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Check out these new financial startups I’ll be meeting tomorrow

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Tomorrow I’ll be attending FinovateStartup, a conference highlighting startups in technology and finance. I’ll be meeting these companies, so if you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll try to get them answered from the founders themselves.

  • BoulevardR: Personalized guidance on your retirement goals
  • Buxfer: Track your spending online
  • CakeFinancial: Centralize your portfolios, compare your performance to others
  • Credit Karma: Free credit scores, offers based on your score
  • FindABetterBank: Compare banks
  • Mint: Track your spending online, find offers based on your spending
  • Prosper: Borrow or loan money online
  • SmartHippo: Use the “power of the herd” to find better mortgage rates
  • TrustedID: Get identity protection
  • Vestopia: See how Wall Street pros manage their portfolios
  • Wesabe: Track your spending, save money, join an online community
  • Zecco: Online trading/investing community

And if you’ll be there tomorrow, let me know.

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  1. Hello Ramit, I would really like to know if they have plans to expand “MINT” to other countries (France in my case) and if yes what timeline can we expect. Thank you.

  2. If I can add a New England entrant: Geezeo, a online personal finance site.

  3. Ramit, I have been a customer of Zecco since January. For the most part it has been a good experience. Recently, on a Monday, if memory servers, the site went completely down. The only page that would load was a notice of scheduled maintenance page. Obviously this wasn’t true as the downtime was during trading hours. The company admitted there was a problem and to their credit, fixed it within a few hours. My question would be, can/will this ever happen again? How many customers did Zecco lose because of this downtime during peak trading hours?

  4. Ramit, I’ll be there tomorrow. I’ll be using my Corey Whitlaw pen name ;-).

    Dev Purkayastha: I was disappointed to hear that Geezeo isn’t participating in Finovate Start-up this year. I’ll try to cover them in June when I’m scheduled to be in their neck of the woods.

  5. Looking forward to seeing you there Ramit!

    @ Jordan Crouch – Great to see a Zecco Trading customer here! And yes, we are working very hard to ensure access to the Zecco Trading platform is not interrupted.

  6. this is a question for zecco.

    there are some times when I need to sell a stock I bought a few hours ago. (Yes, I know, daytrading is bad).

    Fidelity takes about a day for this. How long does it take Zecco?

  7. The admins of Wise Bread will also be there!

  8. My question for all of them would be: How does your company stand out? How does it do something different than what is already out there? And for the budget sites: Why should I use your product over, say, Quicken? Other than the obvious online access, of course. But I can use Quicken, which I already have, and create a budget on a spreadsheet which I can share with my fiance via Google Notebooks.

  9. Will be there?

  10. I’d like to hear anything in general from Zecco. Thanks!