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401(k): The single best way to grow your money

How would you like free money? That's not a trick question. For millions of people, free money is up for grabs right now. But they leave it on the table with every paycheck. I’m talking about your 401(k). Now before you roll your eyes and say, “Yeah, yeah...I know,” I want to show you that this isn’...

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3 proven steps anyone can take to become rich

I always laugh when I see delusional “how to become a millionaire” posts online. Especially since most of them focus on unbelievable ways to get rich. Some of the wildest “make a ton of money” tips include Become a pro athlete. Please don’t count on this. Not only are the odds of becoming a pro-athlete incredibly small (source), but ...

Stock market exchange on the computer screen.

Investing myths and the best stocks to invest in

15 years ago, this high school kid invested $2,000 in the stock market: Pro investing tip: it’s all in the shoes He read every investing book, opened an E*TRADE account, and bought the hottest stocks he could find. That kid wound up paying his way through Stanford University. And today, he runs a multimillion-dollar business that he ...

Be the Expert: What would you tell this novice investor?

If there is one thing that drives me crazy, it’s “experts” who make a quick buck off of ignorant people by recommending products that are NOT in their best interest. One of my readers, Matt, recently emailed me for advice about applying the suggestions in my book. He was considering switching his mutual funds to index funds and asked ...

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The psychology of buying high and selling low

It's easy to sit around and lecture people to cut back on spending, pay off debt, and get control of their finances. That's what so many financial advisers and writers do -- yet they never stop to ask themselves why so few of their readers actually follow through. So today, I want to introduce you to Carl Richards, one of ...

The Debt Ceiling

I'm just back from vacation, and my brother reminded me of a line I used to use in one of my talks. I'd joke how the only way your government bonds would become worthless is if the government defaults..."and the government doesn't default, it just prints more money." Always good for a laugh. Yet the situation in Washington is ...