Earn more money this year

Ramit Sethi Ramit Sethi · January 3rd, 2010

This is not "Get-Rich-Quick". Best-selling Author teaches you How To Make More Money on the side using proven strategies not scams. Learn How To Start a Side Business or Increase Salary at Work.


This year, I’ve decided to focus on helping you earn more money.

Last year, I outlined the CEO Model, helping people Cut costs, Earn more, and Optimize Spending.

This year, I want to show you how to earn more money — the #1-requested topic on I Will Teach You To Be Rich.


A real revenue chart from I Will Teach You To Be Rich

And not just an extra $0.50/day using Adsense, but hundreds and thousands of dollars on the side, while you keep your full-time job.

Make More Money: Free tactics, case studies, and psychological techniques

This month, I’ll be releasing a 3-week free course — via blog posts and email — on earning income on the side, targeting your market, psychological barriers to earning more (and how to overcome them), and case studies with specific tactics that others have used to earn significant side incomes.

It’s not just about money — it’s about living a Rich life where you can control your income, not be subject to the whims of a corporate HR department or boss. Use the extra money to tackle your goals. Use the extra income to pay off debt, save more, or spend on the things you love (e.g., trips to Vegas). Run a quick simulation — how much faster would you hit your financial goals if you could earn extra money. Say, an extra $500 or $1,000/month?

Here are some great quotes I’ve collected, which I’ll explore more in upcoming blog posts:

  • I’ve increased my income 3 fold. I’m doing way better in cutting out the unnecessary time wasters (emails, phone calls, and meetings), and am now working on trimming the time fat on my income generated by flesh and blood clients…”
  • “I want to hit the $3,000 per month mark we discussed as soon as possible. I’ll pay for it. I’ll write for you in trade. Whatever. I just want in.”
  • “I want to make about ~$1500-2000/mo short-term so I can walk away from my day job, set my own schedule at home and invest more time in building a high-quality blog as a platform for my business. I realize this will take a long time, and I’m ok with that.”
  • “8 months ago i decided that i would earn more money. First I asked for a 5% raise at work and got it. (This was scary because we had just had 3 rounds of firings.) Then i sat down and figured out what interested me and I could make money doing.”
  • “I wanted to show you how I’ve documented how I manage 2 kids and 2 businesses. My Web consultancy makes $300,000 a year, funding my XX project. And I do it all between 9am and 4pm.”

5 reasons why earning more income is FAR more powerful than frugality

You can’t out-frugal your way to rich. While most personal-finance “experts” focus on cutting costs, that’s only one part of the puzzle to living a Rich life.

Earning more is one of the most powerful strategies you can use. Here’s why it’s more powerful than simply cutting costs:

  1. Most people can’t earn more — so if you can, you win. Because of differences in skill, motivation, and luck, few people ever try to earn more (they just complain about taxes) so if you’re in that small group of motivated people who actually do earn more, you earn the lion’s share of side revenue. Instead, people focus on cutting costs, which is admittedly difficult, but really anyone can do it. If anyone can do something, the rewards are predictably smaller. But when you pick an area to excel in where there’s a built-in barrier to success — like earning more money on the side — the winners usually get disproportionate winnings.
  2. There’s a limit to how much you can save, but no limit to how much you can earn. Think about that — for someone with experience in earning more, it’s far easier to earn $1,000 than to slash $1,000 from your budget (see for yourself using this simulator to balance California’s budget). And more fun.
  3. Diversify your risks. What if you lost your job tomorrow? Would you have another source of income? If not, the odd irony of recessions is that if you lose your job, everyone else is losing their jobs…so there are few jobs available. From reading this site, you know about diversifying your investments. What about diversifying your revenue sources?
  4. The Tuner Strategy. Once you earn your first $1,000, it’s relatively easy to turn the dial to make $1,500, or $2,000, or even more. I’ll cover The Tuner Strategy in more detail over the next few weeks.
  5. Powerful combination of earning more and managing spending. Combine earning more with the automation strategy for saving, investing, and spending that I outline in my personal finance book, and you have a powerful financial combination.

Now I’ll admit, managing your spending behavior is important. If you’re earning $150,000/year and spending all of it, you are a fool. I’ve covered automating your finances and creating a Conscious Spending Plan (not a useless budget) in extreme detail in my book.

But too many people get tunnel vision on cutting costs.

I want to live a Rich life, and that means spending money on the things I love. I want to maintain my basic desires — living in an apartment in San Francisco, being able to eat out with friends, and traveling around to see my family/friends. If you asked me whether I’d rather cut down on those, or spend time earning money so I could live the lifestyle I wanted, I’d answer earn more 100% of the time.

I’ve written about why you should focus on the Big Wins instead of trying to save money on stupid $3 lattes. Earning more is one of the Biggest Wins you can have — especially once you can systematize it so you have a steady, increasing side income.

For those of you who want to earn more money, let’s do it. Let others worry about saving money on small items. You focus on the Big Wins.

Misconceptions about earning more money

While you’re reading this, you might be getting excited about earning money. But what if I asked you, “How can you earn an extra $100 this week?” Suddenly, the excuses start coming out.

Those tips might work for someone, but not me! I’m too (insert excuse here). I’ll do it later.

I want to confront these misconceptions up front because if I don’t, I’ll get 500 stupid comments saying the same things and I’ll end up being guilty of homicide.

Let’s be real: You can earn more income without quitting your job. You can be entrepreneurial without calling yourself an entrepreneur. And you can make more money to pay off debt, save it, or even spend it on things like trips to Vegas or Miami.

Earning more is about more than the money. You can free up time to do things you really love, including leaving your own job (if you want) or taking vacations and watching income continue to roll in.

You can build a network without being a “networker”: Two of my freelancer friends received multiple full-time job offers this year and turned them down, preferring to make more (and work on more interesting work) on their own. I’ll show you how.

I’ve helped friends:

  • Identify skills they could easily use to start a side-business
  • Use my email and negotiation scripts to win clients & increase their  freelance hourly rate
  • Deal with problem clients
  • Prioritize what’s important and what’s a waste of time
  • Productize knowledge and scale income (e.g., a book or Boot Camp)
  • Quit their full-time jobs to work on things they loved

I’ll show you how to do the same, too.

But, a warning

Earning more is an area rife with scammy tactics and empty promises. If you want a silver bullet or super-easy way to earn $5,000/day using SEO, just go away. This isn’t for you.

Earning more is also rife with psychological issues, most of which deal with getting out of your own way and confronting your own barriers. We’ll cover some psychological aspects of earning money, as they are central, yet often invisible, when starting out.

Finally, if you want to complain about how these tactics don’t apply to your specific situation, go away. Smart people take broad strategies and specific tactics and apply them to their own lives. Whiners complain about how it doesn’t apply to them. Don’t expect to be spoon-fed.

Want more content on How To Make More Money?

Question for you: What should I cover?

I’ve written most of the stuff, but I still have some open time to cover a few extra areas of earning more. So, 2 questions:

  1. Are you guys interested in earning more?
  2. And is there one specific area of earning money that you want me to cover? (Add SPECIFIC questions below in the comments.)

* * *

[Updated]: The 3-week course on earning more is finished. If you want to learn more about earning more money — with materials, scripts, tactics, and techniques that you won’t see on the blog, join my private Earn1K insider’s list:


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  1. I am definitely interested in earning more. Im pretty sure everyone else is right now also because they are all fired up about 2010…

    I like what you said about systematizing and automating side income, so can you cover automation in more detail? I know automation will take work, but the payoff will be great!

  2. I will look forward to your posts in 2010! I love this quote:

    “You can’t out-frugal your way to rich.”

    That is so true. This may sound like blasphemy to most personal finance bloggers but IMO its a huge waste of time to spend so much time on minutia trying to save $50 here and $100 there.

    This is especially true for anyone who has really dedicated themselves to trying to increase their earning potential because when you sit down and calculate how much your time is really worth even in terms of opportunity cost then all of that effort for one time savings is actually losing you money because you are taking time away from increasing your income and actually creating long term wealth for yourself.

    I also like your advice about how it is OK to be an entrepreneur “on the side” while still working your full time job. I work 100% full time for myself but when I talk to others that are considering “taking the plunge” I always caution them to not make too drastic of a change right away but to just keep their day job and then work an extra 40 hrs on their side job until they can test out the validity of their business model (I wrote something along the same vein for a guest post for Matt Jabs a while back: http://www.debtfreeadventure.com/is-entrepreneurship-riskier-than-employment/ ) – Joel

  3. Andrew Brown

    Definitely interested in making more money in 2010. I dont know a whole lot of people who aren’t.

    I was lucky enough to get set up with a new job that will allow me to make an ok living, heading into 2010. OK, meaning i can cover my basic expenses, save a little, spend a little, and not have to eat ramen noodles everyday. It also allows me the time i need to work on other projects outside of work, during daylight hours.

    The challenge I’m facing now is: i can’t decide which path to take to start bringing in the extra dollars. Unfortunately for me – depending on how you look at it – I have more than one passion in life, and i find myself drawn in many different directions when it comes to choosing one path that i would like to follow. I understand that i dont have to do everything at once. Some of them, i have determined wouldn’t be good for making long-term dollars, so i choose to keep them as only hobbies. I just want to avoid chasing too many rabbits and ending up with none. How would you tackle this challenge of whittling down my options?

  4. 1. Are you guys interested in earning more?
    Yes! Definitely!

    2. And is there one specific area of earning money that you want me to cover? (Add SPECIFIC questions below in the comments.)
    How to come up with a good idea and effectively/efficiently test the idea.

    I came up with the idea of doing freelance bookkeeping (I’m studying accounting now) with encouragement from lecturers. But now that I’ve setup the company, built a website, submitted my business details to yellow pages/online directories, I’m still not getting any business. From reading Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour Work Week, I’ve come to realize that very cheaply testing an idea before implementing it is important. The company registration costs, domain name, logo design, etc. are sunk cost to me now… but I want to keep trying until I develop additional income/revenue streams before I graduate and, potentially, get bogged down in a job just because I need the money to survive.

    Thanks in advance for your 3-week course!

  5. I’m pumped you are focusing in this direction in 2010. I’ll be refreshing my RSS reader every couple of hours hoping for more. 🙂

    I’m most interested in:

    Even more time management (action focused)
    Psychologically treating your business as a ‘business’.
    Overcoming mental barriers that keep you from monetizing to full potential.

