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Look how men’s and women’s magazines write about money

I read Oprah's magazine once in a while. Yes, I said it. And my jaw drops when I see an article like the recent, "25 things you don't have to worry about." What? Why do I need a magazine to tell me what I don't need to worry about? But I'm not the target audience. It turns out men and ...

There’s an interesting discussion on women and salary happening in the comments section

There's an interesting discussion happening in the comments of last week's post about gender and money. As usual, the comments make me think that this site has the best readers in the world. (Cool note: This weekend, I Will Teach You To Be Rich crossed 7,000 comments.)

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13 stunning differences in how men and women think about money

Digg this! Thanks to the 35+ comments on the last post, Rob from BankSwitcher ("Switching banks is hard...we make it easier") was kind enough to re-analyze the data from my survey on gender and money (n=1,167). Below, you'll see red highlighting around areas where there are dramatic gender differences. For example: Slide 10: Guess who negotiates their ...

Survey responses — what jumps out at you?

Here are the survey responses from 1,167 respondents from last week's gender and money survey. Rob from Bankswitcher helped with the analysis, and is willing to dig into the data a little more. I personally don't believe all of the data -- look at the household income, for example -- but much of it is interesting and even surprising. ...

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Tell us how you think about money — I’ll post results next week

When I started the series on women and personal finance, Kimble wrote, "I am a little skeptical that this is a series being done by someone who is an outside observer to the female-personal-finance realm." She encouraged me to use data instead of making it up, so today I'm running her survey on the site. Please take a couple minutes ...

Heroines of Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship #6: Barbara Stanny

Interview contributed by Cody McKibben -- Barbara Stanny is a powerful speaker who has devoted herself to transforming women's relationship with money. She is the author of five books about personal finance and women in business, and working on a sixth! Barbara is the daughter of the late entrepreneur and philanthropist Richard A. Bloch, who co-founded H&R Block ...