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Building Business Mastery as an Artist — with Chase Jarvis

A couple years ago, I did a 90-minute interview with Chase Jarvis, one of the world’s best artists and photographers. It’s free and it contains some of my best, most hard-hitting material on psychology, persuasion, and marketing, so I hope you check it out sometime. I intentionally did this video for free because, while I keep most of ...


Introducing the “Magic Bullet”

In the world of personal development, there’s a concept called the “Magic Bullet.” Marketers spend thousands of dollars to learn how to master the concept, but I’m going to teach you how it works right here. A Magic Bullet is the ONE THING that people believe will help them achieve their goals. Although we “know” that success is ...

Ask Ramit: How do you choose ONE passion?

When I graduated from college, I was working on 9 projects. NINE. I was doing a startup...I was working on an ebook...I was doing this, I was doing that. People’s eyes would glaze over when they asked me what I did. My problem was I didn’t know how to choose. I didn’t want to close ...

The Mental Frameworks I Use to Respond to Hundreds of Emails Per Day: Using these tactics to do and learn more, QUICKLY.

The “mental frameworks” I use to respond to hundreds of emails/day

My friend Derek Halpern was asking me how I respond to so many emails every day. "What filters do you use?" he asked. "You're not going to believe it," I told him, shaking my head. "I just click 'All Mail' and just cycle through emails insanely fast." He looked at me in disbelief. But then I mentioned something else: "By ...

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New interview: Crafting the life you want

A friend of mine has 4 college interns working for her, and last week she asked me to speak to them about business and psychology. When I got there, they’d prepared questions about writing and productivity and marketing, but we spent the most time talking about how to deal with the pressure of parents’ expectations. I noticed this because ...

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Learn social skills and instant rapport from a NYT journalist

Did I tell you how I ended up choosing a major in college that made people crinkle their nose and say, “You’re studying WHAT??” Back in the day, like all high-school kids, I was delusional and dumb. I would brag to my friends that I wanted to study “computer science, but with no programming and no math.” I said ...