    Selfish? Maybe. But these are really my biggest hurdles, and the last 2 seem to affect more people than they themselves realize. 🙂

    Pumped to see what 2010 looks like here.


  6. This is great, I was hoping for something like this. Thank you so much, basically I’m interested in any kind of income that’s not based not a main job that I’m scared to lose.

    I’m very interested in this!

  7. THIS is what the title of this blog is al about. Up until now, 90% of the tips have been about “how not to be poor”, and while the content was interesting, it was nothing new (for me at least).

    I’m really looking forward to this series. If I can get just $1000/mo on the side, that would change things dramatically.

  8. This is a great focus for 2010. For people trying to get out of debt there is no better way to pay of debt than to earn more money.

    I talk a lot on my site about getting a second job to pay of more debt. Many people hate the idea of working more than they already are, but I think that it is a great opportunity. Not only will you make extra money, but you will have less free time to spend your existing money.

    The best advice I have for someone looking for a second income is to go do something you enjoy doing. You might be working your primary job out of necessity because it is good money. But with a second job you have more freedom to try things that are fun. Let’s say you like baseball. Have you thought about getting a part-time job at the ballpark?

    So, I look forward to your 2010 articles.

  9. 2. And is there one specific area of earning money that you want me to cover? (Add SPECIFIC questions below in the comments.)
    How to come up with a good idea and effectively/efficiently test the idea.

    I am a professional full-time CG/3D artist.
    I have thought about creating stock content ( 3d models and textures ) for stock websites. These generally charge around 40-50% to carry the models and sell them.
    I can also write web articles, do portuguese-english and english-portuguese translation or simple graphic design tasks.
    Could you please go over these ideas, tell me which you think is best, or provide alternative ideas?


  10. Hey Ramit,

    I’m planning to transition away from my job to work on my website this year, so I’m definitely interested in how to earn more income from it.

    I’d like the psychological stuff, because I’m a first time entrepreneur. I was never raised with an entrepreneurial spirit and have been a wage-slave all my working life, so I need this attitude adjustment badly. 🙂

    I’m also fond of detailed how-tos, complete with resources and scripts. You do a lot of this stuff already so I don’t think I need to explain more except to say keep doing it. 🙂

    For me the most difficult specific topic to consider is taking a product from beginning to finish: brainstorm to creation/production to launch process to automating the process afterwards. Seeing some detailed step by step examples, especially with digital information products, would really help. (Also, details on where and how to get your digital info products turned into physical products would be nice too.)

  11. Ramit,
    This is what makes you different from the cookie cutter financial planner guys; that you can see both the potential for more and the need to be responsible in spending it. I especially like the point that there is a limit to what you can save from you current income but no limit to your ability to increase it. I’ll keep reading in 2010!

  12. Earning more is the only way to living a rich life.

    I’d like to read more about how you earn more by scaling up instead of spreading your time too thin. It’s great to earn more, but if all you are doing is working, then you’re not enjoying life.

    I’m not talking about getting rich quick, I’m talking about proper business modeling. Leveraging other people’s time and money in order to not only earn more money, but be able to use your TIME wisely as well.
    You can always earn more money… you can never earn more time.
    Looking forward to your thoughts on this.

  13. Ramit,
    I love that this is the direction your taking. I recently have read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and the Four Hour Work Week and have convinced myself this is I want to be doing.

    I actually love my job and don’t wouldn’t want to leave it right now even if that was an option. But because of it I need to be able to earn my extra income at odd times and I can’t promise I won’t be away on a trip any given week. I assume this isn’t a unique problem and hopefully this is something you will be talking about!

    I’m excited to see what you have in mind, but I have to warn you I’m not waiting up for you. I am already on my way to trying some ideas!

  14. <> (from Sumeet)

    While true, please remember that rich people are people that know “how not to be poor”. Would you rather learn to walk the high-wire without a safety net, or exercise how to walk the high-wire with a safety net?

  15. Love the new direction Ramit!

    Already working on a few ideas of my own, but I’d be interested in reading your take on freelancing/blogging and how you can scale it to earn more without eating all your time away.

  16. I was going to write some long, thought-out comment. I deleted it. Instead, here are my thoughts:

    Let’s do this.

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  18. Great post; I can’t wait to read this stuff. I’m particularly interested in learning ways to overcome psychological barriers.

  19. I am already earning a decent amount on the side, but to make the leap to leaving my day job, i have to earn enough to pay for the benefits – health insurance and business insurance are the two big ones. I can continue plugging away on slow growth, and will do so regardless, but if i can make a big enough jump in the side earnings to handle those expenses, things will snowball – if i leave my day job, that’s 40+ hours more per week to focus on the “side” job. I’d like to accelerate getting to that point – how to take an existing, moderately successful side biz to the nest level.

  20. I’m psyched to learn more about generating some extra on the side. In particular I’d like to see a focus on SELECTING what to do. I feel like I read a good deal about implementation of an idea, but not much about how to pick one if you’re unsure of which direction to go.

  21. I would love to learn how to earn more. I’m earning $300-500/month as a side income through blogging. But I feel like most of that income has been through dumb luck instead of thorough plan that I executed well.

  22. 1) Definitely, yes.
    2) How does this work w/ entry-level students, or those without employment or source of income? I’m a grad student focusing all efforts on a masters, trying to break in a tight teaching market, and though I love reading your posts daily, I still don’t see how I can make it work for me. 🙁

  23. 1. Do I want to earn more? Yes.
    2. I have a number of skills: tutoring (I teach English), music (I COULD teach piano), and painting. I need help with advertising and building a client base.

  24. I’m very excited about the “earning more” content. This will be a big, crazy year for me and I’ll need all the stability and back-up plans I can get my mitts on.

    One specific issue I’d love to see you tackle is how to choose between several good ideas, if it ever works to try a few different things at once, and how to know when to say no. (I guess it’s pretty obvious what *my* problem is, heh.)

    It’s because of good advice like yours that I make any “side-money” at all, and what I made ($2500 extra in 2009) has really saved my butt this year. (I wish it was more, but I’m a crap marketer…I suppose marketing small one-man-operation businesses would be another really good topic!).


  25. rackgen

    1) Yes
    2) I second cheska on this. You are not spoon feeding, but definitive examples do help.


  26. Definitely interested.

    I specifically interested in:
    * Niche keyword marketing for affiliate sales (is this worthwhile – seems like the idea should work but finding lucrative niches is EXTREMELY difficult)
    * Monetizing blogs
    * Tips for product brainstorming
    * Tips for getting products to market
    * etc.

    Very excited!

  27. Hey Ramit,

    In order to earn more money, you first have to give yourself permission to do so.

    Simultaneously the hardest and easiest hurdle to overcome. But if you picture yourself earning the money, and giving yourself permission to do so (it stops being an abstract idea and turns into a concrete potential reality), then you get out of the way to make more money.

    Great stuff Ramit. I’m excited that you’re offering this course for free. Very generous and super cool of you – but I expect nothing less from you.

    I’d love to learn more about tools for automation.

    Just like the personal finance automated system you lay out in your book, what websites and services do you use that help you to automate the business side of things: shipping or digital delivery, invoice, shopping cart, order processing, marketing… whatever.

    Hope your holidays rocked and looking forward to the Sethi-awesomeness,

  28. I realize that most big money opportunities are going to require a lot of time to build up to making money, as your chart above shows for this site, but I’d like to see opportunities to produce immediate results in the first few months, even if those results are modest.

    Also, I’d like an emphasis on the side money being supplemental income, rather than a replacement for current job.

  29. Of course I’m interested in earning more extra money…I just wonder if my best option is through the sort of stuff that will be discussed in this course.

    When you asked what I would have to do to earn an extra $100, the answer was easy: work $100 worth of overtime. I am lucky to be at a company that pays time and a half OT in an industry where most people at my level get nothing. Sure, our base salary is lower but if you estimate the overtime earned by working the same hours as people at other firms, we come off at least as well–and we don’t feel bad about staying late since we are actually getting paid for that time.

    I could look at other entrepreneurial ways to earn more, but I wonder if it is a good idea. Overtime pay gets the same deductions as regular pay so it increases my 401k contribution (and thus increases my employer’s maximum match). Unless I can beat my time and a half (or double time after a certain point) wage, is there any reason to look anywhere else for extra money?

  30. I’m working on this area myself, and have run into a few stumbling blocks/questions:

    -What if what you’re doing on the side is very similar to what you do at your 9-5 job? Conflict of interest issues. Also, psychological challenges: it’s hard to set up shop as a freelancer or contractor and know that your colleagues will find out and JUDGE you.

    -Psychological issues: I think some people are reluctant to be entrepreneurial about their income, since it might sound like ‘taking a second job’ which has a negative connotation in, say, middle-class America.

  31. Hey Ramit,

    I’m interested in learning how to create an almost entirely automated online side business that will earn a few thousand dollars per month of passive income. More specifically, I’d like to learn how to test out product ideas too see if a market exists and then work with wholesalers and distributors to bring it to fruition. Ideally the business would not require more than a few hours per week after the initial time spent setting it up. This is obviously the model suggested by the 4 Hour Work Week, but I’d like a few more specific details and step-by-step guidelines for the beginning portion of the process. Looking forward to reading your upcoming posts

  32. Paul Williams

    Hi Ramit,

    I’ve wanted to start a real business for a while. I’m a talented software engineer, and can produce quite a bit of quality output by moonlight. Most of my prior clients don’t have technology problems, they have strategy problems, which I can also help solve by driving brainstorming. I’ve tried a few times, and failed for the following reasons:

    1) Finding new clients is hard. I’m a technologist, not a particularly good “schmoozer”. My prior clients have come via one or two “schmoozer” friends who hooks us up. There’s really not enough volume there to drive a real business. How can I find clients without feeling greasy?

    2) Finding quality clients is hard. Usually, the work dries up after the client’s idea has been fleshed out enough to discover there wasn’t enough traction. How can I qualify clients to know which have real value?

    3) Determining pricing is hard. Sure, my day job company bills me out at $200+/hr, but nobody wants to pay that (or even half of that) for freelance work. How does one research what your market will bear?

    Thanks for offering to help understand the issues.

