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Be the Expert: Spot the delusions in this real-estate ad

This is a "luxury real estate" newsletter I get every month. See how many logical disconnects/delusions you can spot in the copy. Leave a comment with your findings. Read more "Be the Expert" posts.

Be the expert: How would you use psychological defaults to change these 3 behaviors?

I wanted to share something from the cutting-room floor of my New York Times article on the psychology of financial willpower, which didn't make final print. In the article, I shared some of the latest research on how extraordinarily difficult it is to change our behavior: Many of us think we're in control of the decisions we make about money, ...

Be the expert: What’s wrong with this real-estate comment?

As you know, I have strong opinions on buying a house, and most people don't know what they're talking about when they talk about real estate being the "best" investment. So when a Wharton professor wrote a Washington Post column pointing out common myths of homeownership, I laughed at some of the comments. "Wow is this a poorly written and ...