I went out to dinner this weekend…

April 03rd, 2006 - 12 Comments

It was my friend’s birthday on Saturday, so a bunch of us went out to eat in SF. Apparently a couple people at the other end of the table ordered some wine and nobody was paying attention…


Update: Ok, the backstory: My friend (the guy whose birthday it was) called the restaurant in advance and had them pull this prank. Good job, Anton.


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  1. If they ordered wine, why does it say X?

    Was the wine uncorked?


  2. Ouch. I hope they got soundly thumped on the head.

  3. Please tell me that was some cruel april fools joke by the restaraunt?

    And how do you people afford meals that are $20+ a plate?

  4. That’s a pretty good cash register April fool’s.

  5. Ha. So they essentially taught you how to get poor. ;-)

  6. Well, servers are encouraged to push wine and other alcohol – it’s a higher-margin product, and it raises the check average, but that is a pretty extreme example…. :)

  7. So your “friends” bought a $3,000 bottle of wine expecting everyone to split the cost? I hope you took them in the bathroom, beat the crap out of them, then used a credit card out of their wallets to pay the entire tab.

  8. $20/plate is mid-range IMHO, not really that expensive. Granted if you do that every night, it’s a bit much.

    Even when I was a grad student I could easily afford to do that once in a while.

  9. oh man… that’s by far the greatest April’s Fool joke ever played by a restaurant. Awesome. Just because of that I am gonna go there next time I am in Frisco.

  10. Not to quibble, but why in the world would a restaurant charge you a corking fee for a bottle of wine from THEIR cellar?

  11. I have to admit, I’m curious how this turned out, but I’m also really curious whether or not “X” is a type of wine that I am unfarmilliar with, or a mistake.

    And as far as corkage… I would hope their margin of profit for the bottle of wine would account for the extra 30 seconds it takes to open a bottle of wine, especially at a restaurant of that caliber (I mean, it doesn’t sound like the 4 seasons, but still, even the servers at Outback know how to open a bottle of wine!)

  12. Should have gone to Cafe LuLu next door!!!! But bring the febreze to get rid of that wood-fired smell.