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How to destroy psychological traps forever (plus a free gift)

We’re going to talk about psychological traps today, including a new free ebook I created for you. But first, I want to talk about how one of my favorite things to do is trap unsuspecting weirdos who email me angry things. I know the typical advice is “ignore those commenters,” but frankly, I love verbally crushing them. These bagel-munching ...

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Be the Expert: How would you respond to this co-worker?

How would you handle this? Years ago, I had a co-worker who needed my help to finish a project that (1) he was leading but (2) it would also help my team. "Sure," I said, "just find me tomorrow and I'll show you how to do it." The next day came and went. He never found me. Later, when he ...

Live seminar — 3 psychological traps to starting a business

Let’s play a game. If I asked 100 people these questions, guess how they’d answer: QUESTION 1: “Would you want to earn more money?” (What % of people would answer yes?) QUESTION 2: “Would you ever want to start a business?” (What % would say yes?) I bet 100% of people would want to earn more money, and a smaller ...

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My readers told me their #1 goal. Then I followed up.

One thing that almost nobody does is hold us accountable. So today, I thought I’d do it. See, about a month ago, I wrote one of my favorite posts, where I shared how delusional I was when I was younger: I thought the world should listen to me because of my “great ideas,” and when they didn’t, I ...

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The “mental frameworks” I use to respond to hundreds of emails/day

My friend Derek Halpern was asking me how I respond to so many emails every day. "What filters do you use?" he asked. "You're not going to believe it," I told him, shaking my head. "I just click 'All Mail' and just cycle through emails insanely fast." He looked at me in disbelief. But then I mentioned something else: "By ...

Ask Ramit: How do you practice improving social skills?

Earlier this week, I was at a dinner party with a few friends. As I was sitting in my usual position of reclining, drinking and telling dirty jokes, I spotted my mortal enemy: an avocado. “Hey,” I asked my friend, “can you show me how to cut an avocado?” Twice this week, I got an avocado sent to me. The ...