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If you bought my book, I have many bonuses for you

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A lot of you guys have bought my book but you didn’t forward your receipt to yet.

Make sure you do, because I have lots of bonuses for you, including private interviews I did with other entrepreneurs and bloggers where we cover advanced strategies for productivity, entrepreneurship, and personal finance.

If you don’t have the receipt, send a pic of yourself holding the book along with the best piece of ACTION you took after reading it. Only attractive people get the bonuses, though.

Winners: How other people have used my book

  • Sachit Gupta: “I got rid of $60 in late fees by using your script (didn’t even have to go past the FIRST question :P!)”
  • TheBaconFat: “I really can’t recommend Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You To Be Rich enough. Unlike just about every other finance book out there, instead of preaching at you about budgeting and “exploring your relationship with money” (*gag*), it tells you straight out what to do to take control of your money and your credit, deal with your debt, and set up automatic savings so you don’t have to, well… count on yourself to be responsible with your money.”
  • Josh Crocker: Since reading the book my wife and I have: * Increased the size of our checking and savings accounts dramatically * Set up a systemitized finance system that saves, pays bills, and helps reduce debt, ALL automatically! * Checked-in on our finances for a grand total of less than one hour per month!
  • bouldlife: “Two phone calls. Total savings for one year? $1455!”

More amazing stories of people using my book here. THIS is why I love what I do.

If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, get a copy for about $10.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich helps puppies and emaciated children

And forward the receipt to for bonuses!

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  1. I bought your book, but I bought it on Amazon… and I am disorganized… and I tend to throw lots of things away, like receipts. Oops 🙁 Can I send you a picture of the book? 🙂 Probably not, but worth the try!

    Cheers & great read

  2. Um, it’s “about” $11. When the price is that good, why overdo it on the “estimate”?

  3. Does buying a used book count towards this? The reason I ask is because I usually buy books from only if its not available in

  4. @Maren: it says in the article that you can in fact send a pic of yourself reading the book!

    You’re welcome Ramit. You can hire me to respond to comments if you’d like!

  5. when can we expect to see the bonus :)?

  6. I would take Maren Kate up on that photo … if I were you

  7. I picked up a copy of your book at Urban Outfitters. It was marked down to $4.95 and they had a big stack of them. I normally wouldn’t post this, but considering the title of your book I figured you would be proud. If anyone else is looking to pick it up, that’s a good place to check.

    I’ll take a picture sometime soon, but I just wanted to post “thanks!” Based on your advice, my wife and I are on our way to paying off our credit card debt. We’ve only been at it a little more than a month and a half, but here’s what we’ve started doing:

    – Creating weekly “menus” so we don’t buy groceries blindly and unnecessarily (not sure if this was your tip or not, but it’s been one of our biggest money savers). Not only are we saving money, but we’ve been digging into cookbooks and eating more adventurously.

    – I built a spreadsheet to track where our income is going, including breakdowns into percentages so we can work towards spending less and saving more every month. I’ve uploaded a blank page of it here if anyone is interested in checking it out:

    It’s a little personalized, but anyone can change it around easily. This has been very helpful in at least getting an idea of where we are financially at the beginning of this process, and there’s a column for budgeting that will allow you to grow into it once you’ve got your footing.

    – I, personally, have gained a bit of confidence from your phone call advice in dealing with banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, etc. I question every charge and am not afraid to call customer service about them.

    So far we’ve managed to increase our credit card payments to over 10-times the minimum, in an attempt to pay them off as aggressively as possible. Our credit card debt is by no means out of control, but it feels very good to be getting rid of it. And hopefully it’ll be taken care of now before our 0% balance transfers end.

  8. I will teach you to be rich:

    Step 1: Start a website, give out tips. Make it useful at first.

    Step 2: Translate website into a book

    Step 3: Use website for nothing but promoting the book.

    Step 4: Count the money.

    I’m not trying to slam you for this approach, but it seems like since the book came out, the only posts I see here anymore are about the book. It’s taken the usefulness of this site away for us readers, even the ones who bought the book (or in my case, let someone else buy the book and borrowed it when they were done with it).

    And for those that bought it from Amazon and lost the receipt, simply login to your Amazon account and you can look up past orders.

  9. Yay, I made it into one of your posts! For everyone reading this, I think the main lesson to take away from this is not about personal finance (wait…what??). At least for me, one of the most important lessons from IWTYTBR, and books like 4HWW, was the power of asking. Seriously, most people are so afraid to just ask, and like Ramit said, just asking differentiates you from about 80% of the people.

  10. Lol so today I was slapped with 70 bucks (2 x $35) in overage fees after a transfer timing problem and I called my bank, scramble for your book and got rid of those puppies! Thanks!