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I created a massive Ultimate Guide to Making Money

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If you want to know how to make more money, I have something very special for you — and it’s my gift to you.

Years ago, I was getting questions every single day about personal finance. Should I start a Roth IRA? Why should I do a 401(k)? What are bonds?

I had spent years learning all of this stuff. But it didn’t help to release one thing at a time. Oh, here’s what to do with your asset allocation…but that affects your automated savings…AHHH (tear hair out, curse Ramit, immediately regret it, hear Ramit’s voice in your head, cry). It always ends in tears with me.

When they asked those questions, I wished I had a very heavy book that I could throw at their heads and say, “READ THIS!” Something that could answer every question and give them an “end-to-end” system that covered everything they needed. One and done.

The problem was, 98% of the money books out there started Chapter 1 with this: “Okay, let’s start by lecturing you about how you’re going to have to spend less…and by the way, DO YOU KEEP A BUDGET???”

The reader: ‘F U ZzZzzzzz’

I finally realized, it was time to write a book so I had the ONE definitive answer to give people. Oh, you don’t know what to do about your student loans? You have $5,000 sitting in your checking account and want to do something with it? You want to know the exact systems and accounts I use? Read my book.

That turned into I Will Teach You To Be Rich, which launched March 29, 2009, hit #1 on all of Amazon, knocked Twilight off its perch, sold out within hours, and triggered an instant reprint and New York Times bestseller status.

Since then, I’ve been getting the same questions…

…about earning money.

Over 96% of us WANT to earn more. But what if we don’t have an idea? What if we have too many ideas? Or not enough time? How do you actually take what you know and turn it into income?

For the last 5+ years, I’ve been writing about different ways to earn more. But I recently discovered some disturbing news: Apparently you don’t wake up every morning, slowly climb out of bed, then patiently tap your fingers together 4,600 times while waiting for my email to come into your inbox. Some of you, I’ve heard, don’t read every single word of my 5,000-word emails!

This shocking realization made me think…maybe it’s time to put together a DEFINITIVE guide on making money. Something that will let you:

  • Pay off debt faster, stuff your savings account up, and live a Rich Life
  • If that means spending it on a vacation, or even a $5,000 weekend in Vegas, so be it. You define your Rich Life, not me

There’s a limit to how much you can cut back — but no limit to how much you can earn.

If you’re ready to start making more money, this guide will show you EXACTLY how.

And one last thing:

I wrote this to protect you from some of the bad advice out there — like the hucksters who promise unwitting people that they can make “millions” with 2 hours of work. No, you can’t. I’ve joked about being your Surrogate Asian Father — the one who demands more of you than even you think is possible. But behind that is my promise to always be realistic and honest with you — sometimes even telling you when you can’t do something.

In this Ultimate Guide to Making More Money that I’ve put together, you know you can read it and use the strategies and tactics with 100% confidence — knowing that I’ve tested them myself, then vetted each and every technique with tens of thousands of students. If you follow the system, it will work.

Here, for the first time, is your Ultimate Guide to Making More Money — my gift to you for reading IWT.

Ultimate Guide

P.S. Read this, because we’re just getting started.


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