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15 Little Life Hacks

Here are 50 books I recommend

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I get a lot of emails wondering what books I read, so I decided to make a list of them.

Here are 50 of my favorite books in personal finance, social psychology, entrepreneurship, and design. Each one has been pretty influential to me. Check them out.

Note: This damn Amazon thing was the easiest way out there, but it still doesn’t work perfectly. If the box below doesn’t show up properly, here’s a full link:

The full link again to the list:

And if you’re wondering what I want to read, here’s my Amazon wishlist.

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  1. Maybe it’s obvious, but I think you should disclose that your link is an affiliate link and that you do get a small cut of any sales made through your site.

  2. Oops, yes–thanks. Yes, my Amazon affiliate link is encoded in the URL and if you decide to buy any of the books, I get a small cut.

  3. Have you read all of them?

    Could you please be kind enough to tell us what general guidelines do you use to assess if a book is worth reading?


  4. Yep, I’ve read (or re-read) all of these this year. There’s no set criteria–I mostly read reviews online/in newspapers, and get recommendations from friends–but these are the books that have had the most impact on me in 2006 in business and personal life.

  5. Hmm … surprised to see a Cramer book here.

    I guess as an author he provides much more information then on his retarded TV show 😀


  6. Totally. I hate Jim Cramer’s philosophy (see my previous article here), but his book is about his career as a hedge-fund manager. I’ll write a full review later, but the book isn’t about his ZANY STOCK TIPS!!! Instead, it’s full of insights about (1) why the financial industry doesn’t serve people like us, and (2) Cramer’s self-awareness about this. It’s really a great book.

  7. Excellent – thanks Ramit!

  8. Thanks for the feedback Ramit. I’ll be adding this book along with several others listed to my stack of reading.

  9. Ramit, I thought I’d pass along the observation that your blogsite doesn’t “scale” well in Internet Explorer 7. Being an old, dumb and blind guy, I like (need?) to use the 125% or 150% size option in order to read comfortably. Unfortunately, even though your cool-looking Amazon box has scrollbars, the column containing it ovelaps the right-hand column…a fairly ugly result. I realize that your posts are directed toward young people who don’t have my eyesight issues; OTOH, I like to follow your thoughts on a regular basis so I can pass on useful tidbits to the kids (who are in your target demographic, but not as “connected” as I am…yet). BTW, your site is not unique in this regard; 3-column layouts are even worse, and sites like the Wall Street Journal (which one might think to be more “in tune” with my age-group) is *really* messed up.

  10. Already stated, but don’t try to play off “This damn Amazon thing was the easiest way out there”. There was thousands of other ways to make a better list (ex. bullet points). You’re just trying to get the commission.