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Ramit’s Best of 2014

I always love hearing how people spend their holidays -- mostly because some people have truly insane families. I looked at what my friends are doing, and it’s either... Filled in a loving environment eating decadent holiday food, relaxing, and watching children play with their new gifts Hating life, listening to a racist uncle at dinner, hiding in a ...

How to stay laser-focused — Noah Kagan interview

Yesterday, I shared Noah Kagan's insight about how some of our biggest periods of growth can come from the most challenging periods in our life. October’s RBT guest, Noah Kagan from I’ve known Noah for over ten years now (before I started my blog) and he’s one of the few people I turn to when ...

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The productivity system I built to stay in touch with people

I love crazy nutcases who email me 5,000 times/day asking, “HEY RAMIT. WHAT SYSTEM DO YOU USE FOR STAYING IN TOUCH WITH PEOPLE??” As if some software is going to do all the work for them. I built a really simple system for staying in touch with people in different cities. It uses a magical tool called “email.” ...

How to get unstuck (new 1-hour mini-course with BJ Fogg)

You know when you go to the gym for 3 months straight, then miss a day (“I’ll go tomorrow...”) ...then you end up skipping the next 3 weeks? Why do we stop doing things we actually want to do? Jerry Seinfeld knew why -- and he knew the secret of momentum: He told me to get a big wall ...

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The Top 5 Productivity Mistakes

My friend told me a ridiculous story about his mom. She lives in a small town in northern California, and one day she called him up. “You have to try this new restaurant that opened down the street! It’s delicious!” “Really!” he said. “What kind of food is it?” “Mexican! I’ve never had anything like it. It’s ...

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15 little life hacks you can use today

So...this just happened: [tweet] Of course, as soon as I posted that, people on Twitter and Facebook started asking, “What’s the test? When are you going to share it??” [tweet] You people are insane if you expect me to reveal that. BUT! Today, I will share ...