Inside test results from IWT “Labs”

September 28th, 2012

What do you guys do for fun? Go out to bars? See a movie? What about run carefully designed, iterative multi-variate tests to study human behavior? What? Is that weird? Check out this test data from I Will Teach You To Be Rich Labs, where we’re running dozens of tactical and theoretical tests at any given time. I wanted ...

Win two roundtrip tickets anywhere in the USA

September 09th, 2012

I’m writing you from my apartment in San Francisco today. Normally, I live in New York, but I also have an apartment in SF. I know it's a little ridiculous, but to me, it’s part of living a rich life. I’ve asked you before: What does “rich” mean to you? For some people it means fancy shoes. ...

Learn how I built a million dollar business

August 17th, 2012

Hey guys, quick favor to ask. I might give a talk at SXSW (a big nerd fest where basically everybody in tech goes to Austin to attend a huge sausage-fest conference and drink a lot). This time, I’ve cooked up a new presentation: Building a Million-Dollar Business I’ll be taking people deep behind-the-scenes at how I’ve built ...

Initial results from my latest experiment

July 30th, 2012

Last week, I kicked off a new experiment: “How would your partner spend $1,001?” I’ve asked how you would spend $1,001. But because it’s “Money & Relationships” month, I wanted to see how you thought your partner would spend it. We looked at the results from thousands of people. Most people thought they and their partners ...

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New Experiment: How would your partner spend $1,000?

July 23rd, 2012

Today, a $1,001 gift for you. A few months ago, I ran a crazy social experiment. I gave away $1,001 (Indians always add an extra $1) to see how one IWT reader would spend it. Over 2,900 people shared their plans, but J. Money was the lucky winner. Here’s how he SAID he would spend it: $...