I’ll be on tour in these cities over the next few weeks — meet up?

Ramit Sethi · April 20th, 2009

Yo — I’ll be doing a media tour in a bunch of cities over the next few weeks. Most of it will be local media (TV, radio, newspaper, etc). Sign up below to get details on whichever city you’re in.

One thing I’ve noticed is that as my book has gotten bigger, it’s easier to retreat and only deal with pre-arranged media, etc. On the contrary, I’m going to try to be even more public sometimes — like trying to meet up for dinners when I can.

Note: Since most people who read this book don’t go to book stores for book talks, I’m largely skipping book stores and events. However, I might set up some dinners / coffee in certain cities, so if you’re interested, add yourself below.

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Los Angeles — April 21, 2009
Portland — April 22, 2009
Seattle — April 23, 2009
Denver — April 24, 2009
Salt Lake City — April 27, 2009
Dallas — April 28, 2009
Charlotte — April 29, 2009
Washington, D.C. — April 30, 2009
Philadelphia — May 1, 2009
Ann Arbor — May 4, 2009
Chicago — May 5, 2009
Milwaukee — May 6, 2009
Minneapolis — May 7, 2009

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  1. David Beall

    Ramit, when you’re in PDX, assuming you’re downtown, make sure you have time for a quick jaunt to Voodoo’s donuts. Trust me, it’s worth it!

  2. Jesper Jarlskov

    I don’t see Copenhagen on your list 😉

  3. Wow – no NYC? Ballsy move.

  4. Come to Sydney!

  5. Steve Kinney

    How come you’re passing over New York City? Maybe we can persuade you to at least visit Brooklyn.

  6. I’d love to see a Denver dinner set up! Early evening, preferably. 🙂

  7. Damn…might have to say hello! Love the blog…inspiring!

  8. Will you send out more details?

  9. May I suggest WineStyles (1240 S. Michigan) for your visit to Chicago? It’s a great place to save money, since you can purchase wine at retail prices and enjoy at the bar. Why spend $7-9 a glass at other bars, when you and a couple buddies can purchase an entire bottle for $15 and enjoy 4 glasses. That’s a quick 50% savings!

  10. Lindsay

    yay philly! i’ll bring at least a few friends who i’m trying to keep under my “personal finance mentor willingly or no” wing…

  11. Oh and to be clear – I don’t work there. It’s just my usual hang out as I cut my nightlife costs down.

  12. Glad to hear that you are coming to Chicago! I would love to meet up!

  13. Stephen

    I’m in to hang out when you’re in Chicago. Amit’s suggestion is good — I haven’t been there but have heard good things, and it’s close to the Roosevelt El stop (Orange/Red/Green) plus a ton of buses.

  14. Shoot! I’ll be in Chicago on the 1st (not Philly) and leaving Chicago on the 5th (for Philly)….the fates have spoken, it seems.

  15. jeremy Scott

    dinner in Philly? Cheesteaks, Pasta, Cannoli’s. What do you think? May 1st.

  16. Jonathan Vaudreuil

    Come to Boston sometime!

  17. Dinner in LA tonight? Just say when and where!

  18. I’m in for Denver

  19. Damn it Ramit – you’re such a pimp, everyone wants to hang out with you! Now if only there were more responses from girls…..

  20. Ditto on stopping in at VooDoo Donut when you’re in Portland.
    And even though you’re avoiding bookstores, definitely stop in at Powell’s Books – America’s largest indy bookstore.

    Good luck on the tour~

  21. sweet, you got SLC on the list~

  22. Georgie

    Hey, Ramit, come to Phoenix before it gets too hot!

  23. Where will you be in Dallas? Do you eat meat? If you want a kick ass prime steak at a fraction of the cost of the fancy schmancy places then I have a great suggestion. The local prime meat distributor that supplies the big time steakhouses has his own place….. it’s delicious and inexpensive. I Will Teach You To Eat Steak

  24. What the heck! You need to go some where is northern California! Your book is really great!

  25. LA but not San Diego?
    what’s up with that

  26. Courtney

    Kansas City deserves love too.

  27. Ramit,

    You and my mom should get together for Korean food in Seattle. She’ll have a huge load of Scrooge material on you.

  28. Ramit,

    You and my mom should get together for Korean food in Seattle. She’ll have a huge load of Scrooge material for you.

  29. Drewski

    Hey Ramit,

    I just signed up but got no response where you’ll be appearing in LA. How do I find out?

  30. Drewski

    Hey Ramit,

    I just signed up but got no response where you’ll be appearing in LA. How do I find out?

  31. Steve O

    Dude, I’ll buy you Taco Bell in Chicago.

  32. glenyse

    I signed up also, but got no response except back to the blog.

    Quartino’s would be great in Chicago. Inexpensive, good italian food. Hopefully it won’t be chilly here when you visit. And Ramit, where’s my book? 🙂

  33. Ian Haberman

    Welcome to MSP! Coffee is on me…

    I would love to discuss some social ventures I’m starting. Let me know if you have some time.


  34. Caroline

    Would love to have lunch or coffee while you’re in D.C.

  35. I would love to meet up in Denver! What are the plans?

  36. Kevin Blanchard

    You need to add Austin, TX to the tour sometime. 😉

  37. Hope you hit up Boston sometime, Ramit!

  38. Denver, dude! Announce downtown Denver plans and I’m in.

  39. Wow, you are coming to Charlotte! Awesome. I have been telling everyone about your book. I would definitely be down for a meet-up. We can have something at my friends new spot called Crave. It’s an awesome desert bar. Let me know and I’ll try and organize something.

