Start Here: “The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Online Business”

Good luck with that

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Found on a college campus somewhere in the USA this week…


What else can I say?

Thanks to JRK for the link.


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  1. Everything sells in USA. It all depends on creativity, marketing strategy and execution.

  2. Don’t tell me… they want you to sell your books at their site..?

  3. Heh, I know the guy who runs that site. Are you blocking it out because you don’t want to endorse it?

  4. No, I just didn’t want to criticize the site. I still respect him for starting it up and I bet he’ll learn a TON more than by not doing it. But it seemed like a jackass thing to not black it out.

    What do you think?

  5. I am actually working with a buddy of mine at work on a local classifieds site. I did read your post about the frat boy ideas, but I don’t understand what is wrong with trying to do something local. The city I live in is 60K people, we have our crappy newspaper classifieds and a radio station has classifeds. Why not provide a place for people to sell their items? If you produce a product that looks good and has great value to the target audience why not give it a shot? Craigslist is not comming to my town any time soon.

  6. The annoying thing about seeing so many doomed small-scale efforts for services like these (and you’re right, they’re ubiquitous) is that if you could just get one good one set up with lots of users, it would be genuinely useful. Sadly, people usually prefer to wait until these sites get big before getting involved, and it becomes a chicken-or-the-egg type of thing.

  7. seems kinda ‘jackass’ to say this will fail, yet, we’ll never know. And it may – a large percentage of new businesses do fail.

    its easy to have the right answer when you don’t state the question.

  8. haha… this is awesome. i had no idea we were having this impact already. ^_^

  9. Well, I actually think the creator of SUPost is at least doing something interesting in copying Craigslist’s look and feel. Most Stanford marketplaces have all tried to create a new interface, but using an interaction model that people are used to is probably a much better idea.

  10. This is a photo of my flyer for SUPost ( ). I’m the creator of SUPost, and I’m ok with you displaying the flyer! -Greg