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Ian’s post on initiative — one of the best articles I’ve read online

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My friend Ian Ybarra is one of the superstar friends I know who really wants to help people–but who gets frustrated that more people don’t ask for / take his (very good) advice and use it.

You have to read his latest post. He writes about a girl who took the initiative to achieve her goals–Ian helped her strip away all the barriers and figure out what she wanted–in one of the most inspiring pieces I’ve ever read online:

Jessica Pierce: 1989-2006

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  1. Heartbreaking with someone so young and so full of promise.

  2. Why don’t you talk ever about Real Estate?

    I would love to hear your thoughts and comments. I am sure most of your readers would agree.

  3. I like reading your posts, but now days you seem to be posting things about everything else but finance even after some slack.When you ask readers to be persistent, you need to be too. Sorry if they were harsh… but the little truth 🙂

  4. Parag,

    Why don’t we list some topics we’d like to see Ramit cover?

    I’d like to hear his opinions on;

    diversification (and what he considers diversification)

    focus (does he focus on a few tareas of the world?)


  5. thanks for sharing this – it truly is a wonderful article and a heartbreaking story.

  6. K,
    You are right on! I think all his posts nowdays are highly irrelavant like the most recent one ” I bought a Tie”. This would not be included in any of his categories. It doesn’t concern the readers whether you bought a expensive or cheap tie.

    For Ramit:
    In the truest sense you need to be more relevant to you site name ” IWillTeachYouToBeRich”. I would like to know Ramit : How does buying a tie concern the readers like You were ver lucky to receive a nice gift from your buddies, blah. blah;

    There are bunch of topics you can write on and educate the readers how things work from scratch (if not written, and if witten then expand):

    1. Like how interest rate affects markets.
    2. International growing markets and inversting in India & China- educating readers how they can invest.
    3.Diversification ( like K suggested)

    Now I can go on with quite a few topics here, but hey if you are running out of time or words email me and I can be a part time blooger on your site since I actively read lot about finance and can write with CONFIDENCE and biggest of all give you site an “EDGE” by having another writer!

  7. Posting about ties gives this site personality. It is after all a personal finance blog!

  8. Guys!!! he has a point….He bought a TIE!!! He’s growing up now, remember previous post about ‘We’re not in college anymore! lol……