    ~ Paul

  33. Dorothy

    I’ve earned extra money on the side catering events for friends/acquaintances. I’d really like to turn this into a more consistent and profitable ‘business,’ but I’m struggling with figuring out what is reasonable to charge for the services….it’s a lot of work, but I enjoy it.
    I’m hoping to leave my current job soon to move and, although I’m spending a great deal of time to make sure I’m the most marketable I can be, I’d really like to have to reassurance that I can be in charge when looking for a job and not get desperate. I’m really interested in expanding this and other potential side-income possibilities.

  34. Adam Andries

    As soon as I saw this post title, I was foaming at the mouth.

    I definitely want to earn more income, I would say that even an extra $200 a month would make an enormous difference in meeting my financial goals.

    I’d really like for you to cover identifying what skills you have and how to turn them into side income. Please focus on techniques or step by step methods of finding what you’re good at.

  35. First of all, sorry for my poor English. I’m from Spain.

    I’ve recently discovered your blog and it has me totally hooked. I think the hardest thing to do when trying to make new incomes is to break some important mental barriers and to figure out how to start. It would be great if you could point out some tips addressing this.

    By the way, do you want to expand your blog niche to the third language in the world (that is Spanish of course)? If so, do not hesitate to contact me 😉

  36. Yes – Always interested in learning about how to earn more money.

    As for the area, I’m always interested in learning how others are making money online.

  37. I agree that the return from earning more is far greater than cutting cost, but for many people saving cash and paying off debt (even increasing monthly payments by just 10%) will have a profound effect on their income.

  38. Can’t wait for this!

    Truthfully, my problem is figuring out what the heck I can do – I promise I’m not making excuses! I’ve read all of your previous advice in regards to making money on the side and I’ve read 4 Hour Work Week (loved it), but still can’t figure out what I’m able to do.

    I was a Business Administration/Marketing major in college and have worked in sales for the past 3 years post-college.
    I don’t have these crazy skills that others have in graphic design, building websites, writing codes, etc. nor does my job provide me with transferable skills like an engineer being able to read/create drawings, for example.

  39. I’m like Katrina above – wasn’t brought up/exposed to business know-how but am interested now. I think my barriers are psychological and ideas.

    Topics I’d like to see covered include
    – how complete does the plan/idea need to be before trying it out?
    – how to tweak an idea once it’s out there
    – when to bail on something that isn’t working (or knowing how long to try one method of marketing, etc. before trying another)
    – record keeping so the IRS won’t call it hobby income vs biz income

  40. 1. Yes I am definitely interested in earning more.
    2. I would appreciate an emphasis on how to do this without having to resort to the scammy tactics and empty promises. I realize that earning more is rife with these, but for those of us who don’t want to travel down that path, I hope there are some lessons that can still be taken away from this.

  41. Definitely excited for this series. Even though I get paid well at a job I love, I’ve been thinking about taking on a second part-time job just so I could save more money for my goals quicker.

    Would love to hear how you balance such money-making activities with all the other priorities in your life.

  42. Hi Ramit,

    I do want to earn more money, in fact over the past year I doubled my income (and managed to almost quadruple it for a couple of months).

    However, family life has gone through the floor, and I’m no longer enjoying what I do (the craft I do enjoy, but not the way I’m doing it now).

    I’m a perfectionist, but not to the point of never delivering something until it’s “perfect”, so I’m struggling with outsourcing. I’m currently outsourcing to two providers, but I just feel anxious to dive in to their work and fix all their “mistakes”…

    So my question is, do I search for providers that have the same level of “attention to detail” as myself, or do I just let it go? If the latter, how? 🙂

    And I’m also interested in balancing priorities, like Rebecca above.


  43. Manzoor


    I am definitely interested in earning more. a lot more.

    I recently spoke with an entrepreneur and he mentioned that you don’t need a unique idea. Its all about Execution.

    Can you please provide your thoughts on effective execution techniques?


  44. Looks like a great few weeks ahead!

    Could you cover how to start your own business?
    Or even smaller scale, how to start a good ‘muse’? (As Tim Ferriss calls it)



  45. Michael

    Need help with my psychological barrier – I don’t live in a large metro (pop. ~50,000) so there aren’t as many opportunities for success. What can I do to be successful in a smaller town?

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  47. My questions are mostly about how to build a client base. I have two freelance jobs at the moment, but in a way I feel like luck had a big role in both opportunities (of course hard work did, too, but that came after the luck part). So…

    * How do I find more freelance writing/editing clients?
    * How do I approach prospective clients in the most effective, concise manner?
    * How do I offer editing services to someone who needs it without insulting their grammar skills?
    * What is the best way to determine rates?
    * Do I need a business plan?

    Also very interested in writing my own blog and developing my own products, so that should freelance work ever slow down, I’ll have something of my own that can help fill in income gaps. It seems ridiculous that I get paid to write for other blogs and sites and yet I have nothing of my own out there.

    Sorry to have to send it via e-mail, and I also apologize if somehow my comment ends up posting 20 times on the blog!

  48. “Yes! Yes! Yes! I am ready to start earning more right now. I am in the process of developing a website showcasing and marketing what I have to offer… as well as the services of other professionals I can personally recommend.

    My biggest need is to solve the following dilemna: I’m a sucker for entrepreneurs and startups who by definition have no money, and I so want my clients to succeed that I give away my services for a fraction of what they’re worth.

    When I figure in the time I spend researching and perfecting what I produce, I actually lose money (including wages from my full-time job), time and energy on every deal.

    I know part of the solution is to create “templates” so that I’m not starting from scratch every time.

    But the most important part is to figure out what my services are truly worth, and then work with clients who can and do pay for them – unless there’s some other benefit to the project. But they can’t ALL be charity cases!”

  49. Hey Ramit,
    My first comment here. Thanks for an inspiring post. Yes, earning more is a priority for me. No doubt.

    My biggest struggle is the psychological side of it. I’m unsure how to turn skills I have into income producing assets. Worse, despite bouts of excitement/motivation/confidence, my self-esteem is killing my progress in a consistent, cyclical way.

    I think if I were more confident about making it happen, the paths to more income would appear. That being said, addressing/overcoming the psychological barriers to making more money would be of greatest help to me.

    I can say this, though…I don’t whine and I don’t make excuses. I’m ready to be a case study for your methods, and I’ll commit right now to going big.


  50. Ramit,

    could you also cover some of the risks involved? How does one mitigate the risks without incurring huge legal fees? Could you provide a basic template for contract/freelance work?


  51. 1. hells yea!
    2. monetizing skills vs products. i’m visual, so i’d like to see a chart of pros/cons of each or how each is handled during all of the stages of development. i’ve got a few ideas for each.


  52. Great idea Ramit! I’m primarily interested in doing side gigs while working for a large company that forbids it in the employment contract.

  53. From, “The Tuner Strategy. Once you earn your first $1,000, it’s relatively easy to turn the dial to make $1,500, or $2,000, or even more. I’ll cover The Tuner Strategy in more detail over the next few weeks.” it would be nice to see a list of things people have already done to make their first $100, $500, or $1000 in side income that don’t lend themselves to “turning the dial”.

    Of particular interest would be things that aren’t able to be made into a side career. Not along the lines of “sold item x on eBay”, but along the lines of how someone met someone else, talked to them, and satisfied an immediate (not long term) need for a profit (I guess this is a form of marketing for a highly personal skill set).

    Bonus points if there are scripts, etc, for how to start such a conversation with the small business owners in your city/town/village! Examples might be, I’m a(n): accountant, web programmer, network engineer, craft maker; and how to start and lead a conversation in the direction of finding out if my particular skill set would help that person in some way.

  54. Ramit,

    I am most definitely interested in learning how I can help myself earn more in the new year.

    After reading your book, I realize that my primary goal is paying off my debt and my secondary goal is saving for things that I love to do.

    I am 24 years old, working full-time as an investment adviser trainee and attending school full-time. I am worried that my busy schedule will limit my options for extra income. I would like to be able to identify where I can earn more without sacrificing my sanity and (hopefully) sleep.

  55. I’d like to learn more about earning money by doing consulting/freelance work in my area of major professional expertise (for me, in biology).

  56. Hi Ramit,

    This is timely as I am working on finding what Tim Ferriss calls a “muse” business that I can automate. I am currently in a service industry. My income is dependent on whether clients make timed appointments. I have some questions about figuring out what kind of salary to pay yourself and how to manage taxes.

  57. Bring it on! You mentioned several bullet points of what you’ve helped friends do. Specifically, I’d like to see something on turning identified skills into side income. That’s the first step, and it seems like it would be the hardest (but I don’t know, because I haven’t quite gotten past it).

  58. Thomas Brown

    I think the hardest part for me is coming up with the idea for the side business. I would like to hear about how you formulate an idea then develop that idea and get it off the ground. Also, maybe even some tips on out of the box thinking about how to convert jobs from local to remote.

  59. I am very interested in earning more money. I’d love to know more about how to identify my skills to turn side income and how to negotiate with potential clients.

  60. Ever since I started reading your site, I’ve been working off the same principle and trying to earn more instead of just cutting costs everywhere. It’s done me a lot of good, even though I’m just in college. I also have to say it’s been a huge comfort and made me feel more confident; I’m not completely nerve-wracked like some of my peers over getting a job after college because I know I can at least afford the bare minimum and won’t have to move in with my parents. I’m beginning to look into how I can make this even more profitable, so I look forward to reading more!

  61. Love reading your blog because it incorporates psychology into personal finance. The psyche is a big factor in the way we behave in regards to finance. We’d all be surprised by the subtle ways we lose control at times due to unconscious actions. Someone we know is adamant about cutting costs on food, but when it comes to clothes, the sky is the limit. This person probably doesn’t even realize that their frugality light goes off when it comes to clothes, but it totally happens. At least you are cognizant of what kind of lifestyle you want and the income it takes to sustain it.

    By the way, I loved this quote: “Finally, if you want to complain about how these tactics don’t apply to your specific situation, go away.”

  62. I’m thrilled to see the new focus of your blog for this year. And of course I’m interested in earning more money—because it’s hard to be frugal when you barely have enough to get by on anyways.

    Any chance you could provide some tips directed at college students like myself? I work two part time jobs of about 10/hr a week each (minimum wage) and the rest of my income is financial aid, etc. Needless to say, ends barely meet. But I struggle with finding the time to take on more work AND keep my grades up in school. Any advice your blog can give would be excellent. Thanks!

  63. Ramit, thanks for sharing your ideas! I’m definitely interested in your take on ramping moonlighting income. I grossed about 6k from my side business last year, and I’m planning to ramp it to >20k this year.

