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Fascinating question about making $5 million in 10 years

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A few weeks ago, I stumbled across this interesting question on Reddit:

If you had to make $5 million over the next 10 years, how would you do it? The answers were fascinating.

How people on Reddit would make $5 million

It’s amazing how quickly people turned down the dark alley of anguish and moral depravity. It’s like there are no legitimate ways to increase your income. Nope, you’ve got to sell your soul and become a corrupt politician or drug dealer.

Me in my NYC apartment

Why do we think this way?

I’ll share my thoughts tomorrow. But first, imagine you were in a similar, more realistic situation.

Let’s say you needed an extra $10,000 next month. Maybe you needed it to pay for an awesome once-in-a-lifetime trip to Australia…or you wanted to cover a few months of living expenses while you looked for a different job.

If you had to get your hands on an extra $10,000, how would you get it?

Leave your answer in the comments below. I want to see if you can do any better than the people on Reddit.

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  1. I would start courses on Udemy and write non-fiction books on Kindle.

    • There are a few things that come to mind

      A. Reselling used cars in west Africa
      B. An online course on personal finance or Sales force
      C. Get into competitions for a number of things
      D. This will not make that much in the short term but list my apartment on Airbnb

    • I agree with you Mark. Build a Kindle empire. Also, consider an Amazon FBA strategy

    • Male Anak Niyur Link to this comment

      Dear All, I am looking for someone from all parts of the world who would like to join/partner with me to kickstart the International Cooperative Conference in 2017 at Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. I am looking for those of you from the USA, Canada, Europe, South America, Africa, India, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and others. It is a million dollar project and I can raise money and grant from the Malaysian government. Lets us connect with one another.

      For your information, I am currently sitting as Board Directors for three cooperatives in Malaysia. Anyone interested to connect with me, please email me at Coop is one way we can make more than $10,000 per month.

    • Unfortunately this will not make you millions , but it can give you a financial boost to start something that could generate millions. Like real estate investing

    • I love your advice to entrepreneurs.

      I liked a lot your advice to get out of debt, the first step to become rich 😉

      I have created an easy to use decision tree based on that:

      I hope you all like it!

  2. Easy – helping people work 100% remotely in their current jobs. You keep adding value to your company and you keep your current salary + benefits, but you gain an extra 3-4 hours a day to:

    – Spend time with your family and loved ones
    – Start a business
    – Pick up a new hobby
    – Travel the world

    • Austin – got any strategies for something that can provide this outcome to multiple entities/ companies? Can I help you do it?

    • I actually just started up a business doing this type of work. I am a mobile work coordinator. I started at the Federal Government and now I help individuals and private companies.

  3. I actually DO need an extra $10,000 in a couple of months to pay living expenses while I go to school. My strategy is to create & sell an online course, something I’ve been working on for a while now. I hope to report back later with a success story. x

    • What kind of course? Have you done the marketing research that this is something people want?

      I see a lot of ‘course-makers’ who dump course after course and barely break even with time vs money. I’d love to see what you’re up to!

  4. HUSTLE ! buy 24 bottles of water for 4€ and sell one bottle for 1.50€ or buy other things cheap and sell it expensive hustle hustle hustle if you have enough money open a store a bar or whatever invest (forex) but keep hustling never stop

  5. Sell an asset or some depreciating assets.

  6. I would buy an adsense site that already was making a verified 1 to 2 grand per month and was not fully optimized. Then I would pay someone to optimize it and keep it optimized on a monthly basis.

    Then I would rinse and repeat.

    Looking forward to others’ comments.

    • How much would such a site cost initially to start and yearly to manage.
      Great Idea.

    • How would this net you $10000 next month? It would actually cost you $20000+ as most websites on Flippa with that type of revenue sell for at least 12+ months income… and that assumes the seller is perfectly honest with his listing.

      The quickest way to $10k would be sales.

  7. I’ll get a loan from the bank or borrow money from a lot of friends. I was in a situation where I needed 2000 euro in 2 days. I had a friend who helped me giving this amount. It is good to have friends with financial possibilities around you.

    • I agree it would be common sense to get a loan, but there is no guarantee you’d get approved for $10000. The other more common sense option would be to ask for help from family, sell some asset, stock options, jewelry or something else that is of value

  8. Easy. I’d open my pop up shop for an entire month rather than my usual 7 to 10 day stint. It’s a lot of work but it would certainly bring in income around that region.

    I have no desire to do that all year round but certainly can and have done for up to 5 weeks at a time without days off.

  9. I would continue reading all these comments until I found the most original suggestion within my skillset

    • This is the most honest response on here. I’m wondering why if everyone has these ideas on how to make $10000 in the the next month, why don’t they just do them and have an extra $10000 in their pocket?

    • @ eric. why you think he gives this excercise?

    • Exactly! I agree with both Anna and Eric.

    • Good answer!

    • This is an excellent tactic.

    • Indeed it is an interesting question about why if everyone has these ideas on how to make $10k in the next month then why doesn’t everyone just go out there and do it?

      It’s somewhat similar to this dream I had of wanting to be a bus driver with a local transport operator. I want to know how it feels like commandeering such a large vehicle, how to use the various equipment on the bus and how it feels like seeing different people go up and down the bus you are driving.

      So I thought I’ll sign up to become a reserve bus driver.

      Then when I looked at the careers page on the website of a local transport operator, they said that all bus drivers need to undergo a full medical examination at a General Practitioner.
      Instantly, my mind thinks that it means getting poked by a needle for a blood test! And I get all horrified about it even though I have gone through blood tests several times before and within minutes of each, I come out feeling fine.

      If I needed the bus driver’s job as a source of earning a living, I wouldn’t even have seen that medical examination as being an obstacle. Instead, I would probably wonder if I could pass the bus driver vocational examination or something along those lines. However, because I don’t need the money from the job, all these other things start to jump out at me and make themselves known.

      One good thing about writing it out, like what Ramit encourages us to do, is that it gives us clarity. If I didn’t dig deeper, I wouldn’t have known why the words “medical examination” appeared so scary. It would just have existed as an emotion. But because I dug deeper I know that it is the needle I fear. And I can tell myself that I have done it many times before and come out ok.

      Kudos to all of us! Actually in our day job many of us are already doing things that requires lots of courage. We are doing public speaking (in front of the management), we are calling clients (who may be angry, scary and bossy) and we have a boss. We have survived through all of them. But that doesn’t mean that we no longer fear them. We just have a bigger reason not to listen to that fear when we are at work and wearing our work clothes in our office.

      However, when we are no longer in that office, no longer wearing our work clothes, instead we are at home in our T-shirt and pants considering the idea of earning some money on the side, the fears start to come out again. And we may be tempted to turn those ideas away at the first sign of fear. However, writing things down helps us see what exactly is it do we fear. And who knows, we may realize that the very thing we fear is something that we are doing regularly at our day job!

    • Thank you Richard for this great story. It helped me a lot.
      Have a nice day!

  10. I would ask myself: What am I good at? AND
    What kind of Value could I offer to others which would result in 10,000 $?

    It’s not really the matter ‘what you do’, but who you do it for and WHY.
    The biggest Secret lies in ‘serving others to achieve their greatness’.