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15 Little Life Hacks

Here’s the first sneak preview of the I Will Teach You To Be Rich book (16 pages)

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I spent the last two years of my life wanting to kill myself for deciding to write a book. Honestly, if you’re ever thinking of writing a book, just do yourself a favor: Call all your friends and tell them to go screw themselves, break up with your significant other, and take $50,000 in potential earnings and throw it in a fire that you seeded with the tendons from your writing hand. Just save the middleman!!!

But now that I’m done with the writing part of the book process, I thought I’d let you guys know what the book is about, and why I think you should care. Because, if I did my job right, the 9 chapters in the book should help you define a strategy for getting rich, give you a rich set of tactics to automate, negotiate, and grow your money, and help you build a system where you spend about 1 hour/week reviewing your money flow. It’s the system I use every day, in extreme detail.

Excerpt of the book
I spent about 4 months working on the structure of the book so it flowed just right. It’s 9 chapters in total, with 6 weeks of tactics to get your financial system created and optimized. Nearly all of the book is all-new content.

Here’s the full introduction of the book:

And the table of contents:

The challenge
So, guys, this book comes out in late March / early April. I don’t want to be plugging it every day until then, because you would leave, I would cry, and this blog would become a graveyard of delightful (yet deserted) personal-finance advice. Imagine tumbleweeds blowing over compound-interest graphics and asset-allocation pie charts, and me sobbing in the background. That’s sad.

But I also want to tell you, hopefully without sounding arrogant, that this book is the best thing I’ve ever written. It’s not a random hodgepodge of posts from this blog. I don’t spend 50 pages defining terms that nobody cares about or giving you the same tired old tips. It’s a tactical 6-week program to get you rich, whether you’re a complete beginner or already at the intermediate level.

I’m really excited to see what a community like iwillteachyoutoberich can do with this book.

Announcing the pre-launch community
It would be easy to write yet another personal-finance book, telling people to save their money, invest for the long term, blah blah blah.

I think that would suck.

Who wants to buy one of 1,000 other books on money? Especially since we have one of the best online communities in the world on this site. I want to tap into that to make this more than just a book.

If you take the risk of pre-ordering my book, I want to reward you as much as I can. For the first 300 people who do, I’m inviting you to a private community before the book launches, which will get you the core book chapters before anyone else, bonus content, discussions, live chats, and more. Here’s how the pre-launch community works:

  • The first few 300 people who pre-order I Will Teach You To Be Rich and forward their receipt to will be invited to join a private, exclusive community. You’ll get the URL and a password within a few days of signing up

  • You’ll receive a new chapter from the book by PDF, each week, before anyone else. By the time the 6th PDF rolls around, you should be getting the book in the mail with the last 3 chapters
  • This is about more than just getting the content early — it’s about joining a community of other people who are committed to getting rich. You’ll join 300 other iwillteachyoutoberich readers who will share their questions, tips, and tactics for how they optimized their money. I’ll be there too, answering questions and offering you step-by-step advice

This is the pioneer class of a book community. You guys know the ~$10 pre-order cost is an intentional barrier I’m putting up — and I’m willing to bet it results in a super high-quality, committed group of people who are willing to invest in getting rich.

I’d like to invite you to join the community. This current economic crisis means more and more people are making frightened choices about their money, but it’s still eminently possible to get rich by investing in yourself. If you’re interested (or if you’re thinking of getting my book anyway, you might as well do it now and get private access), send your receipt to by this Saturday, 2/21. We’ll let the first 300 people in, and that’ll be that.


amazon-logo-small barnes-noble-small-logo

So that’s my pitch. Now, back to blogging.

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  1. Tip #1, “Save money by not buying shoes”

  2. Okay okay, I pre-ordered it. The whole “first 300 people join the online community” thing definitely motivated me to buy the book right now (I knew I would anyways, just a matter of time). Looking forward to reading it!

  3. Will there be a Kindle version available?

    • Not sure, but I’ll check with my publisher. Thanks for asking, Todd.

      Yep, there will be a Kindle version. From my publisher: “They have the files and the book has already been approved. It typically takes 6 weeks or so for them to get the Kindle version up and running.”

  4. I’ve already started streamlining my finances the way you suggest – they were pretty close to being the way you recommend anyway, but this gave me the motivation to take the last few steps. I’m excited to see what all the community has to offer!

  5. Will Canadians be able to pre-order your book from

  6. Good work! Best of luck!

  7. I’m in my early-mid 20’s (24 in April, just graduating college) and I started looking at this blog a little while ago. I’ve gone through all the old posts and learned some key tips on how to cut my own spending (especially at the bars) and reorganize my finances. I look forward to reading this book because when the introduction laid out the “six week strategy,” it piqued my curiosity as to what that entails. The most motivating and persuasive part of the introduction has to be the Dumb Dan and Smart Sally investment chart. I don’t want to be a Dumb Dan, especially with these college loans looming overhead.

    I look forward to being further taught how to be rich, and will continue to be a faithful reader of this blog. Keep up the good work!

  8. Great work Ramit! This book looks like it could be one of the essential reads for this year.

  9. So … how do we know if we’re in the private community?

  10. If I had never heard of the blog, I wouldn’t be inclined to buy the book. Why?

    because you are bare foot on the cover. This makes me (and many other people) uncomfortable. You might want to considee that.