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I want different Friday Entrepreneurs

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I’m looking for more Friday Entrepreneurs, so if you’d like to be featured, just let me know.

The thing is, I want to feature different projects than just blogs or online apps. There are so many other interesting things going on, whether online or offline. Also, have you noticed how every Friday Entrepreneur has been a guy? I know there are lots of girls doing cool stuff.

Here are some quotes from/about previous Friday Entrepreneurs after they were featured:

“over a 1/3 of our traffic in the last 10 days has been a result of your blog. More importantly than traffic, we have had lots of people sign up for our group and received a number of emails from prospective partners.”

“The number of loans made on our site has increased by 60% because of readers [and the post] led to our biggest loan volume day ever…”

“At first, I kind of thought, wow, that’s cool. It seems like Ramit’s posts have a good effect on the companies he spotlights. But, then I realized, this is just ridiculous. The biggest loan volume day ever, and has been mentioned in various international news sources (BBC, CNN, Wall Street Journal). ”

It’s ok to market yourself. I’m not that scary. If you’re working on something cool (it must be developed; ideas don’t count) and you want to be featured in Friday Entrepreneurs, email me.

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10 Comments on "I want different Friday Entrepreneurs"

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9 years 10 months ago

I’ve got a great idea, but haven’t started the ball rolling as of yet. I’m lacking funds and time, both of which are a neccessary evil!


9 years 10 months ago

What about entrepeneurs still in the early stages? Can we get on a waiting list for future features…keep us on the backburner until we’re past the early growth stages?

Ramit Sethi
9 years 10 months ago

Most of my entrepreneurs are in the early stages. As long as it’s live and works, just send me an email and I’ll take a look. What’s the worst that could happen? If it’s still an idea…just let me know when it’s ready to show.

Larry Nusbaum
9 years 10 months ago

There is nothing so fine as a finely ironed shirt
Posted at 12:05 on Friday August 26, 2005 | 15 Comments


9 years 10 months ago

“girls”? not to be old, but, back when i was a young whipper snapper, most of the entrepreneurial gals (or “women”) i knew wouldn’t cotton to the diminutive phrasing. and I had to walk up hill to school both ways in the snow. just my two cents.

9 years 10 months ago

You should get in touch with Mandy Knox, who started a RedStart Design, a jewelry business in San Francisco. (She’s also a fellow Stanford alum)

9 years 10 months ago

reid, sorry dear, but that does sound pretty old-fashioned. Young is the point here, right?

If a girl is going to get offended for being called a girl, she has way too thin of a skin to get anywhere, especially in the tech business.

My business stuff is not open-to-the real world, but I do help ensure that the oil industry runs. 😉

9 years 10 months ago

Check out

9 years 9 months ago

Wonder if my counts…

Lynoure Braakman
8 years 6 months ago

A female entrepreneur here, but I’m a techie too (sysadmin), so probably not interesting enough for you.

Maybe it is just me but I honestly thought/think Mimi Ting is female… 🙂