5 unconventional truths about money

April 11th, 2014

Imagine you spent years getting really good at something -- maybe weightlifting, or ice skating, or personal styling, whatever. Then you went back and read the “introductory” articles about how to succeed. You would want to grow arms like Gumby, reach through the computer screen, and strangle the writer. And that is exactly what I find myself wanting to do. ...

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“I did all the right things… and look how it turned out”

December 09th, 2012

Imagine someone who “did all the right things” their whole life. They... Studied hard and went to a good school Got a good job Met a nice girl/guy and got married Had 2 kids and bought a house Saved some money as they grew older Now, truthfully, for a lot of people, this works out pretty well. It’s ...

Check your credit score: The Most-Ignored Big Win

September 17th, 2012

There are about 10 Big Wins that, if you get right, you’ll almost never have to worry about spending money on lattes or ordering a large Coke. Let other people worry about turning the light off in their oven (yes, this is an actual piece of advice given by a personal-finance blogger.) If you get the Big Wins right, ...

Why you should stop listening to kooky weirdos about money

September 06th, 2012

How many of us have friends and family that are FULL of advice... that makes NO sense? Your parents will tell you, “real estate is the best investment!” Your college advisor will tell you, “Better take Chinese! The future is in China!” And your friends will tell you about this “super-cool investment strategy” that they read about on a penny-stock ...

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If you use a Big Bank, you deserve to be treated like crap

August 30th, 2012

Sorry guys, no more sympathy from me. If you continue to use a Big Bank like Bank of America or Wells Fargo, you deserve to be treated like shit. I hate them, but it’s not their fault. It’s your fault. After I’ve warned you for years how duplicitous and scammy these banks are, you continue to use ...

Stop wasting time on things that don’t matter

August 13th, 2012

Here’s a classic email I recently got: My response: The result? It would be easy to make fun of Scott, but I actually love that he had a hypothesis of what mattered (his beard), tested it (by emailing me), corrected himself, and then dominated. It’s hilariously perplexing how many of us devise crackpot theories of what really matters, ...