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How to cold email VIPs and get a response

How to cold email a VIP (and actually get a response)

I used to be terrible at getting busy VIPs to respond to my emails. Years ago, I kept emailing Seth Godin. I would write this beautiful email — and he would write me back one line. At the time, I thought that was pretty rude. Now that I get over 1,000 emails daily, I understand the time demands Seth has. ...


My definitive guide to working from home — yours free

Years ago, I started to notice that when people asked where I worked, they really didn’t like the answer. Here’s how it would go: Question: “Oh, so do you have an office?” Ramit: “No, I work from home” (This resulted in a 90%-95% “Scorn Score” -- in other words, 9/10 people would say “Oh…” or “Ah…...

It’s my birthday. 3 things I learned

Today is my birthday. Every time one of my friends has a birthday, I ask them to share some birthday wisdom, so today I wanted to take a second to thank you for reading IWT and share a few lessons I’ve learned in 34 years. 1. Look beneath the surface of “catch phrases” “What’s your greatest fear?” When ...

Look at this email from a cheap person

GET READY!! It’s not every day you get to see inside the mind of a cheapskate. I’m in the fortunate position of getting to interact with thousands of people every day. Mostly nice people, but also derelicts, degenerates, delinquents, and life coaches. Now step into my world. Watch this email from a guy who negotiated a $110,000 ...

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The news from IWT: October 2015

One of the best events I attended this month was the Pencils of Promise gala. Did you know that the IWT community raised over $300,000 to build 12 schools for children around the world -- the most online donations ever in PoP's history? Impressive: Me with Pat Flynn, Marie Forleo & Lewis Howes   At the @pencilsofpromise gala last ...

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Being weird and being OK with it

I recently spoke on a panel in Napa Valley called “What I’ve Learned In The Last 10 Years.” During the presentation, one of the other panelists said something that did NOT go over well. I found it fascinating. This guy is a successful entrepreneur. He was talking about how, as he’s gotten busier, he’s had to change ...

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