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My definitive guide to getting a raise and boosting your income

Today, in this very blog post, I’m showing you how to be a millionaire. No scams, no bullshit penny stocks. Just simple math and actual techniques you can use. It’s simple: A single $5,000-dollar raise in your twenties is worth over $1,300,000 dollars by the time you retire. If you don’t believe me, just ...

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3 proven steps anyone can take to become rich

I always laugh when I see delusional “how to become a millionaire” posts online. Especially since most of them focus on unbelievable ways to get rich. Some of the wildest “make a ton of money” tips include Become a pro athlete. Please don’t count on this. Not only are the odds of becoming a pro-athlete incredibly small (source), but ...

How to ask for vacation days

Have you been in this situation… The holidays are coming up. You want to take a few extra days off to spend time with your family, who you rarely get to see. You’re secretly laughing at the thought of your coworkers being trapped in their cubicles while you enjoy fresh air and sunshine. Me on a ski vacation. You ...

How to Negotiate Your Rent

Today, I’m going to show you exactly how to negotiate your rent so you can put a couple thousand dollars -- or more -- in your pocket this year. Most people don't think negotiating their rent can save them much money, but they're wrong. Just look at the results for two of my students: “With a 12-month lease, that ...

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How to prepare for your next performance appraisal

The best way to increase your income -- permanently -- is to increase your salary. And one of the best times to do that is at your next performance appraisal. Consider these two points: An appraisal can take as little as 10 minutes. My closest friends and students who’ve used the techniques we’re covering today often negotiate raises ...

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How to ask for a promotion

  Asking for a promotion is an extremely stressful moment in your career. “What if they say no?” “What if they laugh me out of the room?” “What if they don’t see the value I add to the company?” Just thinking of the possibilities can make you sick. But if you’ve tackled larger workloads, added tremendous value, and ...

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