    Key concerns? Time management and effective scaling are my biggest concerns. At the moment most of my income is from hourly consulting, which pays well, but doesn’t scale, especially when doing it on the side.

  64. Okay…listening. Bring it on.

  65. Michael

    Ramit, I hate to ask this, but gotta wonder. When do you give up on an idea? Been working on several side projects lately–some have borne fruit and some haven’t. How do you decide that a project just won’t work versus when it just needs more time and effort to perfect and spread enough?

  66. Hey Ramit,

    I have to say that a lot of people usually try to transition from what they do at their current corporate jobs (because that’s where their skills lie) and figure out how to do it on their own. So maybe you can cover that in the upcoming articles? Also, how to draw the line between giving away your knowledge vs making money from it.

    Happy this is your focus for 2010 🙂

  67. In early 2009 I did manage to land a nice freelance contract, but it’s not led to any new work (yet). While this was all great, and paid for a few things the hassles involved in completing the whole process was frustrating, and made me NOT want to deal with any more freelance work.

    Billing was a pain, the client kept getting ‘free’ advice though lots of phone and email contacts. Simplifying it to the point where you are comfortable with picking up the work without extra aggravation seems to immediately offend many potential partners for trying to “bill like a lawyer”.

    Where’s the balance? A $2.5k contract was nice on paper, but I probably got less than min wage with the total time surrounding it.

  68. Ramit, I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us. I’m particularly curious to see what you have for the professionals, like lawyers and doctors, who have student loan payments that look like mortgages and jobs that leave us with very little extra time. I’d love to get some side project ideas that suit my skill set and lifestyle.

  69. Great Post. I picked up your book on a whim last year right before I graduated college and hit the “real world.” I was lucky enough to land a job straight out of college making pretty good money. The advice and strategies you provided in the book and on the blog have helped me automate most of my finances; however, I’m hungry for more.

    I’m most interesting in diversifying my income. I’m not trying to be the next bill gates, but an extra $2K-$3K per month would be nice. I’m looking forward to see what you have in store for 2010!

  70. RoadToFinancialFreedom

    I think earning more is one of the greatest ways to start saving more money. I recently quit a restaurant job where I was lucky to earn $1000/mo. Now I earn $1135/biweekly in my law enforcement job. Since I just received my Masters degree the pay will go up shortly. I am learning to manage the funds that I have now so that extra money can go into my emergency savings fund. I will also be receiving 3 more bonuses of $500/each. These will also go into the EF along with the money I get back from taxes this year. The goal is $6000. This change of occupation will also help me pay off my credit cards before summer and start fresh. I am currently paying 3 times the minimum. It is a wonderful feeling. Since my current car is giving me so many problems I am going to splurge on a new car that will last me for many many years. I am interested in a Honda Civic right now. Time will tell. This year I will begin saving more, open a ROTH IRA, and start my 6 month EF.

  71. Oh man! I SO want to earn more.

    Here’s where I need help: I’m a hard worker and I have a good head for numbers and people, but I’m definitely not creative. I just need help coming up with an idea or two that (1) I can implement, (2) is scalable, and (3) that gets me excited enough to follow through (really, I’m pretty sure that 3 will follow from 1 & 2).
    For me, getting past the planning stages is the key

  72. […] Get taught how to be rich, get your mind right! http://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/blog/earn-more-money/ […]

  73. Hey Ramit,

    Great post on the importance of earning more.

    I’d love to hear about how you started your career as a public speaker and the development of your personal finance seminars.

    Out of curiosity, did you start your “I Will Teach You to Be Rich” seminars before your blog? Or, was it the other way around?

  74. Yes I am interested. Ready and willing to make it happen.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  75. Hey Ramit,

    In addition to telling us about how you started out, do you mind talking about the pros and cons of becoming a personal finance speaker?

  76. I am interested in writing an e book, but I do not know where to

  77. 1. How do you get first client?

    2. How do you grow biz by partnering w others? I have a hard time w this, want to do it all on my own. How do you figure out what to delegate & how to collaborate meaningfully?

  78. 1) Totally geeked about this.

    2) Interested in learning your best practices for producing income from a blog/website other than subscriptions. I had one which had over a million uniques after a few years but I feel short maximizing the income-side (never made any more than a few thousand a year from it)

  79. Anastasia

    Hello Ramit
    This is a great. I have been reading your site for months now. Have automated most of my finances and have really tried to create a value based budget. I am in alot of educational debt from grad school and despite cutting costs I cant save anymore while trying to pay down my debt. I have done some consulting gigs on the side to make more money and they took up a lot of my time with not enough money per time I invested (only saw this in retrospect).

    I have lots of skills and loves. I think most of them would require face to face work time. However, I would like an analysis tool to help me discover which ones would be best devoted to a side business. Secondly, I would like to know how to find a market for my business. Thirdly, would like to know how to find clients and what to charge them. Finally, would like to know how to estimate how long a job will take so that I can take the ones that are highest yield for me. The best side gig for me would be high yield or 10hrs per week with a steady monthly income of about $400-1000 per month. I am willing to work my ass off for much more than 10hrs/wk but would have to see the return on my time investment.

  80. I’m looking forward to this. A few items I would like to see covered are the benefits of independent contracting vs. working for various companies part time, handling taxes as an independent contractor/consultant, and the nuts and bolts of forming a small company.

  81. Randolph

    Answer to two questions
    (1)I have saved money to the point of being uncomfortable. I am making 1/4 of what I was making 2 years ago. My only option is to make more money. Self employed 23 years and right now is tougher than I had in my first year of business.
    (2) I want to make a down loadable video product or send able through the mail. I like to know what it takes to get copyright for my stuff and how to basically setup the website and promote it so that it can be prosperous on the most shoestring budget possible.

    .I use to be able to make money so easily but I have somehow lost my touch or my thinking is stinking. But whatever the problem is that has held me back must take a hike because I want to be much more comfortable and secure from now on. To put it simply money problems suck.

  82. Answer to your questions.

    1. Yes, definitely.

    2. I with my friend co-founded UgoLearn, an intelligent learning system for school students. We spent our money, made the prototype, wanted to implement in few schools here and in India, but needed more money to develop the product for production-use in schools. Since last year, we have been trying to get first round of funding (both from VCs here and from VC firms in India), but no luck.

    My question is: while we do have great connections at the developer level, we lack the connections at a much higher level — like VCs, VC firms, top tech bloggers etc. How do we build them?

    We succeeded a bit in getting the attention of VC firms in India, but they declined to fund us as their requirement is to fund only companies already making profit. How do we persuade or getting them to fund our idea.

    I know this is more of a general topic, but would love to get your opinion/thought on this as the very first instinct for most of the software developers (like me) is to develop an idea into a product, that can make life easier for few and make more money along the way.

  83. David D

    Ramit, great start to the New Year. Of course I’m interested in earning more money. And more than that, I’m ready to work for it.

    I’m particularly interested in the psychological side of this. I was raised seeing my dad work at the office from 9-5 (or 7-7, more realistically).

    I am fortunate enough to have a well paying job and, moreover, I actually currently work from home all week. I know that I have an AMAZING opportunity to earn more money, yet I have a huge psychological barrier towards breaking out of the traditional 9-5 mentality.

    Can’t wait to see where this goes.

  84. Ramit, just wanted to add my thanks and enthusiasm for your new focus. I’ve been waiting for the “earn more” tips for a long time. I do have one small fear though; I already know that I can earn more by doing a lot of crappy things that will offset any happiness I might get from having more money. For example, I could easily just get a part-time job waiting tables at night, or working in retail on weekends. My full-time job already takes up a lot of time, and time is probably my most precious resource. I realize that earning more is not free, and that obviously a time commitment will be involved. I’m ready for that. What I’m interested in is identifying the optimum opportunities for earning more that will either 1) take up the least amount of additional time, or 2)Take up time doing things that I enjoy doing. After all, there’s no point in earning more money if it makes me miserable or prevents me from being able to spend that money, right?

  85. Hey Ramit, 2010 spirits are brightening up from dis post.
    Answers to your qstns-
    1. Definitely, Obviously Yes. Am tired of seeing foolish faces on my job who crib about everything and anything and just seem to bother you with their annoyings. So a perfect yes to this question. This will keep me bloody healthy.
    2. My question/problem areas:
    Psychologically training to brain to stick to an idea. How?
    how to test an idea perfectly before implementing it?
    how to know which is the best idea of the lot?
    how to take it from scratch to fruitful implementation?

  86. Kathleen

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

    How to get over my tendency to be perfectionistic (ie, unable to act) and START something!

    How to embrace the risk of failure (which is necessary to take the leap towards success)

    Also – how to better negotiate a salary in a job you’ve BEEN at for years – not a new job opportunity.

  87. I’m definitely interested in learning more. When you’re at the point (like us) where there are no more pennies to squeeze, you need to earn more instead.

  88. I run a consulting practice, so I’m interested in how a “side” business might work when I’m already putting a lot of effort into growing my main income. In particular, what are your strategies for balancing investing in the next client for the existing consulting business, versus the first client in the potential new side business?

  89. Ramit,
    I’m really looking forward to this topic/focus for 2010. The topic I’m most interested in are ways to get into the right mind-set and convince potential clients for those first sales, and how to keep that momentum going.

  90. You can make an extra $0.50/day using Adsense?!

  91. This is EXACTLY what I’ve been waiting/hoping for you to cover! I think my main problem in starting a side business is the same as anyone starting any business – how to get started? Especially with a side business since I have to spend however many hours a day as a wage earner in the office. How do you find clients and spread the word and market the side business without as much time? I would like to somehow get in to copywriting as a side venture, and hopefully develop it in to a full-time thing later on but just can’t give up my day job at the moment. Thank you!

  92. YES! I’m down! I’m planning on quitting my job in six months and have a business to start, but I will need to make money while I’m getting things going. Might as well start now!!!

    Count me in!

  93. I’m an engineer, so I’m especially interested in money-earning tips for those of us in more technical fields. I always hear about consulting and writing, and you’ve given some good examples of people that have freelanced for you, Ramit, but I want to know how I can use my strong and unique technical skills on the side. Starting up a “mechanical engineering” side business doesn’t seem nearly as easy as freelance writing, for example, although it would seem to be a far more niche market. What can you recommend for technical folk like me?

