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Why do your parents push you to be mediocre?

Why are our parents and friends always on our case about getting a “stable” job, getting married, and buying a house? Why are they always crinkling their noses in disgust when they hear us trying something new? “Oh, what is this Paleo thing?? So you have to skip eating rice FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE??” In a recent interview, ...

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The NEW 9-5 + unspeakable truths

One of the things I love to do is show you what’s going on “behind the curtain” -- the truth that nobody will tell you. In the past, we’ve covered “unspeakable truths” with money, dating, business, and careers. For example, how many of us have heard our boss say, “Sorry, times are tough right now, so this year ...

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You actually have a crystal ball that lets you look 10 years in the future

If you had a crystal ball that would show you your life in 20 years, would you look in it? “Ramit, you are getting better looking every year”   You might be surprised to know that we all have a crystal ball exactly like this. Recently, when I went to my 10-year Stanford reunion, I hung out with an older ...

The fascinating psychology of master comedians

In the last few months, I’ve gone to Madison Square Garden to watch Louis C.K. and Aziz Ansari perform. Being a professional comedian at the top of your game is like no other job in the world. I know this, because every morning when I look at myself in the mirror, I splash water on my face and ...

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Secrets of 3 students who cracked the money code

Today let’s pull back the veil and talk about what we SEE...versus what’s really going on behind the scenes. Before we start, I’m teaching 3 live classes next week, and I hope you'll join one. Choose the way you want to live a Rich Life before the end of the year: I want to start an ...

What I learned from a snobby woman at a candle shop

In my continuing quest to become a complete metrosexual, last weekend I found myself shopping at a candle shop in the Upper East Side. As I walked in, I noticed a tall, snooty woman behind the counter. She noticed me too, as she gave me a top-to-bottom stare, and sighed -- no doubt assuming an Indian guy would not be ...