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I should charge $2,000 for these webcasts

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Today is part 3 of my 4-part series highlighting some of the best material on IWT, because there’s nothing like glorifying yourself on your own blog.

Today I’m sharing my best webinars and guest posts. If I were to productize these webinars, I estimate they would have generated $500,000 last year — but I want to give them away to you for free, to show you how my free material rivals others’ paid stuff, and to invest in you first. I know that once you get one Big Win, you’ll be ready to invest in yourself, too — whether it’s with my premium materials or others’.

I’m also sharing some of my guest posts on other sites. If you Google “guest post,” you’ll see my extremely detailed guide to writing a guest post is the #1 result on all of Google. This is pretty much the most worthless ranking anyone could ever ask for, showing you why my mastery of SEO remains equal to the knowledge of a 3-year old.

Ok…here you go.


The Master of Persuasion: My interview with BJ Fogg
BJ Fogg is a Stanford professor and one of my mentors. He taught me much of what I know about persuasion. In this webinar, which took me over 15 hours to prepare for, we cover academic theory and applied persuasion, including how to persuade others — and yourself. Want to know how to influence people at work? How to floss more? Here you go.

The $22 Million Dollar Man
My friend Derek Sivers founded CDBaby and recently sold it for millions. Learn about his unconventional story, plus a new way of thinking about success and achievement.

Make art, make money — at the same time
Chase Jarvis is one of the best-known photographers on the planet. He flew me to his studio in Seattle where I went in-depth on earning money on the side — especially for creatives — for 90 minutes. I share some of my most sophisticated techniques on pricing, marketing, finding a profitable idea, and avoiding time-wasters. Over 50,000 views.

Guest Posts
I spend 12-15 hours writing each guest post. Here are some of my favorites, including some foundational aspects of IWT that will change the way you think about money and behavioral change.

The Psychology of Automation: Building a bulletproof personal-finance system (Four Hour Workweek)
The seminal overview on automating your finances. Start here.

The Psychology of Passive Barriers: Why your friends don’t save money, eat healthier, or clean their garages (Get Rich Slowly)
“Barriers are one of the implicit reasons you can’t achieve your goals. They can be psychological or profoundly physical, like something as simple as not having a pen when you need to fill out a form. But the underlying factor is that they are breathtakingly simple — and if I pointed them out to you about someone else, you would be sickened by how seemingly obvious they are to overcome.”

The Best $20 You’ll Ever Spend (Get Rich Slowly)
This one is short, but I guarantee it can change your life.

How to Pay Down Debt and Invest at the Same Time (Lifehacker)
I’ve posted a number of videos (with analysis) on Lifehacker. A couple more of my favorites are: How to Get a Credit Card with No Credit and What Should You Do With Your Extra Money

If you want to get more of these webinars and super-tactical pieces — I have an entire library full, waiting for you (including interviews with Tim Ferriss, a pickup artist, and a bunch more) — sign up below.

Sign up FREE to get instant access to my webcasts with BJ Fogg, Derek Sivers, Tim Ferriss and more!

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  1. I am surprised that you still spend 12-15 hours per week working on guest posts. I know how vital they are when starting a blog, but I didn’t realize that once you had 300,000 readers that guest posting (to such a large degree) is still worth the time and effort.

  2. Actually, when I click on the link to the “guest post” Google search, the number one spot goes to a site myblogguest dt com.

    Gotta love Google’s search personalization! ;P (No, I have nothing to do with that other site).

  3. “I should charge $2,000 for these webcasts”

    Why don’t you do it then? To be honest, I doubt that anyone would pay for it.

  4. Hahaha, I have to agree with that.

  5. I checked too and you are nowhere to be seen for the term “Guest Post”.

    That said you do come up with great content but like Michelle I do have to ask why you would spend so much time on guest blogging when you obviously do not need to? Is it an academic exercise?

    Either way it is inspiring and encouraging to hear as I rcently spent 12-14 hours on a guest post and felt like a bit of a mug for it but hopefully when the site owner gets it up I will see the benefit – it is a high traffic blog.

  6. Hi Ramit,
    I am so interested in learning whatever you teach, that I’ve been following you from a distance.I just signed up for the Webinar.

  7. I signed up for the BJ Fogg interview about a year ago since the form at the bottom of the page didn’t show up for me. I never got a link and still don’t know how to access it. Any ideas? Thanks.

  8. Guest posting is not about driving traffic but its about building relationships. Relationships with bloggers and also with other communities of readers. Regardless of the quality of the content on your site, its growth will reach a plateau at some point, and this is why reaching out to other communities is reqiured. So yeah, Ramit does the right thing guest posting or doing interviews etc.. keep up the good work!