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How to not hate live events

I recently spoke at a conference in the Bay Area where the speaker introduced me as saying, “AND WE GOT RAMIT SETHI!!” I don’t think they meant it as a compliment. It’s just that I’m an utter recluse when it comes to going to events, so whenever I get invited, I just say no. I’d rather ...

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The diffusion of responsibility: Why you need to stop CC’ing people

I receive 1,000+ emails every day. And while I read every one of them, most emails get ignored. That’s because they don’t have a clear call to action. The worst offender is group emails. You've probably been in a situation like this: Your coworker CC’d you and 15 other people about updating a pitch deck for ...

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IWT turns 12 years old!

12 years ago, wise old Ramit wrote his first post on “5 steps to getting rich.” Here you go: Know what you spend Start with little steps like saving fees on banking Keep money in a savings account that pays interest Don’t go too crazy with rules and buy some things that make you happy Above all: Don’t ...

How to cold email VIPs and get a response

How to cold email a VIP (and actually get a response)

I used to be terrible at getting busy VIPs to respond to my emails. Years ago, I kept emailing Seth Godin. I would write this beautiful email — and he would write me back one line. At the time, I thought that was pretty rude. Now that I get over 1,000 emails daily, I understand the time demands Seth has. ...

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My definitive guide to working from home — yours free

Years ago, I started to notice that when people asked where I worked, they really didn’t like the answer. Here’s how it would go: Question: “Oh, so do you have an office?” Ramit: “No, I work from home” (This resulted in a 90%-95% “Scorn Score” -- in other words, 9/10 people would say “Oh…” or “Ah…...

It’s my birthday. 3 things I learned

Today is my birthday. Every time one of my friends has a birthday, I ask them to share some birthday wisdom, so today I wanted to take a second to thank you for reading IWT and share a few lessons I’ve learned in 34 years. 1. Look beneath the surface of “catch phrases” “What’s your greatest fear?” When ...