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How to make money from home

We’ve all heard the same old tired promises of how to make money from home: “Make a million dollars!” “Work in your slippers and make $6,300/week!” “He did can you!” There’s only one problem: THEY NEVER TELL YOU HOW TO DO IT! Instead, it’s page after page of random ideas (usually including MLM ...

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The intriguing psychology of “travel porn”

Notice how some of the most popular blogs and Instagram accounts are people sharing beautiful travel photos. In fact, when I’ve posted pictures on the beach, I get more Likes than almost anything else. I spent my birthday in Barbados with friends . Why do we love these photos? One reason is the “travel porn” phenomenon of following/liking these ...

Watch me take a bath

The amount of emails requesting to see me take a bath is mounting quickly. Last I checked, it was approaching the thousa--wait, damnit. I can’t seem to find any of those emails. I swear I remembered those. Today I’m sending you 5 links you might find interesting. But first… Ramit takes a bath (ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge) [embed]https://...

When is quitting the right thing to do?

My friend wrote a fascinating post on when quitting is the RIGHT thing to do: So today, I wanted to open it up and talk about failure and quitting. When is it OK to give up? When is changing your mind the RIGHT thing to do? While many of you think of me as the perfect ...

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Which of these people do you know? The Rambler, Bad Jokester, Advice-Giver

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the weirdos we all work with. Which one of these people do you know? THE BAD-JOKE MAKER: They don’t talk a lot, but one day in a meeting, they randomly make a joke. It completely flops and hangs in the air. Co-workers look at each other out of the sides of their ...

Come meet me in NYC — my treat

All right, weirdos. I’m feeling in an unusually good mood this week. Maybe it’s cuz I got my teeth cleaned today. Or maybe because I walked outside yesterday with a little 10-years-of-IWT swagger, wearing a brand-new outfit and smiling at the amazing NYC weather, then hit “play” on my phone. BOOM: No matter how cool I think I ...

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