  94. How can I use the network I’ve built over the years to promote my new side business without exploiting or alienating the professional contacts I’ve relied on in my primary job for years?

  95. I am really looking to find a way to make my own business out of all the free help I give friends and family re: computer stuff. I have been in the industry since 1996 and just don’t have the confidence to branch out on my own. I am currently a Software Integration Engineer with a gaming company in Vegas. I just wan tot move back home to the NYC/NJ area and fix computers. I know I have the skills, I even have my LLC. I just need the confidence. Thanks Ramit, for helping me open a door.

  96. In terms of specifics, I’m intersted in
    1.) how to “productize” knowledge and how to develop and distribute content based on this knowledge that people will pay for.

    2.) How to get your first customers. Marketing strategies that are affordable and practical than can really translate into an initial client base.

  97. Ramit,

    normally love your stuff but that was a really long post for not having given out any information. YES I want to earn more money but my biggest problem is the how. I am an IT professional and enjoy doing work on the side, and when I do it is very profitable, my problem is keeping that going, I usually do 1-2 side jobs every 6 months or so and each job gets me around $2-300 for around 2 hours of work.

    I would like to be doing 1-2 jobs per week but cant figure out how to get more clients.


  98. Michael

    Topics I would be interested in:

    * What are some ways to actively identify people who will pay for a specific product or service?
    * Are there specific steps you should take to protect yourself legally when doing solo work, e.g. in case you are sued over your work or your product?

  99. Yes! I’m really interested in this topic. I’ve always had a ton of ideas for side projects, but I’d love to know how to pick – how to evaluate which have money-making potential, and which are simply fun creative outlets. Also, how to fit extra money making into a schedule already full with a job and child-care.

  100. I’d like to see a bunch of dealing with problem customers stuff. I serve at a restaurant and I could definitely make more money if I could turn around the people that come in with a foul mood more often.

  101. Ramit,

    I am looking forward to reading more about how to earn more income in 2010. For most people, pretty much everyone I know has a skill or experience that can be used to make more money in addition to whatever jobs they are currently in (if they still have one). The main thing getting in the way is being confident enough to take the first steps. Like you said, most people will make the endless excuses that lead to being stuck in the same situation worrying about how to pay the next mortgage, rent, or bills.

    Keep the postings coming and I look forward to applying your tactics and advice to my life.

  102. Hey Ramit,

    I’m excited about this series and have always been impressed by your blog quality and no-BS advice. I love your mindset and big picture thinking.

    I’ve been talking a lot recently with close friends of mine about earning extra income and marketing our skills outside of our full-time jobs (marketing and design, specifically). As motivated 20-somethings with nothing to lose, we’re all feeling the need to focus our energy and DO something that creates results. So many ideas… things I’d like to see:

    1. Overcoming psychological barriers— Personal attitudes/stumbling blocks, pressures from family, battling the fear of failure, etc.

    Example: Having a mother who was an immigrant to the US and who has a “take the safe job” philosophy about work and doesn’t understand why anyone would give up a steady 9 to 5 to be an entrepreneur.

    2. Focusing a flurry of thoughts/ideas into a concrete action plan. So so many ideas, not enough time. Finding a way to select the best and narrow them down.

    3. This is a can of worms—but—tax savings. Talking about potentially “earning” more by saving $$$ with business deductions.

    Those are the first three I thought of… can’t wait to see what you write.



  103. I’m an introvert and much more of a follower than a leader, a great planner but timid about carrying out plans, and a procrastinator. These are not good traits for increasing income, as my bank account can attest. I’d love some good, concrete examples of how others have overcome these barriers.

  104. Jonathan

    1. Are you guys interested in earning more?

    Obviously. Currently a student therefore I could always use more income.

    2. And is there one specific area of earning money that you want me to cover?

    I have requests in terms of a specific area. But as of now, I think any idea would be a good idea so please just throw them out to us.

  105. I’m glad your focusing on the earning side of the equation this year. I think the income and earning side is so often neglected, when increasing income can have an even greater effect than cutting costs like cable bills, insurance costs/etc.

    Through my online ventures in the past 2 years I’ve been able to increase our family’s income by almost 50%, and it’s amazing how much breathing room that has given us – and the ability to save, give and invest so much more!

  106. Paul Sapiano

    I’d love to earn more aside from my 9 to 5 job. Mainly I’m interested in how to use skills I have to either use as a consultant for non profit databases or through blogs.

  107. DivaLion

    1) Yes I want to earn more!! I’ve reviewed my expenses, cut back where I could, I carry no consumer debt, have no kids, don’t own a house…but I’m still struggling. I love my job, but I can only afford to keep it if I supplement my income (and eventually want to strike out on my own).

    2) I’m also interested in how to legally protect myself as a freelancer, what business structure to choose, etc. I also feel like it’s a block for me to think about handling my accounting if part of my income is salaried and part is freelance– what are the best ways to manage this, particularly with regards to taxes? I also second (third, fourth, whatever!) the interest in how to price services, especially starting out.

  108. Hi,

    one thing I am interested in doing is learning how to evaluate what I already have in the way of skill sets that I can then use to earn more money while keeping the job I have.

    Another question I have is how to address benefits when you are a contractor in a way that lets you earn more money (or at least spend less). By benefits, I mean insurance for health, liability, disability and so on as well as covering time off and other traditional benefits one gets from a full-time job. Can you provide some strategies for giving oneself benefits?

  109. I’m interested in seeing case studies on product development in the most common industries small business owners dive into. Specifically, I’d also like to see what the costs are for the case studies and the time involved.

    1.) Self Publishing / Writing E-Books
    2.) Reselling Products from Wholesalers w/ online shopping cart
    3.) Subscription Membership Website
    4.) Websites that earn ad revenue

    I’ve seen case studies in these areas before, but I think you can do it better Ramit!

  110. Ramit,
    You’re awesome, thank you for sending this today.
    Goals for 2010 are updating and streamlining side business that has been on hold. This year I have the time and want to begin a system, (but not alone!).
    I’ve been debt free for 7 years with low to no overhead. Great job with skills on the side in case job disappears, now all I need is guidance and an automated system.
    Enjoying all the other posts, let’s keep it going!

  111. I’d love to see more about the psychological barriers. Personally I seem to stumble when I read the ‘do what you love’ theories. Perhaps I need someone to kick me in the pants on this one.

    Also – I’m curious to see if you have any comments on how to ensure you don’t end up hating what once used to be a passion. My current business was a passion, that after four years of success has driven me away from what I used to love. It’s a true danger, and one I don’t see addressed a lot.

    I suppose it may be too early to address the issues of success and how difficult it can be to manage growth at a rate that keeps you sane, but in the future something along those lines would be most helpful for the people that make it past the barriers and begin to see the fruits of their labour.

    I’m very much looking forward to these new posts – the timing is excellent for me, and I’m sure many others. Thanks Ramit.

  112. hospodi

    I have clients. Want help to increase hourly rate.
    Also time management and effective scaling.

    “Use my email and negotiation scripts to win clients & increase their hourly rate”

  113. 1. Abso-f*ckin-lutely! 🙂
    2. How do I apply to become a freelance writer if I don’t have any actual nagazine/newspaper articles published? (I have plenty of literary articles and examples). I am an experienced swim instructor, but don’t have my own pool–ideas?

    Thanks! This is a fantastic topic!

  114. I am so pumped you are going this route – I need to learn about affiliate marketing!

  115. Vaishali

    Are you guys interested in earning more? – YES
    And is there one specific area of earning money that you want me to cover? (Add SPECIFIC questions below in the comments.) – My problem is paring down the different things I’d like to be doing to make extra income. Right now, I’m working full time, goign to school part time so if I could create a passive income stream that would generate between $1500-$2000 a month, that would be fantastic. I would be able to finish up my studies and have fun without feeling guilty.

    Also, thank you for the productivity links, I’m slowly eliminating all “psedo-work” items from my calendar so I can get more actual work done.

  116. Barbara Saunders

    I am most interested in a particular psychological challenge. I’ve observed that people like me who were groomed to be professional achievers seem to have particular blocks to letting go of work we can identify with personally. I know that monetizing my expertise in a way that will be liberating means separating that expertise from my time and from getting paid for specific activities, but I have a hard time even envisioning that!

  117. Definitely interested in earning more. Especially on the side while maintaining my fulltime job (for now).

    I’m curious to know more about product development. Both soft copy and actual physical product. For (a random) example… let’s say I come up with a new kind of mouthwash. How do I take my idea, my formula/recipe.. and get that out there. Assume it’s not specifically something that people ingest. Just in general. How do you go from product idea, to finding a place to produce the product for you, etc etc. I’m clueless in that arena and have some ideas.

  118. As an entrepreneur, one of my by biggest barriers to earning more money is charging sufficiently for my products and services. I am often hesitant to make big mark-ups for fear of pricing myself out of a sale, but that means I have to work much harder and longer just to make ends meet.

    I have MBA and accountant friends who try to help me with a lot of theories and formulas, but I find it difficult to wrap my head around them. It would be great to get some real-world tips, examples, or step-by-step guides on how to charge appropriately for my work so that I’m not working myself to death.

  119. Yes please! I am very interested to see where you go with this. I have two specific questions:

    What are your suggestions for someone like me who is working in excess of 70 hours a week (salaried, with a company on a salary freeze) and is having a hard time finding the mental and physical energy to pursue additional income sources when arriving home after 10 p.m. each night? I want to earn extra money but not at the expense of my physical health. I don’t have much “fat” in my schedule right now — I don’t watch TV, spend much time on mindless Internet use, etc. — so at this point I’d be sacrificing sleep or eating.

    Also, I’m an extremely frugal person by nature. One thing I struggle with is, I’ll get a business idea but then realize that, while I think it’s worthwhile and valuable, I personally would not spend money on it. That makes it hard for me to consider selling it to others because I forget that not everyone is as tight with money as I am. Any suggestions for overcoming that mindset?

  120. AubreyW

    I’m on board. I already have an idea for something on the side, have read Ferriss’ 4-hour work week, and am putting it into action.

    Question: Ferriss is great at motivation and philosophy but I’d love to see a step by step plan that I could customize to my situation, plan to and check off as I progress.

  121. Any tips on determining how much to charge for your services would be greatly appreciated! Also any guidance on finding clients that will hire people like us, when those in other countries are so eager to do it for cheaper! Thanks!!

