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Most people never get their Dream Job. Here’s how to land yours.

Fact: More than half of Americans are unhappy at work: That means everyday — for 8+ hours — more than half of us are glancing at the clock wishing time would move faster. We dream of Fridays and escape. Fact: It doesn't have to be that way. I know, because I've gotten Dream Job offers from Google, Intuit, and a multibillion-dollar hedge ...

What To Do Once You’ve Found Your Dream Job

Have you ever noticed that 85% of career advice is about job hunting? Which is weird. Sure, job hunting is an important skill. But people look for new jobs maybe every two or three years. We go to work every day. What's more important than job hunting is figuring out how to score Big Wins — like a promotion, or a $...


3 unexpected tips to prepare for any interview

Two candidates walk into an interview. One has an MBA. He’s wearing the sharpest suit and carrying the sleekest business cards. The other is a college sophomore. He walks in with none of those things, but he walks out with the job. How? What did he do that most people — like the MBA — don’t do? Well, that college ...

How to ask for vacation days

Have you been in this situation… The holidays are coming up. You want to take a few extra days off to spend time with your family, who you rarely get to see. You’re secretly laughing at the thought of your coworkers being trapped in their cubicles while you enjoy fresh air and sunshine. Me on a ski vacation. You ...

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New — my definitive guide to getting a raise and boosting your income

I’m always surprised when I hear that people on Reddit and YouTube don’t hate me. They usually hate anyone who sells anything (“what a scam!!”) or anyone who talks about earning more vs. cutting back on the grains of rice in your dinner (“frugality is everything!”) However, the one area where everybody loves IWT is my negotiation material. ...

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Sex or salary: which would you rather talk about?

Sex vs. salary: Which would you rather talk about?

My friend, a perpetual Manhattan bachelor, just got into a relationship with a sweet girl. So naturally, we invited them out and asked EXTREMELY uncomfortable questions, primarily for my amusement. “How’d you make the first move? No, no, slow down...literally, tell us every word. Show us your text messages too, please.” “How do you talk dirty in bed? ...