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Be the Expert: What would you tell this novice investor?

If there is one thing that drives me crazy, it’s “experts” who make a quick buck off of ignorant people by recommending products that are NOT in their best interest. One of my readers, Matt, recently emailed me for advice about applying the suggestions in my book. He was considering switching his mutual funds to index funds and asked ...

Be the expert: How should this guy manage his monthly expenses?

Here's a recent email from IWT reader Richard A. How would you answer his question? "I have no idea why I'm writing this but you seem like the only person that would even care and/or be eligible to say I told you so. I live a pretty normal life. House, car, girlfriend, occasionally going out. I max out my ...

Be the Expert: Spot the delusions in this real-estate ad

This is a "luxury real estate" newsletter I get every month. See how many logical disconnects/delusions you can spot in the copy. Leave a comment with your findings. Read more "Be the Expert" posts.

Be the expert: How would you use psychological defaults to change these 3 behaviors?

I wanted to share something from the cutting-room floor of my New York Times article on the psychology of financial willpower, which didn't make final print. In the article, I shared some of the latest research on how extraordinarily difficult it is to change our behavior: Many of us think we're in control of the decisions we make about money, ...

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Be the expert: What’s wrong with this real-estate comment?

As you know, I have strong opinions on buying a house, and most people don't know what they're talking about when they talk about real estate being the "best" investment. So when a Wharton professor wrote a Washington Post column pointing out common myths of homeownership, I laughed at some of the comments. "Wow is this a poorly written and ...