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How to get promoted in 6 months without working yourself to death

Imagine this just happened to you: After 3 years of working with the same company and getting nothing but pitiful 1% to 3% "cost-of-living" raises, you decide you’ve had enough. You want more responsibility, pay, and challenging work. You schedule a meeting with your boss and artfully ask for a promotion Without flinching, she says, “Yes. Let’s do ...

Awesome advice from a dinner party

A few years ago, I was at a dinner party with a bunch of new people. There were lots of people from the self-development world and we were all getting to know each other. It was a pretty normal dinner until one woman — who’d been in a string of bad relationships — started asking for advice from the “love coach” ...

The Ultimate Guide to Building Habits that Stick – yours free

Today, I’m very excited to share our new Ultimate Guide to Habits with you: This is some of the best material I’ve ever released on setting goals, creating habits that stick, riding motivational waves, and getting back on track (if you ever fall off). If you’re ready to stop making excuses, break out of that rut, and ...

How to Master the Habits of Successful People

  There’s no shortage of advice on how to be successful. And people love articles like this. You know, "shun sad habits" and “never quit” and “get up early.” Kill me now. At IWT we’re not going to give you an endless, vague list on how to be successful. You don’t need to do a million and ...

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Money habits and secrets of the ultra-wealthy

Fact: people would rather talk about death than their personal finances (source). That’s right. Out of all the traditionally taboo topics -- politics, religion, sex -- it turns out that money is the biggest taboo topic of all. I find this fascinating at all levels...but especially when you start talking about serious wealth. Just imagine how this scenario ...

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How to be happy

How many times have you heard one of these phrases: “You should just be happy with what you have” “There’s people that have it worse that you” “Count your blessings!”   Problem solved, right? Actually, trite advice like this doesn't make us happy. Instead we just feel guilty about wanting to be happier. Like somehow wanting more means that ...

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