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Goal setting is dead. Do this instead.

When it comes to setting goals, a lot us experience what I call the Treadmill of Disappointment. Tell me if this sounds familiar... We get really motivated to try something new. (“TODAY’S THE DAY!”) We clean the house, pay our bills on time, and finally make it to Inbox Zero. The first day or two goes okay...but then ...

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New — my definitive guide to getting a raise and boosting your income

I’m always surprised when I hear that people on Reddit and YouTube don’t hate me. They usually hate anyone who sells anything (“what a scam!!”) or anyone who talks about earning more vs. cutting back on the grains of rice in your dinner (“frugality is everything!”) However, the one area where everybody loves IWT is my negotiation material. ...

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My favorite posts of 2012

2012 was my best year yet. I moved beyond just writing about personal finance and even earning more, and turned to finding a Dream Job to live a rich life. I launched more courses, wrote more material (mostly for my email list), told more ridiculous jokes, and helped more students negotiate raises, start to invest, earn more, and overall live ...

Why you should stop complaining about Obama and the budget — and fix yourself first

I wrote this a few months ago, when the entire country was freaking out about Obama's budget and the bailout, but never got around to posting it. Even though it's a few months old, I cover why people love to complain about taxes, macro-policy questions, and Obama, but fail to spend even 1 hour managing their own money. * * * Turn on ...

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5 myths of personal finance (plus: stupid advice)

What are the most common mistakes in personal finance -- especially among blog readers? I recorded a 30-minute interview with Flexo and Tom over at the Consumerism Commentary podcast with extensive notes below. It's called Stupid Financial Advice + The 5 Myths of Personal Finance. Stream the interview or download my melodious voice here. Notes: [00:00] Introduction from Flexo [00:...

My new book is out today — I’m giving away 1 Kindle per hour and $5,000!

[Edit]: Congratulations to everyone -- we did it. Check out the details of getting I Will Teach You To Be Rich to #1 on Amazon. I'm delighted to announce the winners of the giveaways here: Winners: 9:00 AM Beth Mathiason of Cottage Grove, MN - Kindle 10:00 AM Paul Colvin of Happy Valley, OR - Kindle 10:00 ...