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Credit Card Debt Calculator”

I was on TV this week — watch my 2:17 CNBC video on credit card perks

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Hey, pretty cool news — CNBC flew me out earlier this week to New York to appear on “On The Money,” a new personal-finance show.

Here are a couple pictures of me getting prepped from a while back:



And here’s the clip of me appearing earlier this week, on Tuesday:


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  1. Ramit,
    Awesome clip. Thanks for all the tips on those perks. That advice will be huge in the future. Great site! I love the material.

  2. Hey, that’s pretty cool man. It’s a pity that CNBC titled your clip “Negotiating Credit Card Late Fees” when it’s got nothing to do with that.

  3. That’s pretty awesome, you’re pretty calm on camera. You should consider doing more vlogs; I think it will add more dimension and interest to the blog

  4. Nice work! You sound eloquent and well prepared.

  5. Work on your fake smile! But great appearance.

    During my friend Chris’ first appearance on CNBC, he didn’t blink once. That wasn’t so good.

  6. I’m unable to play the video

  7. Ramit, that was so hot! Great advice, and well done!

  8. Awesome appearance, and great advice! Agree with the other commenter on the CNBC tagline. Should have indicated you were discussing credit card perks, not fees. Still, an entertaining (and informative) couple minutes.

  9. Yes, superb interview! Good articulation, tone, and tempo. Fit right in.

  10. nice clip. you should update the pix on your blog you look so much different.