Barriers are your enemy

It's surprising to me when I hear someone come up with something they want to do, but--in the same conversation--they go through every conceivable thing that could go wrong, and conclude that it will never work. It's like they have all the physical manifestations of running a marathon, but they never left their chair. At these times I want to ...

What’s coming next week

I'm taking the weekend off, but here's what's coming next week: An article on reducing barriers. This is probably my favorite article of all in the personal-entrepreneurship series. Another one on TV, naps, guilt, and getting stuff done Some new classes I'm teaching Some other stuff I can't remember right now See you on Monday.

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Personal entrepreneurship? Here’s one way to start

Here's an interesting opportunity for personal entrepreneurship. One of the companies I've been working with has a free wiki called PBwiki. (A wiki is an easy-to-use Web site that lets you collaborate with others on things like planning a trip or running a project.) PBwiki makes it "as easy to create your own wiki as a peanut butter sandwich." Try ...

On greed and speed

Here's a pattern I see a lot: 1. Somebody launches something 2. He tries to make money 3. Then he tries to make it valuable and useful What a funny way of doing things. Everybody seems to be in a big fat hurry to make money. I call this greedy, but not in the traditional sense of the word. It's ...

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Sorry, no

Thanks for the all the feedback. Here's the funniest email I've gotten about these articles (sent today): "...can you make them shorter? theyre really long." No, no I can't. But thank you for "reading."

Your idea isn’t good enough to keep secret

Yet. One of the most rookie mistakes young entrepreneurs make is keeping their ideas secret. It goes something like this: You: "So what are you working on?" Rookie: "Oh, sorry. I can't really talk about it." Really! Your idea is so grand that you can't share it with even your close friend? Wow, I want to invest in you right ...