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I’m giving a talk at Google tomorrow & I need your help

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One of my dreams has been to give an Authors@Google talk because they have the perfect audience of smart, ambitious people that I want on this site.

Tomorrow, finally, I’ll be giving an Authors@Google talk!

And now I want to ask for your help.

Come to video office hours tonight and let me know what the 1-2 best techniques you’ve learned on iwillteachyoutoberich are. Is it automation? Conscious spending? Barriers? The A La Carte Method?

I’ll incorporate your feedback into my Google talk.

Come to video office hours tonight (Wednesday, 1/20):

P.S. If you’re at Google, come see me from Thursday, January 21st at 12pm (Building 42, Room: Paramaribo Tech Talk).

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  1. You totally said “at office hours”, not “in the comments here”, but in case I’m not home by then…

    Automation and barriers. Absolutely.

    Automation transformed my finances, removing stupid financial leakage such that I was actually accumulating debt for no good reason. Instead, I now I have a machine that I don’t have to think about that’s paying off my debts at a rate I’m happy with and still lets me feel like I can spend money on things I want. Automation was the quickest, biggest win for me, but you may get that “Aw, but that’s obvious” reaction from the Google folks.

    Barriers is the other topic that’s also been of huge help to me, and I suspect you’ll get more traction with it. It’s “bigger”, more open-ended. As soon as you even start to touch on automation, I’ll bet a lot of the Google guys will go “Oh, of course!” and immediately infer the whole picture, whereas if they try to chase down all the ramifications of barriers they’ll be here all day.

  2. I will be glad to help in anyway I can.

  3. Congrats Ramit!

    In terms of what I’ve learned, your posts about conscious spending, success and the shrug effect and the craigslist penis effect have all been really helpful.

  4. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to your office hours (it will be midnight in Chile and well, I will be sleeping)….but I would suggest not only the conscious spending but also the investing advice you give in you book about lifecycle funds and breaking the myths of stocks, bonds, etc. I thought that was really helpful! It definitely helped me stop fearing investing. The 85% rule is awesome and I think people sometimes forget that something is better than nothing….I know that I tend to be an all-or-nothing type person when it comes to everything, but I am trying to change my point of view! Best of luck and congrats!!!

  5. 1. Barriers were preventing me from doing the major work. i.e. connecting bank accounts together. I have 9 accounts that play nicely together because of small steps towards automation.

    2. Just these past few weeks have been helping me find my niche. From your ‘delicious’ freelancing to your blog to the ‘fourhourworkweek’ all have made me write more than I have in my English classes.

    3. It has been shooting down the minutiae that has been another big win for me. Instead of wasting my time on two to three dollars here and there I have said ‘yes’ to so much more. I have now received that new mac book because I said yes to what I wanted and no to what I didn’t care about.

    Your expletives also help drive home that you have a pulse and are not just wanting our money.

  6. Hah! hear that, cursing at us makes you real. Funny, but works for you. I’ll be there to listen in and ask more about turning skills into income, products, services. Just like you’ve done here

  7. I’d go with pursuing a passion in a methodical way. I pursued my passion in college and after, but did it in a way that wasn’t smart and I paid for it financially.

    I’ve since changed my ways and have invested in learning how to build a business. I still pursue my passions, but now it’s in a way that works according to sound business.

  8. The conscious spending was the most important point for me. I was one of those people you spoke about — I kept saying, “I’m going to get totally dedicated to getting my financial house in order! I’m going to save my receipts, reconcile them with my accounts, set up a budget that tracks every penny…” and I’d get serious about it for a week or two.

    Then, I’d just kind of… stop. But conscious spending has made a huge difference for me — it’s made the idea of allocating money to different areas of my life much less scary.

  9. Barriers. Hands down. My dad has this saying about “setting yourself up to fail”. I understood what he meant in the specific situations he’d point out, but never understood how to spot it. So, setting yourself up to fail is allowing barriers (or people) to sabotage your efforts and doing nothing to remove those barriers. This idea also ties into working smarter, not harder.

  10. Automation. I’m a single mom and wanted to put more money into savings each month. My first thought was to try to save money on groceries each month so there would be money left at the end that would go into savings, but then I realized you would tell me to up my automatic transfer every month. Now I do that, which forces me to be more creative with the money that is left!