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I am a moron part 635

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God damnit.

$49.50 in library fines

I had checked out about 15 books, and I knew about 5 of them were overdue, but I didn’t get around to returning them for a couple weeks. This is really unusual of me, and I was feeling like quite the rebel, until I thought about it and realized I was feeling hardcore for not returning LIBRARY BOOKS. Then, last night when I logged in, it said I owed $298.00!!! Apparently if you don’t return books after a certain time, they just assume you lost them.

If you can imagine the most horrified look of anguish and pain, that was me. I called them and got the fees reverted back to a more reasonable number. Oh, who am I kidding, $50 in fines is absurd. This is my stupid mistake of the quarter.

Earlier: How I deal with stupid money mistakes (something I didn’t mention in this article was that I’m now allocating $30/month for stupid mistakes, up to a max of $300, after which I recycle the money into my investment account and start over again).

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  1. A side note on making sure this doesn’t happen with library books. I use to keep track of my library books for me. Great service. Simply sign up and register all your library cards (I live in one county, but work in another, so I have privelages in both counties for the libraries). If they don’t have your library listed, just ask them. Libraryelf has the ability to interface with many libraries websites and determine what books you have out and it can notifiy you via E-mail a couple of days before they are due to remind you. Great service and very responsive to my request to add my local library.

  2. I’m lucky – Multnomah County Library here in Portland sends out email reminders when books are overdue – and you can renew online indefinitely unless someone has put a book on hold. I bet this cuts down on the fines they collect (maybe thats why they are asking for so much money ona ballot measure!?!)

  3. My goodness. Were you ever in the navy? You certainly have the mouth of a sailor.

    Unfortunately, that’s the only reason I haven’t shown this site to my kids.

    Clean it up, or I’ll stop reading it myself.

  4. What language is a problem? I see nothing offensive in this post?

  5. First two words Dan-O, first two words.

    I guess I never thought to complain about it, but although cursing is one thing, those two words really are just offensive.

  6. Guilty of overdue book fines myself.
    I consider it contributing to the arts.

  7. Sorry, my bad. I started reading in the box… not the words above.

    OK so it’s cursing… but it’s not like the stuff you see/hear in mass media… I’m not offended.

  8. You can get a fine removed if you sneak the book back into the library, claim you returned it, and have them look on the shelf for the book only to see it is actually there.

    It is lying and would stain your eternal soul however, so better to pay the fine.

  9. My brother went to one of the UC schools and had several books overdue. When he finally returned them he found out that they charged overdue books by the hour…ouch!

  10. Here at UGA we get email notices and can renew our books 3 times using a crappy web interface before we have to bring them back to the brick+mortar library or face fines.

    BTW — Ramit, love the site. Cheers