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Dumb dumb dumb propaganda to buy a house

  I want to show you one of the most breathtaking pieces of propaganda ever written. We’ve all heard of tropes like “Disney princes to the rescue.” But, just like a fish doesn’t know he’s in water, most of us don’t realize the truly deep pieces of propaganda we’ve grown up around. One of the ...

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Be the Expert: Spot the delusions in this real-estate ad

This is a "luxury real estate" newsletter I get every month. See how many logical disconnects/delusions you can spot in the copy. Leave a comment with your findings. Read more "Be the Expert" posts.

The result of decades of propaganda this: "About 84% of the respondents...said owning makes more sense than renting, consistent with earlier surveys." The push for Americans to own real estate has been so systematic, so deeply embedded, so endorsed (by multiple presidents and the duplicitous NAR) that no matter what counter-evidence is presented, a majority of Americans will always believe real estate is the ...

Why do we assume that higher house prices = good?

If the price of toothpaste or a burrito dropped 20%, most of us would be thrilled. So why is it considered a catastrophe when housing prices drop? Last week, I asked you to identify the cultural assumption in this screenshot. Here's what I was thinking of: Isn't it funny how "home prices falling" is assumed to be a bad thing? ...

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Be the expert: What’s wrong with this real-estate comment?

As you know, I have strong opinions on buying a house, and most people don't know what they're talking about when they talk about real estate being the "best" investment. So when a Wharton professor wrote a Washington Post column pointing out common myths of homeownership, I laughed at some of the comments. "Wow is this a poorly written and ...

Have a mortgage? Save $71,000 in interest payments

I've been hammering on the idea of focusing on the big wins instead of worrying about $3 lattes here and there. It's far better to focus on cutting 25% off the two biggest areas of your spending than to worry about saving 5% on 50 things. Any time you make a major purchase, there is a huge amount of money ...