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Carnival of Personal Finance is here this week

Happy Monday! I'm hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance this week. Here's how it works: Send me the top 2 or 3 personal-finance articles you've seen around. (If you're a blogger, it's ok to send your own.) Deadline is Monday, July 18th at 10am. I'll pick the best and feature them next Monday! For more reading, check out the other carnivals.

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Email rant: “It’s not buying a home”

From my old college roommate JRK: "As you continue to move on towards full-on personal finance guru status, may I make one request: Never, ever use the phrase "buying a home." (more…)

Ramit: low maintenance

My birthday is on Thursday and I have a simple request: Lunch with Warren Buffett Current bid on Ebay: $250,100 I'm such a simple man!!!

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Random links for your Friday–and what’s coming up

Dear lord raising a baby is expensive. Mad Anthony writes on the elasticity of gas prices, which made me think about my own budgeting. Money lessons from Dad. My favorite is #1. First-hand account of how women are discriminated against when buying a car. Ok, I have a few things coming up on here. First, I'm writing an article on ...

Welcome Worthwhile readers!

Anita Sharpe from Worthwhile Magazine pointed her readers to IWillTeachYouToBeRich. Welcome! This is a personal-finance site for college students, recent college grads, and everyone else. It's about getting rich, but more importantly finding out why you want to be rich. Take a look around, (start at the Table of Contents if you like) sign up for the free newsletter, and ...