  122. I’m in!
    here are my concerns/questions:
    1. how to narrow down which work to pursue (teaching music privately, counseling, or babysitting OR should i try to pursue all and see which one “sticks”?
    2. How to best market my skills;
    3. should i be blogging and where do i begin? i have thoughts on many things that seem disparate…but that i think wd be of interest to people…
    4. how to fit it all in w/ an already busy schedule

  123. Christopher P

    “Finally, if you want to complain about how these tactics don’t apply to your specific situation, go away. Smart people take broad strategies and specific tactics and apply them to their own lives. Whiners complain about how it doesn’t apply to them. Don’t expect to be spoon-fed.”

    The above is why I love your website. I’m really excited for what you are offering.

    Maybe you can discuss marketing strategies or how to use social media to get a product or service known.

  124. susaninDC

    Sounds great! I would like to know more about how to start a consulting type business without working myself to death. I have 10 years in early childhood education and have the ability to create and pull together all kinds of seminars and workshops – but I don’t even know how to execute the first step (although I can envision the end product). Like others, I think my focus may be too wide, and I don’t want to end up “doing all the work” and basically working all the time!

    So, a little more about the first steps without wearing yourself out…

  125. Beebsie

    More income would be great! But I need help with time managment. With a full time job, and very gratifying (but low pay) part time job, how to I find time for generating another income?

  126. Since my hours recently got cut at my design job, I am looking for profitable opportunities to generate income. Some questions I have are:

    1. Where do I look for work on the side? Who do I contact/where do I start?

    2. My network/area of influence doesn’t have money, so how do I find and tap into other networks that do have money?

    3. How do you balance looking for work/income and actually working/free time?

  127. Bingo! Saving is important, but the real potential lies in the earning. My partner is good on the first, I’m better on the second.

    I am very interested in earning extra to supplement my main job. I have very good technical skills, but not so good business skills. Also, being in my forties, I wonder about the sustainability of my current work, so diversification would be great.

    Also interested in breaking down internal barriers, particularly around risk (being too risk averse).

    Looking forward to seeing where it goes!

  128. Mad keen to earn more cash!

    Some suggestions how to get started without needing set up costs would be very helpful, along with another commenter’s point about whittling down ideas and finding simple ideas to earn more money…

    Just one comment, I only seem to get occasional emails on the mailing list for some reason, I’ll have check the site, I don’t want to miss this!

  129. Am I interested? YES, definitely.

    Specific topics that I would like covered:

    1. Time management: With a 1 year old at home, I hardly find time after my full time job to work on some of the projects I have in mind.

    2. Best way to get the idea to market.

  130. Am I interested? YES, definitely.

    Specific topics that I would like covered:

    1. Time management: With a 1 year old at home, I hardly find time after my full time job to work on some of the projects I have in mind.

    2. As a freelancer, what are the best ways to approach a potential client?

  131. Ramit,

    I just about lost my lunch when I read your post.

    I mean EVERYONE out there is selling the “frugal” cocktail and “save” more cocktail, but rarely does anyone talk about earning more and about the freedom that comes with that.

    I’m now proud to say that I’ve finally been able to earn full time income in 2009 with my businesses and I’m looking to reach 6-figures in 2010 and NO, I’m not going after the $5000/day SEO tricks, but rather establishing myself as an expert in my field and having digital products to support my journey and speaking engagements.

    It’s not easy at first and I think you talking about the “mind roadblocks” is extremely important. I’ve been stuck for years because of fear, uncertainty and axiety at the idea of failing and I’ve finally been able in the last year to change the way I see the world and see challenges and set backs in a whole new light.

    I’ve been reading your stuff here and there, but this post has peaked my attention and I’m looking forward to learn more from you.

    Congratulations for taking people down a road that will serve them in the long run because it’s much harder to save-yourself to the point where you become a millionaire as opposed to earning a lot more and turning those earnings into millions.

    I stand up Ramit and I say BRAVO!


  132. Yes. I am interested in learning more so I can quit my day job (or at least fund more fun in my life)

    Specifically I am interested in identifying skills that I can then develop into a vehicle for creating income.

  133. Hi Ramit –

    After reading your book and following the blog, I took the plunge last year and started really diving into the CEO model. I haphazardly fell into an opportunity that was supposed to be only a couple of hours/week earning more and it’s turned into 20-30 hours/week and I’ve already negotiated 3 increases to my rate.

    My question to you would be how do I know take this project management job that I’m freelancing at and get additional clients without jeopardizing my current full-time job. I’d like to grow this business so I’m billing 40-50 hours/week consistently and then I can consider leaving the 9-5 grind but I need specific tips on how to expand this work.

  134. hi ramit

    i like your angle compared to the myriad of money blogs out there.

    i’ve realized after analyzing and trying to stick to a frugal budget for all of 2009, it is impossible for me to save enough money to live the life i want to live on my current salary and the way my one full-time job progresses (though i did get a 12% raise and also an 11% bonus during 2009, but still not enough money!). and i only foresee larger expenses in the next 10 years (wedding, real estate, kids, etc). so i’m really looking forward to your future posts!

    many of the extra jobs i have taken on have proven to be far more tedious/draining both physically and mentally after my full-time job (which i enjoy). but really, i find that if it is a side job that has nothing to do with my interests or current industry, it is more torturous than worth pursuing or working harder to earn a mere $1000 here or there.

    so, with that said, i was wondering if there are types of additional work people could do that is more automated – yet still creative or design-related. how to set up the automation of it. so, identifying one’s skills in figuring out what could earn more money is something i would be interested in learning more about. but finding a way to automate it or at least make it efficient, too, would be helpful as well.

    another thing that would be great or could be part of the stuff just mentioned would be giving specific case studies (kind of like the money diaries) – in particular with the people who have been able to earn extra on the side or give up their day jobs, etc. but also giving the numbers – how many hours of work done to earn $x amount and how many hours they work in the “full-time” job. how it might not be really “just another job”. lifestyle-wise, is this really feasible or does one end up knitting for 13 hours straight a day, every day? and a variety of industries and amounts earned would be great, too.

    also what are people’s motivation to earn more money? is it just to buy that big house, the vacation, to get out of debt, to jumpstart their new business, etc. what the person learned from experience to make the job more efficient. how much needed to be invested ahead of time. where to find investors? etc, etc.

    thanks, deb

  135. # Identify skills and turn them income side income
    # Prioritize what’s important and what’s a waste of time
    # Productize knowledge and scale income

    Seem like the most interesting points to me. I’d like some encouragement and advice for turning my degree into something that serves me, not some bigger corporation, and I’d like to realize my potential, rather than think “oh but there are so many people out there who are better at this than me” (a big psych. barrier for me). Working out how to price my product or service would be helpful too (another psych. barrier; It seems like too much work and I don’t want to get it wrong…)

  136. I bought your book in August. I live outside of the United States, could you please cover material that is applicable to anyone who is able to get on the internet.

  137. Thanks so much for doing this Ramit!

    I’m definitely ready to earn more money this year. I’m starting a catering company with my mother but aside from that I really want to start generating income from my music and artwork (which are really one and the same)

    Could you possibly talk specifically about your thoughts on making money as an independent musician??

    Thank you!!!

  138. Maria Brilaki

    1. Definitely interested in how to earn more money!!!
    2. Hows could that work for full-time students?
    3. Can you have some suggestions on earning more that are independent of being a US citizen, or a permanent resident in the US?


  139. Sign me up!

  140. Yes, of course I’d like to earn more money. As for my one specific question:

    May we have guidance on earning more money while keeping freedom of time and place?

    As Tim Ferriss points out, this is the key to having enough control to avoid wasting time. I also see it as the key to my ability to travel and pursue other dreams while keeping my income flowing in.

  141. Wow, $500/month more would be awesome. I could pay down some serious debt with that. My question would be that of so many others, that of “What am I qualified to do outsid of my job?” I’m a librarian, with a background as a veterinary assistant/groomer. Not much of a market for that…..
    For those of you earning money with blogs….what on earth do you blog about?



  142. I would be most impressed if you could really show me how to earn money as you’ve stated in your blog! Bring it on!

  143. Hello,

    My partners and I are going to start a trade exchange. We have a win-win idea, all around. We’re so bloody ignorant about how to entice investors partial to Social Entrepreneurship. We’ve heard talk about PRI funding. Please tell! Better yet, please contact me to learn about a sure-fire practical way to reroute the economy. Its intriguing to say the least. We’re doing to do it, can you help?


    Sarah Noyes

  144. YES. Amazing. I’d love so much to read some scripts on how to deal with naysayers. Even though I usually think that people who say things like “well what are you going to do next?” or “do you really think that’s a good use of your skills / time / funds” or “boy… you seem to have a lot of courage in a down economy” will never be helpful, all of their naysaying comments add up psychologically to produce some serious friction. I love the scripts you write and I feel like some punchy one or two liners from Ramit to counter these anti-doers would be inspirational and practical at once.
    You rock.

  145. This sounds great and I’m looking forward to it.

    I’d love to hear about best ways to identify a niche market to capitalize on, rather than going for an area that is hugely flooded with products already… Such as weight loss products. Ie less competition but big and specific rewards.


  146. SmallFry

    I applaud the shift in focus for 2010! Thanks for the tips of last year — I saved nearly $400 a month implementing your strategies.
    My 2010 goal: gain freedom of time and place through financial abundance.
    I’ve been aching to get out on my on for a while. The model I aim for centers around writing daily and generating income from writing what I WANT to write, not what my full-time and contract employers pay me to write. I have done some preliminary ground work on three online-based writing scenarios, but I always seem to get stuck when trying to reconcile doing what I want to do and am already qualified to do with what seems likely to generate meaningful amounts of side income.
    Having skimmed the comments above, in terms of needs, I echo: Katrina-10, David-20, Chris-28, Lynnor-39, Josh-53, Sarah-102 #2, DivaLion-07 #2, AnitaNomad-140.
    Any guidance much appreciated!!!
    Here’s to a great year ahead of higher earning power!

  147. 1. I would like very much to make more money.
    2. My particular need might not translate well to as broad an audience as you have. To be brief:
    I am a public employee; I work in local government. I am a smart and capable generalist–which makes me quite good at my job–but I have grave difficulty identifying a particular skill of mine that could be used to start a side business.
    My highest priorities are skillset identification and broad guidance on how one works in the private/for-profit sector.

