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Dumb things I’ve heard in the last 10 years

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“You’re taking psychology? What kind of pointless major is that?”

“I really want to work for X company, but Y pays $10k/year more.”

“You definitely need to set up a Twitter/FB account. Social media is the most important kind!”

“Personal finance is all the same stuff. Spend less than you earn.”

“If you want to speak at our company, you have to change the name of your website.”

“Ramit, you should really fix your eyebrows.”

“What SEO tricks did you use to get readers?”

“Can I advertise on your site? My budget is $25/month.”

“You work from your apartment? Ha, I wish I could have a fake job like that too.”

“You should expand your userbase. What about insurance and retirement for people in their 40s and 50s. Don’t limit yourself!”

“Wow, I wish I could have a flexible schedule like you.”

“Ramit, how dare you say you’re not writing for single mothers of 2. I’m really offended. I used to like your site but now I’ll never be back again.”

“This site jumped the shark after you started charging for things I can find free anywhere else.”

“How about this savings tip? I can save $10 by not buying your book! Ha hah ahahaa!”

“Don’t spend money on lattes.”

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(Read more at my never-updated blog, Things I Hate.)

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  1. Solid list but you missed a classic dumb things I’m sure you’ve heard:

    “I’m waiting for X to start my side business”
    X usually equals a completely useless task (i.e. waiting for a friend to design their website).

    “You’re lucky because you started saving money when you were young.”

    “I want to save money, but I’d rather have a life.”

    “I would make money on the side, but I already have a job.”

    • Classic. I will do a “Part 2” to this series.

    • I love #1. The variation I hear among my recently graduated friends is “I’m just doing this career so I can save up a ton of money, then retire early and do the work I REALLY like.” 😐

  2. would love to hear the story behind “If you want to speak at our company, you have to change the name of your website.” but guessing that’s not going to happen 🙂

  3. “Can I advertise on your site? My budget is $25/month.” LOL

    wow I have received a few of those. Everyone has specific taste.

    Ramit you are above those quotes. Maybe you need a disclaimer for your blog. Then again many won’t read that

  4. Been reading your site for a few months now, and this is my first post. I gotta agree with #6 LOL just kidding. Great site.

    I’ve been like the people you describe that read personal finance blogs and just sort of crave ‘new’ information. Out of all the sites I frequented, yours actually made me take ‘action’ in ways no other site had. I automated savings, and realize you can do better and maybe easier of a task of savings more by looking for a job making more money, than you can just cutting costs.

    I love the concept of cut costs on things that don’t matter, spend on the things you love and try to earn more. This concept has started to make me not feel guilty for going out to expensive dinners, going out binge drinking with buddies. The reason being, I know my savings is happening, bills are being paid and truely know where and how much I am able to spend of my disposable income.


  5. It’s kind of interesting that each of those comments COULD be relative or important to someone’s individual specific situation (although I agree with your point that a.) they’re usually missing the bigger picture and b.) they’re just reiterating something they’ve heard, or not really thought all the way through).

    P.S. If you ever figure out how to ‘fix eyebrows’ let me know. There’s probably a $1000/month opportunity out there for someone that can fix mine.

    • Go to any Indian woman. They will fix your eyebrows in 3 minutes for like $5.

    • Ramit is right on going to an Indian woman. We literally have a place called Eyes by India at the mall here in downtown Indianapolis. LOL

  6. I think you are really handsome and have a great personality and all but I agree with the eyebrows thing.

    How will your parents ever find you a nice Indian girl with those eyebrows? jk

  7. #1 – What??? I majored in English and ended up in accounting ( have a degree in that now as well, since my company paid for it. Free education!). You never know where life is going to lead you, go do something you like. Which, I guess, dovetails in to #2 as well.

  8. Love it. Been reading here long enough to laugh at every single one of those.

    Also fixing your eyebrows is not really THAT bad an idea. 😉

  9. The dumbest things I’ve heard lately:
    “I wish I wrote more.”
    [gesturing to my knitting] “Do people really pay you for that stuff?”
    “What do you do with an economics degree?”
    “Why would anyone want to live in New York/San Francisco/abroad?” [yeah, seriously.]
    “I don’t have time to make more money.” [this from a retired person who’s in great health]

    You should totally make a series out of this kind of thing.

  10. Or the mother of them all ‘I’d love to have a side business but I just have the RIGHT idea….’