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  1. Just Wondering

    Will the site name change to

    Because it should.

  2. (in response to Just Wondering):

    Not sure why you imply that J.D. is shooting himself in the foot by making his decision. On his blog, he mentions that the blog is currently bringing in $5000 per month. It’s not difficult to get rich slowly on a gross income of $60K/year, so long as he decides to live below his means. He’s even discussed his plan for doing so.

    Kudos to J.D. and best of luck with the decision.

  3. I think that if I ever get fired, I’m going to say that I just quit in order to focus on my blogging. Forget that I update bi-monthly and won’t make a penny.

  4. @ Just Wondering:
    It sounds like he makes a pretty healthy income from his blog, and if you bothered to read the post, you’d see he has a sound plan for making the transition.

  5. @Just Wondering – Yeah, maybe you don’t read his site regularly, but it already makes 5K per month off his blog, which he will probably grow now that he’s given up his other job and can focus on blogging, maybe writing a book, etc. Plus his wife works, and they are not planning to have kids, so they have an excellent chance of becoming “rich” by most people’s standards.

  6. James Crocker

    I’ve read J.D.’s site for a little over a year now. Honestly I’ve really really enjoyed it, and I do consider it my #1 favorite personal finance blog (no exaggeration).

    It really helps that it’s updated everyday, and that he actually writes his articles. He doesn’t just copy and paste verbiage from links to articles on other sites.

    It’s a grade A quality blog, that I would recommend to anyone. Check it out.

  7. I think that JD is being reason with his transition. He has income from his blog, he’s switching over the course of a year, and he has some money as a cushion. I think that he follows Ramit’s idea of excuting a dream.

  8. chip.otob

    seems like the link to “get rich slowly” isn’t working today. is this temporary?