I applied for. Thanks for the opportunity!

    • I hope you don’t mind that I looked at your resume, or that I share a couple of thoughts with you.
      There was a space on the survey for your LinkedIn profile. Other than your references’ names and phone numbers (perhaps you don’t want those on the version of your resume you post to a public website?), what additional information does this resume provide?
      One thing that stands out to me on your resume is that you say you had successful results, but you don’t say what they are.
      Ramit has an excerpt from a webinar he gave about resumes. You can get to it from
      Good luck with the job!