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15 Little Life Hacks

Who uses a freaking coupon for DEL TACO?

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My parents.

I found this on the kitchen counter when I went home to visit my mom and dad the other day.


Seriously, look how ready it is to be used. All folded perfectly.

My mom proudly told me that she sometimes uses the coupon on Tuesdays “after I go shopping at Ross because of the Tuesday discount.”

Yet another reason immigrants are better at managing money than you? Or pointless frugality?

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  1. Old habits are hard to break. It may be pointless to this generation, but if you were raised to be frugal, it just becomes part of your DNA

  2. While i think that saving 3 dollars once in a while on fast food is fairly pointless, i think we should appreciate the mentality of this type of frugality. It’s the mindset to save money when possible, to always try to spend less when one can.

  3. Obviously this isn’t the point of the post, but I’ve always been jealous of my grandparents for getting the Tuesday discount 😉 On the other hand, I’ve used fast food coupons before–but mostly because it’s a rare ‘treat’ for me, and if the ‘treat’ is cheaper than super-cheap, even better!

  4. I wasn’t born in America and my family has this Soviet Russia frugality. I have invented a large amount of recipes of things that “it would be a shame if we threw it out…” 1/2 cup of sauce at the end of the jar, broccoli stalks, bits of beet, and other what have you’s. We’re not suffering that we have to eat scraps, but the entire family (except me) has grown up with some sort of food deprivation or another, so most of it is pure habit, and we all do hate waste so much. I think that ultimate frugality may be a badge of honor for them. Although when I ask for only one Cadburry egg (they are too sweet for more) since I haven’t had them for 4 years, they buy me 10.

    Part of it is also some odd bonding. My family knows I’m creative with food and I like a challenge. Can I make something delicious out of the blue with some scraps? Ah, why not true? Then we all sit down and eat.

  5. Well – these days, if they are skilled at accumulating coupons (especially the biggies), there’s gold in them thar coupons. Assuming (1) you have optimized your income stream and (2) you have the time to hunt for coupons (and you’re not taking time away from valuable activities), you can save a pile of money looking for coupons. And, perhaps, it’s not just couponing but part of a larger mentality of frugality, which can make those dollars stretch much further.

    I used to think couponing wasn’t worth the time, now after seeing other people bring their grocery bills down to astonishingly low levels, I’m reconsidering.

  6. I won’t go out of my way for coupons, but yeah, if I find one and it’s for something I like, I’ll use it.

    Unfortunately, there are no food coupons for anything I’d actually eat, so I have no use for those.

  7. A penny saved is a penny earned.

    I actually use fast food coupons on occasion – I don’t go looking for them, but if they show up in the mail, and I know I’m going to eat there eventually, I hang onto them just in case. I don’t do this as my primary savings plan, and if I add up all the money I’ve saved by using these coupons in a year it would be less than one month’s interest (probably even less than 1 week’s), but I still use them when I see them.

    I earn a decent wage, am single, and have no debt, so using coupons isn’t something I need to do to keep bills down, I just figure why pay more for something when a cheaper price is staring me in the face, ya know? That’s like paying full menu price for delivery pizza (papa johns, pizza hut, dominos) – how many people still do that?

  8. My granddad immigrated and he’s been known to take frugality a little far. If he finds a great deal, he’ll take it, no matter what. He once bought an entire church worth of pews just because he got a great price on them.

    He took them apart and used the wood in other projects, but, boy, you never know what he’ll come home with next.

  9. *raises hand*

    I used coupons for Del Taco & other fast food until I got diagnosed with Celiac disease…now I can’t eat most of it.

    My income puts me in the top 1% of Americans, but I use coupons all the time. I also don’t buy things unless I need them. And I’m happy! 🙂


  10. I think coupons are a mixed bag.

    You were going to buy the product anyway
    You don’t have to expend much effort to obtain and use the coupon

    It’s not a bad deal. But most people either buy things they didn’t intend to or spend more effort to use the coupon than it’s worth.

    In the end I think most of the time it’s not worth it.

    But that’s just my two cents.