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New mini-class: How to stop feeling guilty

I’m throwing a free mini-class on how to stop feeling guilty. And I’m doing it for a reason: The amount of emails I get from IWT readers who feel guilty is staggering. Like... “My parents want me to be a doctor, but I hate pre-med...” “Nothing I do makes my husband happy...” “I tried everything...yo-yo dieting, the ...

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How to Systematically Cure Your Anxiety

If there’s one thing I love, it’s “The Emperor Has No Clothes” moments when you realize everyone’s feeling something...but nobody is saying it. It happened when I finally got behind closed doors with my friends and we started telling the truth. How many of us sit and stare at screens for over 8 hours/day? How ...

How to conquer fear and take control of your life

When I started blogging, this is what my blog looked like: IWT circa 2004. I am the best web designer ever. I actually had 2 years of posts on one page -- no “Next Page” button or anything -- because I didn’t know how to set up archives. And if I’m honest, the writing wasn’t great. So ...

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Dealing with anxiety: How to stop feeling overwhelmed

Are you guys tired of people blowing smoke up our generation’s asses and not telling us the truth? LIE #1: Parents telling their kids that they can be anything they want (even kids who never built the discipline to finish their homework) LIE #2: TV “experts” -- and even the government! -- telling us that buying a house is ...

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My answers to your questions on motivation & procrastination

All right, people. Yesterday I told you I was launching “Therapy Week with Ramit,” a week of tough love with my characteristic lack of emotional sympathy paired with insights so piercing they make you reconsider such facts as gravity and euclidean geometry. I asked you to send me your questions. I got thousands of them, largely ones that made me ...

Ramit’s Therapy Sessions

In a rare generous mood, I recently asked some of my readers to send me their toughest questions so I could answer them. I expected challenging questions on asset allocation, multi-armed bandit testing, ethnographic research, and maybe advanced negotiation techniques. In actuality, I got questions like this: “Do you think most people cheat because their partner isn't doing enough? And ...