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How much did you spend on Valentine’s Day?

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[Update, 2/19/08: This survey is now closed. Check back for the analysis in a few days!]

Fill out this survey and I’ll put up an analysis of the results next week.

60-second survey: How much did you spend on Valentine’s Day?


Thanks in advance to Rob from FindABetterBank. See my other survey results here.

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  1. I am very interested to see what you come up with.

  2. $30.00. Nice chocolates go a long way. She spent $15.00 on good hot chocolate and hand made marshmallows. Perfect. Eff dinner and jewelery.

  3. Hi Ramit –

    In true Ramit style, my husband and I spent $0 on Valentines day this year, choosing instead to make money by shooting a Valentine’s party (we are photography hobbyists). We made $400 and scored two free gourmet dinners that we gave to our mom and grandma.

    Where other people spend, holidays, sporting events, comicons, vacation, my h and I usually make money, Valentine’s day included.

    Also, we do things and buy things for gift giving occassions that are nice-to-haves for our business, and therefore, tax deductible.

    – Ada

    P.S. I thought of you the other day when we purchased a new sheet set, buying ONLY flat sheets one size too large for the bed. It was glorious AGAIN. If you haven’t banished fitted sheets yet, you really should.

  4. Singapore $ 110.. for sending a gift. I know, I should have booked it online & done it with *HALF* the cost.. but I was lazy & have promised to correct myself.

    Ramit, on a side note can you please cover insurance plans?

  5. Ramit, my husband and I don’t buy each other gifts for any occasion. We also don’t buy for other family members. It’s been a long-time tradition. For example, we celebrate Christmas with pot-luck dinners, family and friends all together in one house. That’s it. We don’t need society’s imposition of a *special* occasion to buy each other anything. We tell each other “we love you” every day and we’re happier and stress free!

  6. I tipped my husband off to the two dozen roses for $28 at Sam’s Club, so he got me those and a card and a peanut butter cup, so about $35 from him. I made dinner for him at about $20 for the ingredients.

  7. My husband together spent about $40 for a 1/4oz of shrooms. We own a restaurant, and just ate there, otherwise would have spent ~$30 on food.

  8. $21.50 for pizza and a generous tip for the driver. $0.50 for a bag of microwaveable popcorn. $0 for The Simpsons’ Movie from the library.

    (put it in the survey as well…under restaurants because I didn’t know what else to say.)

  9. What’s wrong with spending money…

  10. Nicole Confrey Link to this comment

    My boyfriend and I spent a total of $12 on tip at a restaurant ( we had a gift card). Neither one of us is a fan of the holiday, because of the buying frenzy it creates and the corporate nature of it.