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The psychology of breakfast

I got a few emails from people who said, “Dude Ramit, I signed up to learn about business. Can you take me off your food list?” 2 answers: No I’m writing about food this week -- and I’m hosting a free cooking class tonight to make a delicious 10-minute meal -- because food is a core part of ...

Most generous thing I’ve heard in a long time

One of my favorite stories about generosity comes from Steve Wynn, the hotelier, in this article from The New Yorker. Steve decided to sell a painting he’d acquired, a Picasso, for a hundred and thirty-nine million dollars. (Yes, $139 million for a painting, "the highest known price ever paid for a work of art.") From The New Yorker: "That ...

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How to deal with rejection

Rejection sucks. It feels lousy to put yourself out there just to be crushed. When I was in college, I decided to teach a free class about personal finance and invited everyone I knew. No one showed up. An empty room.   Dealing with that rejection stuck with me for years. I was afraid to throw events even after I ...

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How to be happy

How many times have you heard one of these phrases: “You should just be happy with what you have” “There’s people that have it worse that you” “Count your blessings!”   Problem solved, right? Actually, trite advice like this doesn't make us happy. Instead we just feel guilty about wanting to be happier. Like somehow wanting more means that ...

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How to break bad habits

Ask someone for advice about how to break a bad habit and watch their eyes LIGHT UP. Immediately, they’ll say “Oh! You should try this new app!” or “You should definitely read this book” or overwhelm you with a long list of tips that “worked for me!” The thing is, we already KNOW what we should do. But there's ...

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The companies that know us better than we know ourselves

Well, well, well. We have a bunch of farmers’-market geniuses reading IWT, I see. On Monday, I told you how I tried to bargain over a $10 t-shirt. A bunch of you wrote answers on why the guy didn’t take my lowball offer of $8. And -- you nailed it! The t-shirt guy knew he didn’t have ...