  148. Heather

    Many of these posts discuss websites/blogs/freelancing…

    What about the long road to acquiring an specialty education that results in more pay? The Millionaire Next Door discusses the financial disadvantages of many years of postgraduate education (increased educational debt, up to a decade of deferred retirement savings, etc), in spite of the increased income potential.

    I am finally at a place in life where income potential has increased drastically due to specialized education (my salary will increase six-fold in the next six months). All of the “frugality” tips, as well as the “automation” tips, have been much appreciated and very useful…they have allowed me to live within my means for the past decade (I have no consumer debt, I have an outstanding credit rating, and I own a home, in spite of the contraints of being in school/apprenticeship) and they have created a foundation for financial freedom (student debt paid, and meeting a commendable and age-appropriate level of retirement funding) in only a year or two in the context of my marked salary increase due to education. This in spite of being a parent paying for daycare (equivalent of a mortgage payment a month) and being married to another long-term student.

    Perhaps you could address the conundrum of balancing frugality with the long-term benefits of an educational quest for long-term income increase. Patience, in the proper context, can occasionally be a virtue…or is this outdated?

  149. Last November I challenged myself to earn an extra $100 a week. So far I’ve been on point only missing my mark by one week because of an ebay return.
    I’ve added the first statement in reason number two, to my email signature – There’s a limit to how much you can save, but no limit to how much you can earn.

    I’ve adopted it as my motivation for the year

  150. I second Cheska (comment #22). I’m a recent graduate and need to start a side business so I finally move out of the family house. Been here 4 months and don’t want to stay any longer than necessary.

  151. 1. yes
    2. i see so many people proclaiming that they can make me money on the side that i am naturally skeptical, but the fact is i trust you because your advice is always practical…and it works. All i would like is for you to continue to do what you do…because you are great at it.
    my plan is to start a media sales-person consulting business on the side so any scripts and strategies you can provide to help is absoultely welcome. and keep the NO BS style of IWTYTBR…it helps weed out all the people i, and other readers, plan to beat.

  152. I’d like to see advice dealing with part-time work that you can do in addition to a full-time job. I’m lucky enough to enjoy my current work (and it pays pretty well), but earning more money is always a good thing!

  153. More money is good, but how it’s earned is more important to me.

    Just today the boss came in and wants everyone to work overtime. Good for money, but OT is a MASSIVE psychological conflict for me. Do I go for the OT or do I gamble on “potential” bigger wins with my freelance work. Freelance is more enjoyable with pay the varies, and the regular job is stable and grueling… How do you make more money and keep mentally healthy/creative.

  154. Heather

    (Adam’s first comment…#153…couldn’t agree more.)

    1. YES
    2. How to generate passive income as an artist…. I love hand-made creations most and want to spend my life making them, however it’s been more of a labor of love than of profit (and my father says “you can’t get rich making one thing at a time”). Incidental note: after 21 years in a corporate environment, I reclaimed my soul last August and am ready to do whatever hard work it takes to make it on my own.

  155. Yes! I have ideas, but don’t know how to bring
    them to life. Who can make a prototype? How do I
    get the idea ‘out there’? Any info about the start to
    finish of an idea and the marketing of said idea…

    Thanks so much for the info you provide!

  156. Tony Stark

    YES!!! This is the time to get things started for 2010. An extra $500 to $3,000 a month would be awesome!!! Lets make it happen. My question deals with doing it. How does one just get started? And I mean from scratch. I have no knowledge of any of this. But I really want to learn. Ima be checking my email everyday for this one! Lets Rock n’ Roll!!!!

  157. Sounds okay to me. But if you can’t come up with something more lucrative than delivering pizzas late at night in bad neighborhoods, you might as well be Dave Ramsey.

  158. Yes i want to earn money but there is not specific area.

  159. this article is good but it does not provide any concrete steps that one can take to increase their income.

  160. Ramit, It is awesome to hear a blogger focusing on making more and living more instead of cutting back. Granted you have to be smart with your money, but it’s refreshing to not hear about living like a broke college student with the hopes of being a millionaire when you are 100!

  161. 1. Yes I am interested in earning more money.
    2. If you could focus on more ways to freelance or consult on the side for us twenty-somethings who are still in the process of getting degrees and don’t quite have an established skill set yet.(Other than drinking of corse)

  162. […] The title of Ramit Sethi’s latest post couldn’t be more timely for me.  It’s simply called “Earn More Money in 2010.” […]

  163. I’m an artist whose been supporting herself through commissions for the last few years. All my business/press so far has come from people who have contacted me. Now I’m wondering how to market myself to new clients? Also if you could recommend some good books for entrepreneurs to read that would be great!

  164. Currently in school and curious about how you wrote the algorithm to apply for scholarships, sounds intriguing…

    I have a goal to double my income in 2010, which my wife says is ambitious and lofty..

    However if I was not ambitious then I would not be in school and working full time as a Sys Admin with 3 kids..

    Curious about how to keep a balance in the freelance consulting world without getting overextended/committed and not working 70 hours a week..

    I have been realizing that people actually need technology that works and is clean.

  165. Well.. i’ve already beat you to it Ramit.

    Just got back from the post office where i sent off my 1st couple of orders for a little hobby business im doing on the side!
    Hopefully many more orders to come!


  166. I hope you’ll cover some stuff about how to figure out what you’re good at and convince yourself and clients that it sets you apart from competitors. (For example, I’ve been toying with the idea of Elance despite the fact that it would cut into my unemployment benefits, and was surprised that I did better on the resume writing skill test than some freelance “company” specializing in resumes.)

  167. […] was really surprised with how much this struck a chord. You’ll notice 150+ comments asking for specific areas you want me to cover. Read closely: It’s not just tactics you want. […]

  168. I like to learn more about starting a company: the process of starting an LLC. What do I have to do to get started?

  169. sturgeon

    Great topic for a prosperous New Year!
    To add to the many above, I think the major barrier is thinking that significant income cannot be obtained outside our day jobs. I feel guilty, and even ashamed, if I get money without working incredibly hard for it.
    The other hurdles of not having the opportunity, niche, time or skill sets are the excuses. Any insight on smashing this psychological glass ceiling would be awesome!

  170. I’m interested in earning more money!
    I’ve had 3 great side project ideas (websites) which I’m actually passionate about. I keep planning to do them, and work on them for a couple of days and then get carried away with other stuff. I’ve been procrastinating on them for 2 years now. (I know it sucks!)

    I guess that is my greatest hurdle. It is “not easy” to have a full time job at Microsoft and work on your own side projects, but I know its not difficult either. Its just a question of wanting it bad enough.
    Maybe it’s my decent paying and demanding job that’s keeping me in the comfort zone.

    I’m going to find a couple of other people at work who want to do the same thing, and form a group to keep each other focused and motivated.

    Another problem is that I’ve spread myself out too thin over all of my “brilliant” ideas. This year I’m picking one specific project for 3 months at a time and not touching anything else.

    Also, I’m a big admirer of your work. (And Charlie Coehn, Ishita Gupta, Tim Ferris, Eben Pagan etc)
    I can totally see myself kicking ass at such stuff and have a great time.

    Let me know if there’s something I could start doing for you part time. Writing/Editing/Researching etc. I’m a PM on Bing btw.

  171. I’m really looking forward to your thoughts on this.

    Personally, I’m stuck at step one. I have a pretty good understanding of things like automation, testing, etc., that you and others (e.g. Tim Ferris) have covered, but I struggle to find a place to apply those techniques. To put it another way, I’m confident that I could go from $100/wk to $200/wk, but I don’t know how to get to $100/wk (or even $100/month) on a regular basis.

  172. Of course everybody wants to earn more money. Me too, but not at any price. I have rather a demanding day job that currently pays quite well – for now! This project will end in a couple of years. More importantly, I have small children and I do not want to cut back the time I can spend with them. And I am not prepared to go without decent night’s sleep. How can a working mama make time for extra income without compromising the time with children? Furthermore, it is hard to decide what could I do for the money – which of my skills and hobbies should I capitalize?

  173. aadasdeyan

    Yes, we all certainly want to know that method to earn money as we are all set for 2010 and we do not know what is going to happen next!

    Visit: huntsmart.blogspot.com

  174. A bit similar to an earlier comment made – I am based in a rural area where the commute distances are long in relation to lucrative work opportunities in terms of adding income. I have just launched an outdoor social enterprise business which is a dream come true and luckily began trading right away. However I realize that there will always be a need to add an individual income.

    Would love to hear about how best to zone in on realistic ideas for side income/muse from ‘fourhourworkweek.com’ and maintain momentum.

    Really enjoying your posts, looking forward to reading the book.

  175. Hi There,

    Coming up with an idea is easy for me. I come up with them often and have for years. In August, I started to write them down. How I wish I had started writing them down years ago.

    What I would like you to write about is 1.) The confidence to follow through with a plan. This probably falls under psychology. 2.) What i am good at that i can use to open a business.(Hint to anyone out there who is interested – Helping people identify their strength on a layman level would be a business i would pay for and i think many others would.)


  176. Ramit

    Happy New Year! Yes, count me in as part of the interested tribe!

    Things I would be interested in is finding a muse or niche based upon the skillset that one is gifted at.

    More specifically, what are some tangible ways to make money through if you are strong at connecting and building a community or tribe around an idea / event or product…

    I enjoy getting to know people on a one on one level, and connecting new friends and others to individuals that would help them through business or personal introductions.

    I’ve wrestled for some time for a concept or idea that I could leverage…perhaps teaching or organizing an event with the theme of connecting and building a brand?

    Greatly appreciate your, and the community’s, help and keep up the excellent work!

    Looking forward to what’s to come!

  177. […] Earn More Money in 2010! By […]

  178. I think it has been mentioned already, but it would be great to see some tips on

    1. Identifying skills that could be used for additional income and
    2. How can somebody who is currently a grad student, living off a stipend and spending most of her time on research and teaching, apply your ideas to earn more?

  179. There are certain skills that people possess that bring in extra money with just their knowledge base. I want to know about skills that are in high demand where people tend to pay money for their services. After all, this is truly how people tend to make money, by doing things that others can’t, don’t know how to or choose not to do.

  180. Hi!

    Thanks for these insights! Because they’re SO great – I have included them in my weekly “Wednesday Wisdoms” post – the latest and greatest in blogs, articles and good old fashioned paperbacks!

