Debating minutiae and health

From the New York Times: "I was crossing Third Avenue yesterday and I was coughing so hard I had to stop and barely made it across," a patient told me last week. "I'm really scared I'm getting the avian flu." I just looked at him. What could I say? He has smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for the ...

I’ll be speaking at Entrepreneur27 conference tomorrow

If you can make this event on the Stanford campus, come up and say hi. I'll be speaking about IWillTeachYouToBeRich and PBwiki, along with... Blake Ross, creator of Firefox, internet BrowserDrew Lustro, creator of Makeshiftonline, fast growing online communityWendell III, creator of meetro, popular online chat programMike Li, creator of Six Sense, mobile social softwareTodd Masonis, creator of Plaxo, online ...

Guilt and Our Choices

Today I want to talk about guilt and the weird way it makes people act. In college, I never understood the jackasses who would say they had "tons of work to do" and that they "should work" and would go to the library for 13 hours, where they would chat on AIM, read maybe a total of 25 pages, and ...

Announcing some new classes I teach

Today I'm unveiling some new classes I teach. I usually don't ask for much, but today I'm also going to ask for a favor. If you'd like to hear me speak and you're a part of any organization, school, or company (like a student or an employee), please get in touch through that page. I would really like to speak ...

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Barriers are your enemy

It's surprising to me when I hear someone come up with something they want to do, but--in the same conversation--they go through every conceivable thing that could go wrong, and conclude that it will never work. It's like they have all the physical manifestations of running a marathon, but they never left their chair. At these times I want to ...

What’s coming next week

I'm taking the weekend off, but here's what's coming next week: An article on reducing barriers. This is probably my favorite article of all in the personal-entrepreneurship series. Another one on TV, naps, guilt, and getting stuff done Some new classes I'm teaching Some other stuff I can't remember right now See you on Monday.

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