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How Nicole is earning $1,000 more per month

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As you know, there’s only so much you can squeeze from your budget. Sometimes, you just have to make more money.

I currently make income through about 11 different sources, including speaking, The Scrooge Strategy, very-occasional consulting, and some others. Over the next few months, I’m going to show you how the system works in a series of emails and posts.

Here’s one to start it off.

Recently, I’ve been helping a girl named “Nicole” build up her freelance writing business. Her goal is to earn $1,000 more per month, within 6 months. Last week, we spent about 15 minutes going over what she was doing to hit this goal. She’s a classic case of someone trying to earn more money, but focusing on all the wrong things.

Business cards? Who cares?

Redesigning your website? Won’t make you a dime.

In 15 minutes, I showed her how she was wasting 90% of her time earning money — and how to focus on the things that would drive results. In 6 months, she’ll earn an additional $1,000 per month.

It’s a prototypical example of I Will Teach You To Be Rich: Focus on the 2 things that matter, and don’t feel guilty about ignoring the things that don’t.

The difference is, this example can help you earn $1,000 more per month.

What people say about this tip:

“…this post is really top notch. Outstanding advice.”

“I don’t know anything about this author or his book but I LOVE THIS POST!!!

Read the guest post I wrote on earning more money: Trying to Earn More Money? Stop Wasting Your Time

* * *

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  1. Ramit, the guest post is top-notch!
    Like any of your case studies on entrepreneurship!
    You’re not only mentoring Nicole, but also tele-mentoring quite a few blog readers. Looking forward to more!

  2. Ramit, you have taken lead in this and your efforts are commendable.
    Its a great post for all others wanting to benefit from your advice. Thanks!!

  3. “In 15 minutes, I showed her how she was wasting 90% of her time earning money — and how to focus on the things that would drive results. In 6 months, she’ll earn an additional $1,000 per month.”

    … If she does what you say.

    It’s one thing to say you give people advice, it’s another thing to say that they will take it 100%.

    I understand the point of the post is focus on what matters, but by claiming Nicole is earning $1,000 when she is ‘will be’, is being fake.


  4. Just came across your blog today, and all I can say is that you seem like the real deal, Ramit. Focusing on the “cash producing activities” is so extremely important…and now more than ever.

    We’ve all got to cut out the timewasters and the distractions, the dumb little things we don’t have to do or are afraid to stop doing (for some unknown reason).

    Thanks for the reminder to stay focused and stay on track.

  5. This may be the best post I’ve read from you Ramit. It would be interesting to follow Nicole every month.

  6. What were the activities that you suggested Nicole focus on? Aside from continuing to work with you and seek out other blog writers?

  7. Ramit,

    My site is sounds very similar to what Nicole is trying to accomplish. The network I have is more of a hobby right now but I will be following this to see what advice you offer.

  8. Sounds interesting. I’ll be interested to see if she really ends up making $1,000/month. It’s all about passive income if you ask me. Hopefully she’ll incorporate a lof ot that into her earnings – especially if she’s a writer.

  9. It is interesting how some people need to talk to an unbiased person to help get them moving in the right direction. Whenever I hear these stories, I think about bench pressing. If I ever have trouble getting the weight up, if the spotter just provides a tiny bit of help, I can usually get the weight up with no problem.

  10. […] over at I will Teach you To Be Rich, posted an article entitled “How Nicole is earning $1,000 per month.” The title was catchy and I was […]