This is what plagiarizers don’t understand

Once in a while, somebody decides to plagiarize my material and pass it off as his own writing. I have two problems with this, beyond the obvious emotions of wanting to tie a cannon ball around their ankles and shove them off a bridge: They take a shortcut to the thousands of hours I spent learning my craft, butchering my ...

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“Ramit’s Shark Tank” – free to watch the carnage/love

Instead of sending you another 5,000-word email on living a Rich Life and how to start an online business, I'm going to show you. Free. This time, in a "Ramit's Shark Tank" presentation with real ideas and brutal teardowns -- excuse me, “feedback" -- for you. I'll show you how to take a $10,000 idea and turn it ...

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How I handle negative critics

Here are some of the names I’ve been called in the last MONTH: “Scammer” “Sellout” “Rip-off artist” “He lies about everything” “Total BS...none of his stuff is good anyway” How would you feel if someone said this about you? How would little Ramit handle this? He would cry   It’s a funny quirk of human psychology: You ...

“Ramit’s Shark Tank”

One of the things I love about Shark Tank is the brutal honesty that entrepreneurs get. Shark Tank is the TV show where entrepreneurs go in front of judges, pitch their idea, and either get laughed out of the room...or a major investment. Here's a 10-year-old getting $60,000 from Daymond John for her lemonade stand.   Think about ...

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The Seagull Theory

In 1492, Columbus kept a diary of his voyage. In September, he wrote this: “That day they navigated, on their westerly course, day and night, 20 leagues, counting a little less. Here those of the caravel Niña reported that they had seen a tern and a boatswain bird, and these birds never go more than 25 leagues from the ...

Ugh, bidets

I’m very protective of my ass. So years ago, when I visited Japan and my hotel room had a bidet in it, I faced a dilemma. Should I go out on a limb and use this weird foreign thing that I had no idea how to use? Or should I just do things the way I always have? I ...

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