Cody McKibben interviews me

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Cody McKibben interviews me on his blog. This is one of my favorite interviews. Cody reads iwillteachyoutoberich and emailed me to meet up. We met in Sacramento last weekend and talked about entrepreneurship, negotiation, scholarships, blogging, and some stuff I haven’t mentioned before on iwillteachyoutoberich.

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  1. Hey Ramit!

    Thank you again for sitting down with me here in Sacramento for an EXCELLENT conversation on your experiences and insights, my friend! Very appreciated, and I have to say, for my first big interview on this journey I am on, it was fantastic to get such invaluable stuff from one of my biggest blogger heroes! :)

    Keep up all the hard work!

    PS: Thanks for visiting, everyone!

  2. “I’ll applaud Warren Buffet, mock Robert Kiyosaki… ”

    OK, I’m definitely tuning in tomorrow.

  3. I enjoyed reading your interview by Cody.

    I am also looking forward to your upcoming book

    Keep up the positive work Ramit !

  4. I enjoyed this interview. It’s neat to see a little more of the man behind the blog.

  5. intresting interview.

    PS good luck in all you do.

  6. Very interesting interview about you.
    When I found your blog (in August2006) the first thing I did (after having read one of ur post) was to go to the “About me” section but I found it incomplete. Now with this interview, I have the impression to know more about you and i am very happy and satisfied about I read.

  7. SO, let me get this straight.

    Casey Serin tries to CON you out of money by lying and commting fraud, then you have him as a “guest “contributor”?

    You are no better than he is.

    If some asshole tried to scam me out of money, I sure as hell would not talk to him much less collaberate with him.

    Trying to cash in on this LOOSER?

    You suck.

  8. Uh, people aren’t one-dimensional, as I made clear in my writeup about the Casey affair. No matter what he’s done, he has a lot of lessons to share.

    And if you really think I’m trying to “cash in” by asking him to volunteer an essay on mistakes he’s made, I really don’t know what to say. iwillteachyoutoberich is about learning, not blaming and shunning.

  9. An excellent interview.

    Im constantly amazed to see how well you have done Ramit.

  10. Man. Looks like I signed up too late to get the newsletter. Please forward me a copy.