  40. where’s boston, yo? 😉

  41. Any plans for a visit to India

  42. marissa

    hey Ramit, you gave me some very thoughtful advice a couple of years ago, and I’d love to meet up with you in Portland tomorrow. hope your travels are smooth, and see you soon!

  43. Seriously… You have to at least stop in Vegas 😉

  44. Patrick

    Ramit –

    I wish I could meet up with you in PDX. I just picked up your book not too long ago and I’m learning so much about investing! Voodoo Doughnuts is certainly a good place to visit, though there will be plenty to soak up (the sights, the sounds and the weather). It’s a great time to visit PDX because the weather has been fair lately.

  45. Cynthia

    Just got your email announcing the book tour, only to see Los Angeles scratched out as of last night…wish I’d known sooner than after the fact. Coming to L.A. again?

  46. Franklin

    I second Adam. Vegas dude. Come on…

  47. Put me down for meeting in Ann Arbor. Hope I’m not the only one.

  48. Rebecca

    Ramit, how about some love for your Southern readers? Atlanta is much more accessible, to many more people, than Charlotte. Come see us in Atlanta!

  49. No Columbus O.H.I.O.? All these BUCKEYES need to know how to get rich after winning all these games?!?! And the Bluejackets are on the map now!!! Lots of folks want to become wealthy here!!! PLEASE… PLEASE make us one of your stops!!!

  50. If you cruise through Madison between Milwaukee and Minnesota, the gang at the Filene Research Institute would love to see you.

  51. Bradford Stephens

    Hey Ramit,

    Lots of us young entrepreneurs and value investors here in Seattle. Let me know when you’re in the city: I know all the cool places to eat/hide from the rain.

  52. When should i expect details for your Seattle visit?

  53. All right! We’ll see you soon Ramit, in SLC.

  54. Annemarie

    Ramit, we’d love to see you come to Texas. Preferably Austin!

  55. nyc!

  56. Catherine

    I’m up for whatever you’re doing in Philly … LOVE THE BOOK!!!

  57. How do I sign up for meetup in Seattle?

  58. How do I sign up for a meet up in DC?

  59. Jonathan

    I’d be interested in the Chicago meetup….that’s finals week though! Not 100% sure.

  60. Bruce Ziebarth

    You should consider a stop somewhere in Missouri. Off the top of my head, Kansas City, Columbia, or even Branson could prove very valuable.

  61. Erica Toelle

    Where in Seattle will you be? I can’t find the location anywhere.

  62. Where are Boston and NYC? Swing by Boston, please!

  63. Ben Cohen

    You’re in the Bay Area usually, right? What about a meetup here, for the SF/East Bay/Peninsula folks?

  64. Kirk Reeves

    Look forward to seeing you. I’m already locally famous. I just need to become rich. Look for a guy in a white tux. All I need to know is where in Portland

  65. Bernard Ablola

    Hi Ramit,

    Looking forward to catching up in Seattle. Keep us posted.


  66. Ramit,

    Looking forward to your visit to Minneapolis. We have some great Thursday Happy Hour options here, that is unless your extreme frugality method doesn’t allow you to do anything fun 😉

  67. see you in philly!

  68. What about Sacramento? No excuse. It’s less than 2 hours from the Bay Area.

  69. Also hurt that Sacramento’s not on the list…

  70. Come to Atlanta!! 🙂

  71. I’m up for cheesesteaks in Philly

  72. That’s awesome that you are making a stop in NC! I may even have to make the drive from Raleigh to meet up with you. Please let us know where you plan on stopping in town.

  73. jon madison

    CRAP i just opened this up! you were here *yesterday*! sorry i missed you.

  74. uh HELLOOOO?!

    all of us hedonistic sinners in sf need your sass…and advice.

    you’ve got a serious concentration of universities and morons, in one beautiful place. plus, lives here!

    show some love for the city by the bay!

  75. Jennifer

    Ramit, are you ever coming to Tampa?

  76. Hi Ramit – Come across the pond! You’ve plenty of regular readers in the UK! Best wishes. Tom

  77. Do you have time for dinner or a meet-up in Philly? I’d love to meet you in person! 🙂

  78. I’d be great to meet you when you’re in DC this week.

  79. I may be up for something in DC depending on where you’re going?

  80. I see that you are in Dallas today. Will you be available for a meet up? Good luck on your tour!

  81. Why no SF?

  82. Ramit, Where in chicago ? Can’t find the location.

  83. Where in DC will you be tomorrow? 🙂

  84. Danita Allen

    We do read, achieve higher education, & have forums and meetings involving those sharing a common love of reading, learning, photographing, cooking, etc. Don’t keep skipping over Charleston, West Virginia.

  85. Ramit,

    When are you coming to Philly? I registered to be notified but I didn’t hear back.

  86. sheilagh22

    Ugh, I’m missing your meetup right now in DC. I’m at the office and can’t get off work…trying to be rich. 🙂

  87. Miami, FL!

  88. Andrea

    I am around Ann Arbor when you will be there – but seem to find any info on where you might be! I will need more than a day of notice to coordinate getting to Ann Arbor. Although I am on your list, I still haven’t heard anything. When will you post where/when you’ll be in these cities? I really don’t want to miss it!

  89. Amar Rama

    Any chance Austin can get on this list?

  90. Ryan Graves


    Haven’t received an update but hoping that you’ll still be in Milwaukee on the 6th. Not sure where to find the deets.


  91. Pinky

    Hello Ramit,

    Milwaukee is a great place to be.