How I read hundreds of emails/day in less than an hour

Ramit Sethi

I always LOL when I get emails like this:



I do read every email. Just like I’ve said 50,000 times to you nutcases. But for a lot of people, it’s unfathomable that somebody can actually read 1,000+ emails/day and still get work done.

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HOW? How do you actually get things done without mindlessly answering a bunch of emails all day?

First, I use similar systems like the one I outlined in my book. Remember my automation system for your finances?

You can do the same with email — send everything where it needs to go, automatically.

How to put your email on autopilot

Most importantly, my goal is not to answer emails. Email is a tool. This is where so many Inbox Zero people go wrong. The goal is not zero emails in your inbox — it’s actually getting the right things done.

I don’t give a damn if I end the day with zero emails or 350. I care about getting the right things done.

One of the ways I do that is to stop waiting on responses, and instead systematize it.

For example, if I send an email about a project, but I can’t proceed until I get a response from somebody else, I need to make sure I get a response ASAP.

Like this:



I’m using a tool called Sanebox to automatically remind me when I need a followup email.

I also use it to automatically elevate important emails to the top of my inbox. Others get de-emphasized and I can read them later.

The larger issue is about combining tools with psychology. Everyone “knows” what they need to do. There are also tons of tools.

The magic missing sauce is the psychology of understanding email.

Since I already use Sanebox, I partnered with them to show you how to automate your email. If I can do it with over 1,500 email/day, I know anyone can.

We curated a collection of our best tools and resources on how to effectively use email — and it’s free for IWT readers.

Pre-written email scripts to set up calls and meetings with busy people
These are these exact word-for-word scripts I tested and use daily — and also have trained my team to use.

100 Email Tricks to Make You an Email Superhero
This comprehensive guide will show you the best ways to deal with multiple email addresses, set up email “triage,” create an ideal subject line and more. Plus, 13 secrets of gmail you never knew existed.

Interview: How to sustain deep focus and maximize productivity
This extremely busy author shows you how he gets more done in a 9-5 workday than most of us get done in a week. Uncover the secrets to eliminating distraction, achieving deep focus, and how to juggle multiple projects and commitments without ever feeling overwhelmed.

An invite to a live online email “master class” hosted by SaneBox 
At the end of this live training, you’ll finally have your inbox clutter clear — not just once, but every night when you sign off — freeing up hours of time per week.

A $25 Sanebox credit
Just for being an IWT reader, you’ll get $25 off the Sanebox plugin — the exact plugin I use to keep my inbox reserved for only important emails. Everything else gets filtered automatically.

Thanks for being an IWT reader and click here to get your tools and resources.

P.S. If you’ve been an IWT reader for awhile, you know that I’m very selective about the tools and software I recommend. I wouldn’t send you this email or partner with SaneBox if I didn’t actually use and love this plugin. SaneBox has literally saved me thousands of dollars by helping my team stay ultra-focused on the most critical parts of the business.

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P.P.S. If you want to take back even MORE time in your day, automating your finances is the best way to do it. I’ve taken the information from my NYT bestselling book, updated it, pulled out all of the major takeaways — and I’ve put it online, for free, as my gift to you. Check it out here.

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