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15 Little Life Hacks

I bought a tie

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It was my birthday last week and my friends bought me a gift certificate to Thomas Pink. Then they took me shopping there and I bought a tie. I almost had a heart attack–it is the most expensive tie I have ever bought. Also, the third one. Now all I want to do is walk around with bodyguards and people holding those soft packing peanuts all around me.

More to come later.

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  1. It looks to be about $70 for a tie, while this is a touch expensive for a tie $30-60 is department store average, it is a statement piece, as handbags or shoes can be for women. I take it you have never spent $600 on a good Brooks Brothers suit? Look at it this way: a nice tie can really help an inexpensive but well fitting suit. If you aren’t willing to pop $500+ for a suit that will look great for years, then $70 is a decent investment to snazz up a so-so suit. The key though is to wear a suit that actually fits. My mother always said you can wear a cheap dress without looking the part if your hand bag and shoes are good quality and in good condition. While a college student may not care about “looking the part” ie being well dressed beyond club wear, there are times when it counts: beyond the obvious career related events consider you new tie fair game for summer weddings, dates, and graduations etc. Though a tie is probably not a long lasting part of your attire as a watch might be, a statement piece or two a season can transform a borrrrring wardrobe.

    Although I am sure others will argue that we all shouldn’t care how we look when we could be investing those extra pennies, I have found a few decent clothes to be essential in distinguishing myself from the other slobs in grad school on specific occasions (conferences mainly).

  2. yeah ties are extremely expensive.

    What really bugs me is, you try not to get anything on them and eventually you always end up with a random stain the dry cleaners cant remove.

  3. I went to the website and it looks like the ties are $100….wow…that is an expensive tie.

  4. Julie Isserman Link to this comment

    Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great time celebrating 🙂

  5. Those ARE great ties!

  6. let’s see a picture of this pricey accessory.

  7. wow, how stimulating…ramit bought a tie. in other news, i woke up this morning and had some cereal for breakfast. ramit, any idea on when you’ll be finishing up some of the topics you’ve been talking about for ages? you know, the ones that kind of fit with the title of your blog?

  8. Thanks, Julie!

    Ryan…gee, sorry I’m not writing fast enough for you. I’ll post some longer articles when I get some time.

  9. I know you have a life outside of your blog, but it is really disappointing to check out your blog and see these posts that really offer nothing of substance. I enjoy the “longer articles” because they make me think about things in my own life (I would imagine it does the same for your other readers), as opposed to “I bought a tie”. Very deep, indeed. Do you plan on finishing the personal finance series you started? How about the stuff that your readers asked for when you invited them to make some suggestions on topics for you to write about? As I said, I know you have a life outside of your blog, and you don’t owe anything to anyone who reads your blog. I understand that. But if you are going to say you’ll do something, you should probably make good on that. Just my two cents.

  10. Try shopping at the Off 5th outlet in Milpitas. There’s no need to pay $100 for a designer tie!