I was on TV this week — watch my 2:17 CNBC video on credit card perks

Ramit Sethi

Hey, pretty cool news — CNBC flew me out earlier this week to New York to appear on “On The Money,” a new personal-finance show.

Here are a couple pictures of me getting prepped from a while back:


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And here’s the clip of me appearing earlier this week, on Tuesday:


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  1. Logan

    Awesome clip. Thanks for all the tips on those perks. That advice will be huge in the future. Great site! I love the material.

  2. Simon

    Hey, that’s pretty cool man. It’s a pity that CNBC titled your clip “Negotiating Credit Card Late Fees” when it’s got nothing to do with that.

  3. topseekrit

    That’s pretty awesome, you’re pretty calm on camera. You should consider doing more vlogs; I think it will add more dimension and interest to the blog

  4. Stephen

    Nice work! You sound eloquent and well prepared.

  5. Chris Yeh

    Work on your fake smile! But great appearance.

    During my friend Chris’ first appearance on CNBC, he didn’t blink once. That wasn’t so good.

  6. Moneymonk

    I’m unable to play the video

  7. Cindy

    Ramit, that was so hot! Great advice, and well done!

  8. Frugal Dad

    Awesome appearance, and great advice! Agree with the other commenter on the CNBC tagline. Should have indicated you were discussing credit card perks, not fees. Still, an entertaining (and informative) couple minutes.

  9. ekrabs

    Yes, superb interview! Good articulation, tone, and tempo. Fit right in.

  10. gotham

    nice clip. you should update the pix on your blog you look so much different.

  11. Pamela Slim

    Great show!

    You’re working it bro, I’m telling you! Donny Deutsch, Larry King, watch out! (but if you sit with Matt Lauer before me, I will never speak to you again)

    That is the way Rachael Ray started … homegrown press in her backyard, then a national appearance, then her own cooking show, then multiples, then the magazine/talk show/cookbooks, ACK!


    Can’t wait to see the IWTYTBR perfume.


  12. Laura

    How long was the prep for the interview vs the actual interview?

  13. Success Professor

    Excellent interview! Congratulations.

  14. Renato

    Awesome, Ramit. It was short, clear, and very helpful for the audience. It was disapointing to learn that you don’t have a fake Simpson’s Indian character accent. Oh, you and your standard English, so boring. Heheh. Oh and another thing. I always pronounced your name with the accent on the first sylable. I guess I was wrong. But seriously, congratulations on yet another success. You’re like a rocket now.

  15. Daniel

    Nice work!

  16. Eden

    That’s so cool! You did a great job by the way- very calm and you were clearly an expert on the subject.

  17. Mary@SimplyForties

    Wow – that was some fast talking! Great job!

  18. Josh

    Ramit……very disappointed I didn’t hear negotiate like and Indian but otherwise great TV spot!

  19. evie


  20. Sam

    As expected the video won’t work on Firefox, was able to view it on Internet Explorer (as Microsoft partly owns Maybe a coincidence?

    Anyway, it was a good interview. The guy knows his stuff obviously. Congrats!

  21. ekrabs

    Off-topic, but I use Firefox, and the video worked just fine.

    Could be a plug-in issue.

  22. Jen

    Nice! How did the makeup feel?

  23. firstagain

    Ramit – looking good! Excellent commentary on credit cards. You and Susan both enlightened me on some actual benefits of using credit cards. Thanks.

  24. Trisha

    That was really helpful. Thanks for that! I am calling my sneaky credit card company today..

  25. Average Jane

    Gotta be honest… you’re not hard on the eyes. I know, I know. Not exactly the comments you’re looking for, but seriously, you have the right to know…

    Now, if only this were a “vlog”.

  26. KS

    Just saw the video. Great job!
    Congratulations on your CNBC appearance!

  27. Adil

    Awesome ramit,

    I never knew about the stuff you mentioned.
    The next thing i am doing is calling my CC company and getting a list of perks.

    Way to go.


  28. Glen

    Ramit- I love that CC perks list! Anyway, I’m an insurance agent. We have been advising customers to purchase teh physical damage portion of the insurance from the rental company. We had a client who damaged a rental car in a collision. The rental company then repaired sold the car. They only got $15,000 for the used car that they would’ve gotten 17,000 had it not been in a collision. The rental car company billed the customer for ‘demunition of value’. That $2,000 was not covered by the customers personal auto policy nor credit card company.

  29. Jeremy Salter


    I’m sure I have already heard all the info you talked about on the clip, but I’m bummed because the link isn’t working anymore. I was hoping to see you on CNBC, haha!

    Let me know if I can help to get the link reactivated.



  30. Ramit Sethi

    The link still works — please try it again!

  31. henry


    First I’d just like to say I love your site and blogs! So my credit card and/or car insurance will give me car rental car damage insurance. Let’s say I get in an accident: is there any benefit to buying the rental car company’s car insurance in order to shield my car insurance company from knowing, so that my car insurance payments will stay the same?


  32. Hey! Where'd It All Go? | Zen College Life

    […] then and I pay off my balance in full every month. You should be, too!) While each card has its perks (I’m building my credit history with the credit card and my debit card has Keep the Change), the […]

  33. kadavy

    Unless I was lied to, I had to call my credit card company to sign up for the automatic rental car insurance (on AMEX Blue Cash). It didn’t cost me anything, but it wasn’t automatic.

  34. Bea

    I called several of my credit cards for their one-pager of perks and they all told me to look up the info online. I was pretty disappointed about that.

  35. John Natoli

    That was great stuff! I would definitely like to see a page dedicated to little-known credit card tips.

  36. Lynn

    All good to know. I think a credit card tips page would be great. Thanks!

  37. ezekial

    thax 4 ur great advice, be blessed.

  38. Marcelo Pinheiro

    Congrats Ramit! awesome video, always very informative. I’m still reading your book and best of it my wife helps me follow the system she supports me 100%. You seemed very well prepared for the interview, although very short one, I could watch it way more. Cheers!

  39. Ai Ling, Ong

    Ramit, Thanks for the tips.
    I’ve just completed your book, looking through the emails you sent.
    Well, you see I’m from Singapore. So does those Credit Card Perks you mentioned like extended warranty, insurance apply? How can I find out.
    I found your book useful just that due to my location, I ain’t sure how much is applicable.
    Would appreciate any form of help.

    AL, Ong

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