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I’m guest writing at the New York Times this week

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Last week, I wrote about the Guest Post Strategy to get people to read your stuff.

This week, I’m a guest writer at the New York Times. Here’s a quote from something I wrote:

“Your friends will try to convince you that target-date retirement funds aren’t as high-returning and exciting as their fancy stocks (which they probably picked using a dartboard, three beers and a sponge cake). Ignore them. You’re focused on growth, not impressing your friends…”

As you can see, I toned it down for the paper of record. No curse words this time.

There are lots of questions & answers for recent graduates, including college loans, Roth IRAs, and buying a house.

Check out the Money Q&A at the New York Times.

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  1. Cool, a picture and interview in the NYT is a bit more than a guest post! Hope you framed it for your mum.

  2. You are doing big things Ramit! I have to kind of disagree on the whole real estate thing with you. You are half right about investing in real estate. Buying a house and letting it sit might be a poor investment compared to stocks but how about renting the property out? You cover a big chunk of the mortgage if not all of it with the rent payments. Tons of people do real estate and they wouldn’t be making a living off of it if all they earn is 1.5%. Thoughts?

  3. It usually takes me at least six beers before I start picking stocks. I skip the spongecake.

  4. Ramit –

    Congrats! Looks like you’re getting a ton of well-earned opportunities. People need to hear what you have to say!

    I think toning it down for the Times was the right choice. That being said, I throroughly enjoy the cursing, so please don’t take it away from us!

  5. Who was that girl that just graduated? Her advice reeked of someone who shouldn’t be giving advice.

  6. What is it about Standford graduates that makes them feel like they have to tell everyone that they graduated from Standford? Who are worse at this? Standford graduates or Notre Dame graduates?

  7. Along with Roth, mortgages, etc., any advice on the best place to put HSA money? I need to open an account and want to maximize it, but with various fees, monthly charges, low interest, etc. it’s tough to figure out the best place to stash the cash. Any ideas?

  8. Hi Ramit!

    Ryan Geist recommended me over to your blog and I am so thankful he did so. I’m a recent college grad currently working for Johnson & Johnson in their financial leadership development program. Just starting out, I’m looking to make all the right moves in regards to my savings plan, 401k, etc. I’ve made the mistake recently of becoming suckered into investing in penny stocks, hoping for big, short-term returns but have found myself losing money very quickly.

    I’m very thankful Ryan led me to your site and look forward to learning from you.

    Mike Dill