Too successful, so they kicked her out

Look at this horrifying story: “I got kicked out of my mom fitness group for losing too much weight.” Yep, it’s exactly what you think. This woman joined a “plus size and active/fitness moms" group with about 10 other members. She started to lose weight -- first 50lbs, then 50 more pounds. Guess what happened? They kicked her ...

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How to be confident

Can you learn how to be more confident? A lot of people reflexively say “No - you're either confident or you're not.” But in my experience, that’s simply not true. Confidence is a skill and, like any other skill, you can master it over time. To show you what I mean, I want to show you one of the ...

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How to win when you’re not the best — with Arthur Chu

Yesterday we talked about unconventional ways you can improve your odds of winning. Today I want to take you behind the scenes and show you how you can defeat opponents you have no business beating. I’m going to do that by introducing you to someone you may remember from a year ago, Arthur Chu. Arthur was a Jeopardy! contestant ...

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3 unconventional ways to win

People’s language is very revealing. For example, here are some code words that are linguistic X-ray glasses into what people really mean: THEY SAY: “I’m really busy...” THEY MEAN: “I don’t want to do that, but it’s politically incorrect to say that, so I’m going to use time as a convenient excuse” THEY SAY: “Ramit, ...

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20x your potential: Hell Week (with a retired Navy SEAL)

One of the most surprising things I ever learned was something I call the Curve of Humble Mastery: At first, when we’re trying to learn something, we’re bad at it and we know it. Imagine learning how to swim or dress better. Everyone sucks when they start! Then we get a little good, and suddenly we think we’...

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This is a really weird thing that people do

If you want to see an insane example of people telling you to settle in life, look no further! Your Surrogate Asian Father, Ramit, combs the internet, to find examples of internet nutcases who think it’s OK to be mediocre at life. I don’t allow that shit. For example, my mom used to ask me why I got ...