    Check it out: http://createyourgreatlife.wordpress.com/

    Your friend,

  181. I haven’t had a chance to read through all the comments — but I definitely agree with those that want to know how to whittle down ideas. I often feel paralyzed by my options and need a way to limit them.

    Thanks for all of your help

  182. I am definitely interested in your 3 week course. I’ve been learning how to do graphic design for print (i.e. newsletters, advertising fliers, invitations, etc.) and I love this type of work. If I could turn it into a side business it would be awesome.

  183. hey

    1. yes I want to make more money
    2. try and focus on helping the 20 somethings who are getting their degree and have skillsets but very little income. returnig empty beer bottles is not a great income

  184. Definitely interested – the psychology part of it is particulary fascinating – so many of us are wired to be wage slaves even when we have the oppurtunity for abundance staring us in the face.

  185. Thanks for the blog,
    I’d be interested to know the different patterns of making money.

    For example, the standard “fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay” is one.

    Producing a product or service and selling that is another; it’s closely related to the first.

    Another is owning something of increasing value, e.g. stocks, art, property.

    It can be enhanced by leverage, e.g. borrowing, or multiplied (as you mentioned) by e.g. selling a book or writing a blog or getting other people to do it for you. Perhaps a franchise or licensing arrangement.

    My layperson’s suspicion is that there is only a handful of these patterns around. Perhaps modified by leverage, multiplication etc. If I understood that I think it would make it easier to match the money making opportunities with my low appetite for risk, etc.


  186. Jagadish K. Guttikonda

    Hi Ramit,
    Your book has been helpful. And you are doing a great service to people through your blog too. Hats off to you.

    WRT earning more money, everyone would be interested and it is same with me.

    I would like to know how you can earn more keeping your fulltime job and how you can do the same while you are on your own.

    My specific area would be a area where i can invest less( in monetary sense) but can reap moderate to good income on that investment.
    Stocks would also be an area in which i would be interested to know from you, about making less investment but getting some moderate income.

  187. I want to know if it is necessary to spend $$$ on the start up of a side business. Do I get a free website or purchase one? Do I spend $ on making a brand for my site/sales pieces or use a generic site/design? What I want to do is in fashion and therefore looks do matter . . I just want to know do I focus on making money first or do I spend $ creating a brand first??

  188. 1. Yes, I am very interested in earning more money.
    2. I am a business-owning, widowed, single mother of two teenagers. I’d love it if you could focus somehow (I know… you’re a guy, no kids, etc…. but you have smarts and street sense!) on how to make my existence more abundant… I feel scared a lot of the time that I will be unable to make ends meet, so I shut down when I think of taking risks that could destroy my current situation… which ain’t great, but my head is above water.
    How to make more money without feeling like clumps of my hair are going to fall out from the stress of the risks involved?

  189. 1. Yes, I am interested in earning more money.

    2. What skills or talents are best suited for entrepreneurship and what can I do to create my own business.

    • Shubhashis

      Great Erik,

      contact me to know more about the project I am working upon.

  190. I’m concerned about the legal issues. I’m making a few extra bucks working freelance with Elance. Do I have to register as an autonomous? is it worth it?!

    anyway, yes I’m interested in earning more and I would also like to know more about how to Productize knowledge and scale income

    Thanks Ramit

  191. I. Yes I am extremely interested in earning more income!

    II. What is usually the biggest hurdle someone faces once they finally decide to start earning more money but they get rejected with their first few attempts? And what are some strategies to over come this?

    • Shubhashis

      Well said Patrick,

      Yes you should not have a fear to fail if you want to achieve something which no one achieved. You can contact me at ghosh.shubhashis@gmail.com if you want to know more about the project i’m working upon based on social networking.


  192. Nathaniel

    Yes I am very interested.

    I would just like some ideas for earning more so I can eventually get out of my day job.


  193. Hi Ramit,

    I am so FIRED UP for you to start showing us this info! My biggest issue is narrowing my various passions into a tangible way to make side income. How do you decide which one to pursue?


  194. I am also very interested, especially in the art of negotiation. I tend to negotiate for most things with a price, but when it comes to increasing my income that’s where I come unstuck. Especially since at my company where HR controls the purse strings, it’s not my boss who decides my pay increase, it’s HR. How do you deal with meritocracy firms – the kind invented by GE?

    Cheers in advance!

  195. Thanks Ramit..I look forward to see what additional insight you can provide us. I’m very interested 🙂

  196. Sanjana

    I definitely want to know how to earn more by doing a part time job. I’d also like to quit my current job at some point, so my question is: what are the things I need to look at before that apart from paying off my student loans? Should I have a target income from my part-time job, before quitting? I have been working for 8 months by the way

  197. Ramit
    I love your practical answers to earn more topic.The only thing I request you is that think universally not just focus on American ways of living.i.e.Diversify your tips to cover other people of the world too.

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  199. Seeking a raise

    Would love guidelines on how to get a raise when “no one in the entire organization is getting a raise” and “even if you had 4 job offers we couldn’t give you a raise” — Or perhaps on what perks would be viewed as equivalent to a raise by a future employer and/or help me earn more money more quickly in the future….

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  201. I am interested in earning more!

    Of all the questions you could answer, I am primarily interested in 1) How to earn more clients and 2) How to network without being a networker. I currently have a side job that earns me about $100-$150 extra each month for about 3 hours of work a week, but I’d love to get some more clients and earn more money.

  202. I’m interested in earning more money! Who isn’t?

    I keep hearing stories from firends who have friends who make ton of money by blogging.. and when i ask my friends about how it works?
    I don’t get any answers..

    Ramit , Kindly put some perspective on it so it helps us folks here to decide if that’s for us and also put forth some of your ideas to make some additional income on the side.

    A 10 step directive would be a nice appetizer..

  203. I am interested in earning more money because i want to be rich

  204. Hi Ramit,

    Yes, I would like to earn more money.

    Could you please share your experiences and knowledge base on Joint Ventures?


    Kevin B.

  205. I am interested in earning more money because i want to become rich

  206. 1. Definitely.
    2. More detailed answers to the below that you wrote.

    * Identify skills and turn them income side income
    * Use my email and negotiation scripts to win clients & increase their hourly rate
    * Deal with problem clients
    * Prioritize what’s important and what’s a waste of time
    * Productize knowledge and scale income (e.g., a book or Boot Camp)
    * Quit their full-time jobs to work on things they loved

    and isn’t more education in fields such as law, medicine, business, etc., going to make you earn more?

  207. I may be a little late to the party, but I’m also very interested in “How to come up with a good idea and effectively/efficiently test the idea.”

    I definitely have skills I could use to freelance (crafts, languages, other). But b/c of the increasing marginal value of my time, they seem too time-consuming for me to put my time into, as I don’t have much of it outside of my regular job. I realize this may not be true, but how do I test this?

  208. not a gator

    To the guy looking for a Civic…

    I just got a new car. It’s a gently used 05 Prius in great condition. Carfax & shopping online. Paid about 10K less than new and people think it’s brand new & accuse my wife of being rich/overpaid!! The Civic Hybrid sells for less than the Prius but drives very sporty b/c of hybrid assist. (I loved it–my wife hated it.) You will pay half of new price (including taxes–remember there are excise taxes on a new vehicle) but if you’re smart and get gently used certified pre-owned (I would definitely go this route w/ Toyota and Honda because they’re reputable… companies in more serious trouble … well … their dealers may not have such an incentive to treat you right) most people will think you have a new car. Hell, you will think you have a new car. Btw, check out “The Millionaire Next Door”. The millionaire strategy: buy a gently-used, nice sedan and pay CASH.

  209. Is there a niche / business idea in the idea of providing marketing and PR support for startups / emerging entrepreneurs?

    Would people pay $ / hr. to be provided marketing & PR support and the ability to network and connect with other mentors, entrepreneurs and investors?

    Trying to build out the passion I have for digital media, networking and helping promote others’ businesses…

  210. Kate Nelson

    1.) I am definitely interested in earning more. I have a child who will be in college before I know it and I am trained in a specialized area of communication that could generate big bucks for me – accent modification. I do work with our call center in India…they are my favorite clients!!
    2.) I need better time management skills. I do have a full time job at the moment so I need to learn a way to market my skills and do this training on the side without feeling like I am abandoning my little boy. I also plan to go back to school so I am going to have to juggle motherhood / current full time employment / side part time entrepreneur project / Post-graduate school!

    • Shubhashis

      Hi Kate,

      You can contact me if you want to know more about a project I am working on which is based on a social networking concept.

      Thank You

  211. Jon Locke

    Iam very intrested in learning the ways to scale througn the rough of trying to get ahead of my financial situation, and adding some more money to my investment accounts. I ve read your book it was amazing ive shared it with some of my close buddies over here in italy and they loved it their ordering it as i speak. Thanks man

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  213. Dennis Sanders

    Im very excited about learning exactly what to do to make more money. I have been doing things for years and some would work for periods of time, but I want to be rich and learn how now.

    • Shubhashis

      Hi Dennis,

      You can contact me if you want to know more about a project I am working on which is based on a social networking concept.

      Thank You

  214. I’m a physician, and I don’t want to be married to a 60-hour-a-week job. I’m working per diem and making OK money but I want to do something more lucrative and more satisfying that primary care medicine in which I’m putting half-assed bandaids on people’s problems all day long.

    • Shubhashis

      Hi April,

      You can contact me if you want to know more about a project I am working on which is based on a social networking concept.

      Thank You

  215. My question: how can I use my skills to make more money doing something other than direct patient care? I’ve heard about “consulting” but I don’t know where to look or how to get my foot in the door…

  216. I have learn alot from yr blog how to save, invest, earn more money and i am planning to start some business and earn more money. What other business can do as a computer typist? thanks.

    • Shubhashis

      Hi Yakubu,

      You can contact me if you want to know more about a project I am working on which is based on a social networking concept.

      Thank You

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  218. thanq very.. its helps me lot..

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  224. […] It all comes down to money and freedom. […]

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  227. […] favorite restaurants, going on holiday or spending $21,000 a year on going out. I’ll show you 5 reasons why making extra money is better than frugality. And I’ll give you proven ways to make money – tactics, case studies and psychological […]

  228. […] you spend the less money you need saved up to live on. Great point! On the flip side a guy like Ramit Sethi says to focus on earning more because “there’s a limit to how much you can save, but no […]